New Madrid, City of- -residents 1845

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New Madrid, City of-
-residents 1845

The New Madrid Weekly Record for 1901
  • Since I am receiving multiple requests for look-ups, I am sending the entire list of the 1845 residents that "one of the few suvivors of 1845, Judge James H. Howard," noted in 1901!! In some cases, the spelling may be incorrect.

The New Madrid Weekly Record for 1901
      • H.D. Maulsby,
        2 sons,
        Fred W. & George

      • Mr. DeLarodrie,
        3 sons & l daughter
        [An Alphonse DeLaroderil appears on the New Madrid County 1830 census.]

      • Mrs. Mary F. Bryan . . .

      • Frederick A. Bryan
        and family

      • Robert O. Watson
        [no doubt should be Robert G.]
        and family consisting of 4 dtrs and 2 sons, Robert Jr. & H.C.

      • Thomas A. Dow,

      • Malinda Dawson,
        widow of Dr. R.D. Dawson,
        two daughters and two sons, T.H. Dawson and George W. Dawson.
        the oldest daughter had then married A. Augustine.

      • R. J. Waters and family,
        consisting of
        3 sons and l daughter.
        The sons were
        Louis A. [is the great-grandfather of
        Mary Sue Shy Anton
        Dr. W.W. and R.J., Jr.. John E. Powell, a stepson.
        Mary, the daughter, died in New Orleans and was brought here buried in the family burying ground.

      • Dr. Linsey
        and family

      • W.J. Denhart,
        father of Mrs. Henry Moss

      • Old Mr. McCoy,
        an eccentric old gentlemen who wore a cap made of a coon skin with the coon's tail dangling down his back, a rich man though, for those days.

      • Amie Audiberl
        & his mother
        [Listed on NM Co.1830 census as Amy Audibert]

      • Wm. S. Mosely,
        Circuit Clerk

      • Counsellor Smith

      • J.H. Howard

      • Dr. Linus Smith

      • Dr. Cody

      • J.R. Newton,
        the school teacher.
        Some of his scholars are still living here.

      • Wm. Wagoner
        [Possibly should be Robert Garnett Waggener]
        and family,
        3 sons, James [Joseph?], Frank and Edward,
        2 daughters,
        Virginia married L.A. Waters, Eliza
        [I think this should be Heloise Josephine] married J.A. Mott.

      • Samuel Cobb,

      • James C. Kimball
        & family

      • Montgomery Comfort

      • John Montgomery,
        the village blacksmith

      • Charles Hollinsworth,

      • Mrs. Crevoiser,
        a French lady with 2 sons & a daughter
        [A Joseph Courvoisier is listed on the NMCo1830 census.]

      • Mrs. Norman
        Mrs. Freeman

      • H.L. Walker,
        wife & daughter

      • Mrs. M.D. Walker

      • James Loomis
        & family

      • W.W. Hunter
        & family consisting of
        Wm. Jr., Robert, R.W., Clay and Amelia

      • T.J.O. Morrisson
        [should be Morrison] and family

      • Mr. Neuman,
        salon keeper

      • Mrs. Colomb Butler

      • Mrs. Harriet LaForge
        & family

      • A.A. and A.C. LaForge

      • Louis Hunot,

      • Aeneas Bellant

      • John Haragan,
        tan yard

      • Luke and Nap. B. Byrne,
        Nap is now living in Oakland, CA.,
        aged about 80 years [in 1901].

      • Richard Barclay,

      • Frank Nelson
        & family

      • George Williams,

      • Sam W. Allen,
        of the firm of Waters & Allen

      • Rudolph Bogliolo,
        brother of Mrs. T.J.O. Morrison

      • W.B. Harper,

      • V. Augustine

      • James Love,

      • George Netherton,

      • Mrs. Shiland,

  • Of the above list the following are still living (in 1901):
    A.C. LaForge,
    T.H. Dawson,
    Mrs. Martha Walker,
    N.B. Byrne and J.H. Howard, present judge of probate."

      • You may even find an ancestor you didn't know you had. It is interesting to see how the French names had dwindled by 1845.

      • Good luck.
        Mary Sue Shy Anton,
        New Madrid native

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