Provost Marshall Records for Pemiscot

Records of the Provost Marshal

The Provost Marshal Papers for the state of Missouri are part of Record Group 109, War Department Collection of Confederate Records in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Although they are records of the Union Army, they were associated with Confederate records in the War Department because they relate, in part, to Confederate citizens and sympathizers. The National Archives refers to this collection as Union Provost Marshals’ File of Papers Relating to Individual Citizens. This national collection is three hundred rolls of microfilm documents, 1861-1866. The online database created by the Missouri State Archives is an index of the Missouri portion of the collection. There are similar documents that refer to more than one citizen, Union Provost Marshals’ File of Papers Relating to Two or More Civilians – this latter collection, however, is not represented in the Missouri State Archives index. 


Name, County, City, Subject, Date, Reel Number 
Drake, George M. ,Pemiscot, Oath of Loyalty, F 1306 
Harper, William, Pemiscot, Oregon, Charged with treason, marauding & being a guerilla, 01-06-1862, F 1191 
Kelly, Samuel B., Pemiscot, Bond of $5,000, 12-23-1863, F 1356 


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