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    WILLIS, Adrenia to Willis Metcalf, 16 Dec 1928, Book 12, p474

    WILLIS, Alice to Otis Hayden, Book 8, p80 - date?

    WILLIS, Arlee to John Haniphan, 14 Oct 1883, Book 1, p125 by W.T. Puler, J.P.; father of Arlee present and giving consent.

    WILLIS, Ben to Lizzie Willis, both of Pt. Pleasant, 14 July 1909 by J.D. Stepp, Book 6, p157

    Bessie to James F. Rodgers, Book 9, p48, Date?

    WILLIS, Blanch to F.R. Gibson, Book 8, p179, Date?

    WILLIS, Bob to Irene Sexton, 13 April 1935, Book 16, p83

    WILLIS, Carry, Scott Co. to Sam Bailey, 30 March 1929, Book 13, p42

    WILLIS, Charles of Gossit, White Co., IL to Mary Roden, 3 Jan 1903, Book 4, p316

    WILLIS, Cicero to Mary Haynes, 13 March 1861 by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, D.E., Pemiscot Co to C.M. Reed, 1 Nov 1938, Book 18, p156

    WILLIS, Dollie to Henry Ratcliff of Marion, KY, 3 Jan 1903 by J.L. Ransbaugh Book , p317

    WILLIS, Doss, Tiptonville, TN to Ruby Williams, Tiptonville, 4 Oct 1937, Book 17, p276

    WILLIS, Effie to James Gadden, Book 4, p168 (mother Cynthia Fletcher)

    WILLIS, Eli Samuel to Arlie Mott, 11 Aug 1891, Book 2, p155, both of LeSieur Twp. (At Point Pleasant). Texanna Willis, mother of Samuel and Olive Mott, father of Arlie consenting, by Samuel Mecklem, J.P.

    WILLIS, Eli Samuel to Texana Lemons, 10 Aug 1864 by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, Elizabeth to William Wilson, 22 Jan 1879 by Wm. J. Denhart, J.P.

    WILLIS, Elizabeth A. to Milton R. Atterberry, 5 Sept 1860 by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, Ethel to James A. Owen, 11 July 1933, Book 15, p7

    WILLIS, Etta to Elliot Sloas, 4 March 1883 by Joe Cook, with consent of Texana Willis, parent of Etta

    WILLIS, Eva to Bedford Lee Robinson, Book 10, p255

    WILLIS, Francis M. to Faithey Haynes, 29 Dec 1868 by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, George to Ella Coffee, Book 9, p303

    WILLIS, Georgia A. to John T. Anderson, 13 July 1890, Book 2, p74 by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, Georgia A. to James J. Via, 1 Dec 1887, p359

    WILLIS, Henry to Belle Chaney, 15 Dec 1889, Book 2, p34 in presence of John Connor and Philip Murfiley; attested by TJO Morrison, J.P.

    WILLIS, Henry Thomas to Elizabeth Malady on the 9th Inst at house of Austin Willis in St. John Twp. Certificate dated 24 April 1857; Recorded 23 May 1857 by Samuel McConnel, J.P.

    WILLIS, Joe to Mauda House, 16 April 1902, Book 4, p239 by Joel Cook, J.P. W.N. House, father of Mauda House gave assent.

    WILLIS, Joe to Rosa Farnsworth, Book 7, p130

    WILLIS, John H. to Mary Jane Belcher, 25 Feb 1878 by TJO Morrison in presense of Thomas Arterbury, Elizabeth Arterbury and W.A. Willis

    WILLIS, John J. to Amanda R. Anderson, 4 July 1850 by William Burton

    WILLIS, Joseph to Nettie Boyd, 28 March 1929, Book 13, p41

    WILLIS, Laura to Daniel Sloas, 22 July 1880 by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, Lena to W.J. Stone, Book 11, p53

    WILLIS, Leroy (colored) to Ermine Willis, Book 17, p414

    WILLIS, Madary to James Carr, 17 April 1888, p390, by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, Mamie to Edward Secoy, both of LeSieur Twp. 18 Feb 1890, Book 2, p50 by TJO Morrison, JP

    WILLIS, Mattie to Julius Hall, both of Big Prair Twp, 4 July 1893, Book 2, p283

    WILLIS, May to Clarence Hill, 3 Sept 1913, Book 7, p259

    WILLIS, Mamie to Sibley Gremore, 22 April 1934, Book 15, p259

    WILLIS, Minnie to Sammie Morris, both of Ferrenburg, 22 Oct 1909, Book 6 p190

    WILLIS, Minnie to J.H. Keller, 1 July 1911, Book 6, p437

    WILLIS, Minnie to T.R. Glisson, 12 Oct 1929, Book 13, p133

    WILLIS, Olley(?) to Albert Leonberger, Book 8, p251

    WILLIS, Permelia E. to Samuel Dickerson, 8 Aug 1885, p223, both of Donaldson Point by C.B. Jackson, J.P.

