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 Platte County Courthouse

The Platte County Courthouse, located on the square in downtown Platte City, is a valuable information resource.   The Circuit Clerk's office and Probate office are in the original courthouse facing Main Street.

The Recorders office and County Clerk on in the county building behind the main courthouse.The courthouse has records of genealogical interest available:

 (1) Recorder of Deeds:    The Office of Recorder of Deeds records and files instruments of writing affecting real property or personal property, subdivision plats, federal and state tax liens, and other instruments of writing. Also, the Recorder’s Office issues marriage licenses, and in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code files termination statements. All recorded instruments are available for public research, on microfilm or microfiche.  Available at the Platte County Courthouse office are: the Index to deeds, 1839-1890; Deed records, 1839-present; Index to marriage records, 1838-present; Marriage records, 1839-present; Application for marriage licenses, 1913-present.

 (2) Clerk of the Circuit Court: This office holds the direct index to records such as divorces, debt, dissolution of partnerships, adoptions, judgment, and tax fee books including direct and indirect indexes. They also retain the index to criminal records and criminal files of the circuit court. Adoptions are under the jurisdiction of the circuit court. Naturalization records, including petitions, declarations of intention, certificates, and certificates of allegiance, and granting of citizenship are also located in the clerk's office, as well as an index to civil case files. Some naturalization records have been found with the deeds.  Found at the Platte County Courthouse office, in old books, are Circuit court records, 1839-1887; Index to naturalization records, 1846-1886; Naturalization records, 1846-1886 and 1905-1924; Declarations of naturalizations, 1907-1926.

 (3) Clerk of the Probate Court:  Found at the Platte County Courthouse office, on microfilm, are: Index to probate records, 1839-1936; Probate records 1839-1887; Administrator’s/executor’s letters, bonds and records, 1849-1894; Inventories, appraisements and sale bills, 1852-1891; Settlement records, 1872-1902; Probate packets, 1894; Will records, 1840-1933.

 (4) Platte County Clerk of the Court.   In this office in each county is located an index to common pleas, records of all extant proceedings, chancery minute books, records of births and deaths, county court records, right-of-way and road records, as well as surveyor's records (including field notes and plats made by the county surveyor). This office usually holds the county treasurer's notes, bonds and commissions, records of marks and brands, wolf scalps, stray notices, real estate assessments, and tax books. In some counties, early terms for this court included “Chancery” or the “Court of Common Pleas.” Platte County Clerk of the Court also has Birth & Death Records from 1883-87.


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