1st Inf. Co. F Missouri

Some of the men listed in this company served in other companies of the 1st Missouri. Many served in Companies F & S.

If you have further information about this company, please let me know.
Allen, A.O., F&S
Anthony, John M., F
Anthony, John N., F
Bandy, G.W., F
Bandy, George, F
Barrell, Charles E., F
Barrill, Charles E., F
Barroll, Charles E., F
Barry, John, F
Bartrach, John, F
Bartrouch, John, F
Bartuch, John, F
Berry, John, F
Berry, Lewis, F
Bethell, Henry, F
Bittuck, John, F
Britts, J. H., F&S
Britts, John, F&S
Bursell, G. W., F
Bush, P. C., F
Bussell, G. W., F
Bussell, George W., F
Campbell, C.C., F
Carl, Thomas, F
Carmack, L.W., F
Carroll, Thomas, F
Cartleberry, F.M., F
Casey, Rives, F
Casselbery, F.M., F
Cassellbury, F.M., F
Cassleberry, F.M., F
Castelberry, F.M., F
Castleberry, F.M., F
Conlin, Thomas, F
Cook, A.B., F
Cook, Addison B., F
Coosenberry, E.M., F
Coosenberry, E.W., F
Corwin, A.H., F&S
Corwin, Aaron H., F&S
Corwine, A.H., F&S
Cossenberry, E.M., F
Crockett, John, F
Crow, L.D., F
Crow, S.D., F
Crow, Spotswood D., F
Crow, Spottswood P., F
Cusenberry, Ephraim M., F
Deady, Jeremiah, F
Derby, J., F
Dillard, Lewis, F
Donaher, William, F,D
Donahu, W., F,D
Donoher, William, F,D
Donohoe, William, F,D
Dunica, William H., F
Dunnica, William H., F
Eachers, J. M., F
Eaches, James M., F
Eaches, John, F
Eachis, John, F
Edmondson, R. P., F
Edmundson, Robert P., F
Ellis, A. H., F
Ellis, Armstead H., F
Finch, James D., F,B
Finnagan, N. H., F,B
Finnegan, M. H., F,B
Finnigan, M. H., F,B
Ford, H. H., F,K
Ford, Henry, F,K
Ford, William, F
Forney, William L., F
Gandell, James, F
Garland, Hugh A., F&S
Gaty, William, F
Gears, James, F
Geers, James, F
Goodear, Theophile, F
Goodier, Theophile, F
Goodyear, T., F
Greer, R., F
Grier, R., F
Harkins, D.O., F
Harris, John S., F
Harrison, T.B., F
Harrison, Thomas B., F
Hawk, William, F
Hawkin, J.C., F,B
Hawkins, D.O., F
Hawkins, John C., F,B
Heman, John W., F
Hennan, G.W., F
Hennan, J.B., F
Hennen, George W., F
Hennen, J.B., F
Henner, G.W., F
Hennon, J.B., F
Hennon, John B., F
Hennon, S.W., F
Herman, John W., F
Hermon, G.W., F
Hitchcock, Charles O., F
Honk, William, F
Hornback, F., F
Hornback, Theodore, F
Houck, William, F
How, John, F
Howe, John D., F
Howe, John, F
Howk, William, F
Hubbal, M., F
Hubbell, Martin V., F
Hubbell, Martin, F
Hubble, Martin, F
Hudson, E.J., F
Hudson, Edward, F
Hudson, R.D., F
Hudson, Richard D., F
Hutchenson, V.C., F
Hutchinson, Cary V., F
Hutchinson, Lewis B., F
Hutchinson, V.C., F
Hutchison, L.B., F
Irvin, John, F
Irwin, John, F
Johnson, George W., F&S
Johnson, W., F
Johnson, William, F
Johnston, G.W., F&S
Jones, John, F
Jones, Milton S., F
Jones, Milton, F
Jones, S.W., F&S
Jordan, John C., F
Jordon, J.C., F
Kaichnar, F., F
Karchnar, F., F
Kennerly, Lewis H., F
Kerschner, F., F
Kimball, Fred, F
King, Frank, F
Kirkpatrick, Erwin, F
Kirkpatrick, Irwin, F
Kirkpatrick, J.W., F
Laws, William P., F
Leonard, Joseph S., F&S
Macfarlane, A., F&S
Maloney, James, F
Maston, Peter, F
Maulsby, George W., F
Maulsby, George, F
Maynard, S. H., F
McCall, E.S., F
McCall, Squire, F
McCaul, Squire, F
McDowell, W.A., F
McDowell, William A., F
McFarlaine, A., F&S
McGeher, W.T., F
McGhee, William T., F
McWherter, J.F., F
McWherter, J.L., F
Mills, W.L., F
Mills, William L., F
Moisom, Peter, F
Moore, John, F
More, John, F
Morrow, Peter, F
Morson, Peter, F
Murphy, Thomas H., F
Murtaugh, Peter, F
Newman, John J., F
Newman, John K., F
Newman, Thomas, F
Owens, H.B., F
Owens, John B., F
Packer, John C., F
Papin, Amadee, F&S
Pappan, Amida, F&S
Paston, Kinston, F
Percy, James H., F
Percy, James, F
Person, E.W., F&S
Person, W.B.E., F&S
Person, W.E., F&S
Persons, E.W., F&S
Persons, Weldon E., F&S
Phillips, Richard, F
Pinkston, C.G., F
Pinxton, Charles, F
Plorten, Kenirsen, F
Ploston, Hinton, F
Ploston, Kenton, F
Polston, Kinchen, F
Polston, Kingston, F
Postan, Kinston, F
Posten, Kingston, F
Poston, Kinston, F
Pritchard, James, F&S
Randell, John, F
Rice, Joseph, F
Riley, A.C., F&S
Rogers, B.F., F
Scott, William, F
Shelley, Thomas R., F
Shelly, Thomas R., F
Sherrard, James, F
Sherrod, James, F
Smith, F., F&S
Smith, Henry, F
Smith, J.F., F&S
Smith, J.T., F&S
Southard, C.E., F
Southard, Charles, F
Stewart, B.F., F&S
Stiles, Edward J., F
Styles, Edward J., F
Taney, W.L., F
Thompson, H.D., F
Thompson, Harry D., F
Thompson, P.S., F
Thompson, Preston, F
Toney, W.L., F
Toney, William L., F
Tony, W.L., F
Walker, James M., F
Walker, James, F
Walker, W.F., F
Walker, W.H., F
Walker, William H., F
Wallace, John, F
Wallis, J.D., F&S
Wallis, James D., F&S
Washburn, G.W., F
Washburn, George W., F
Watson, F.N., F
Watson, F.U., F
Welch, James P., F
Welch, Thomas J., F
Welsh, James T., F
Welsh, James, F
Welsh, Thomas J., F
West, Josiah, F
Wilson, W.H., F
Wilson, W.H., F
Wilson, W.W., F
Wilson, William W., F
Winders, H., F
Winders, Richard, F
Winters, Helery, F
Wollis, W.D., F&S
Woods, J.B., F
Woods, James B., F
Woods, John B., F
Yandall, James H., F


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