    WILLIS, Priscilla to Elder Burkett, 16 Oct 1893, Book 2, p297 by Joel Cook, J.P. and again on 17 Feb 1896

    WILLIS, Rosa to William C. Hayes, Book 4, p287

    WILLIS, Rosa to Clifton Patterson, Book 8, p263

    WILLIS, Samuel to Ethel Murphy, 31 Oct 1897, Book 3, p86 by Elder John Lynch

    WILLIS, Samuel L. to Aileen Couglas, 12 March 1938, Book 17, p441

    WILLIS, Sarah Ann Amanda to Demetrius Buell, 16 Jan 1851 by Wm. T. Harbert, J.P.

    WILLIS, Sarah E. to Lemuel Lewis, 21 Sept 1888, p463 by James Stewart, J.P. at residence of L. Justis

    WILLIS, Sue, of Arkansas to Herman Boatwright, 8 Feb 1935, Book 16, p39

    WILLIS, Susie to Oliver Childers, 1916, Book 8, p207

    WILLIS, Tanner to Sam Allen, 9 Fb 1890, Book 2, p9 by James Wesley, MG

    WILLIS, Virginia to James R. Mayweather (colored) 18 March 1935, Book 16, p65

    WILLIS, W.A. to Lucy Grubs, 3 April 1905 by J.L. Ransbaugh, J.P., Book 5, p124

    WILLIS, Walter E. to Edna Metz, Book 8, p101

    WILLIS, Wesley A. to Susan Rodgers, both of Donaldson Point, 20 Nov 1889, Book 2, p30 by TJO Morrison, at his residence. Both of age.

    WILLIS, Wesley A. to Mary Briggins of Fulton Co., KY, 13 July 1895, Book 2, p405 by Joel Cook, J.P.

    WILLIS, William A. to Mrs. Mary Jane Myers, 3 Sept 1876 at the residence of said Willis by Rev. Ervin A. Ewing

    WILLIS, William A. to Lydia Atterbury, 30 Jan 1859 by TJO Morrison

    WILLIS, William A. Jr. to Josaphine Lemons, 27 July 1877 by Wm. J. Denhart, J.P.

    WILLIS, Zelma to Charles Sackett, Book 10, p164

    Willis, Luther of New Madrid Co to Blanch Carr, 3 May 1913 by M.T. Tipton, JP, Lake Co., TN

    Willis, Alfred of New Madrid Co to Sophia Carr, 18 Dec 1906 by J.M. Bradshaw, J.P., Lake Co., TN

    Burkett, Sallie Mae to Ed Kohlien, 5 Feb 1929, Will Calhoun, J.P., Ed Willis Bond

    Briggins, Mary to A.L. Haynes, 21 Sept 1900, both of age, Book

    Carr, Dock to Pearl Malady, 17 Feb 1901, J.M. Bradshaw, J.P.

    Carr, Lovelace to James A. Cross, 10 April 1919, Book 9, p111

    Connor, John L. to Miss Minerva Sloas, both of St. John Twp, 1 Sept 1885 by C.B. Jackson, J.P.

    Crafton, George W. of Parma to Annie Merrill, Book 5, p116

    Crafton, Miss Annie to Wm. J. Sumner, 11 June 1908, Book 6, p12, daughter of G.W. Crafton, Parma

    Crafton, Ethel to Vernon Malady, Book 7, p326

    Crafton, Ethel to Amos Orr, Book 8, p333

    Crafton, Mae, Pt. Pleasant, to Guy Davis, 9 Sept 1908, Book 6, p33

    Malady, J.D. to Mary C. Russell, 14 Aug 1888, both of age from Fulton Co., KY by George W. Clark, J.P. in St. John Twp.

    Malady, Pearl to Dock Carr, 17 Feb 1901, J.M. Bradshaw, J.P.

    Sloas, Clifford W. to Winnie E. Gartner, 14 May 1910 by an elder of the Methodist-Episcopal South Church, R.D. Kennedy; Book 6, p268

    Sloas, Robert E. to Effie B. Eiceman, 9 Oct 1909, Father, Elliot Sloas gave consent; Effie of age.

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