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New Madrid County
MO. Marriages


New Madrid Co Mo.


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    Louis Saint Marie to Francoisa Pierre {widow of Jean Baptist Guimarre}Apr 2 1821, witness Rosalie Gobeau and Mary A Gobeau.

    Augustine {son of Rapheal Le Sieur and Francoise Guilbeau} married Elizabeth Lafont {daughter of Antoine Lafant and Francoise Laderoute} Sept 25, 1838.

    Lewis Calberson to Sarah Ann Johnson , April 2, 1848.

    James Howard to Sarey Jane Chapman,March 22, 1848 .by Wm Kerr,J/P.

    Anderson Chapman to Louisa {Bo?ton},Nov 16, 1851

    John E Lowell to Virginia Fontaine. Nov 1854.

    Wm Gilbow to Jennette Strother Le Suier Twp, Dec 29,1854.

    David Roper to Mary Bullock, July 10,1860

    James H Gillmor to Emily Jackson,Aug 7,1861. Methodist Chruch South,by M Anthony.

    John Morrison, to Catherine Pope, Sept 16, 1867,by Robert Lafant.

    John Till, to Eva Saunders, Sept 16, 1867.

    Wilson Haynie, to Sarah Elizabeth Hawkins, Sept 12,1867.

    William S Morris, to Martha Godair,Sept 7,1871,by John Till.

    William Wilson, to Mamie or Marie Rougay,Nov 5, `1871,by Morrison,J/P.

    Eli Brown, to Martha Stout, Apr 25,1888.

    John Daniels, to {Molinda?} Holly or Jolly.1888.

    Christian Glueck, to Nettie Gilbow, Feb 9,1902, at the Gilbow home.

    John N Lafoe, to Molinda Gilbow, Aug 5,1867, by Robert Lafant,J/P.

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