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Annual fees are due by the expiraation date on your copy of The Diggin's: as follows:

$20.00 per sponsor; $35.00 - Contributor; $50.00 - Patron

$100.00 - Supporting; $500 - Lifetime

$10.00 Student Rate - Under 18 Only

With these dues you will receive a copy of the quarterly publication called The Diggin’s.

The Diggin's entitles you to one free genealogical query in this publication per year. This is not an actual search for your ancester but an inquiry posted in the Diggin's asking people to contact you with information.

If interested in becoming a member, please send dues to OMAHS:

Tanit Langley - Old Mines Area Historical Society
1545 E. Duchesne
Florissant, MO 63031

To open a membership form,
choose one of the formats listed below:

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