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New Madrid Co Mo.


    BOOK-- PAGE-- COUPLE-- Date of Marriage

    Madison J. TICKELL to Louisa A. AUDIBERT
    Sep 16, 1847

    22 James STALLCUP to Catherine SIKES
    Feb 8, 1849 Married by U. C. Spencer,
    Minister Gospel M. E. South in New Madrid, MO

    34 Osborne PRICE to Sally JOHNSON
    Jul 05, 1849 Married by John Till, J. P.

    135 Elizabeth KLINE to Theophillia VERLAQUE
    Aug 7, 1856 Married by T. J. O. Morrison, J.P.

    154 John KLINE to Katherine HAMPTON
    Jul 30, 1857 Married by Urban C. Spencer, Minister
    Gospel M. E. Church of New Madrid

    156 William C/KLINE to Elizabeth HAMPTON
    Aug 11, 1857 Married by U. C. Spencer, Minister
    Gospel M. E. South of New Madrid

    Ann E. STALCUP to David KOUNTZ
    Jul 8, 1858 Married by F. C. Butler, J.P.

    182 Wiley M. PRICE to Sarah SANDERS
    Jun 14, 1859 Price groom of Hickman, KY married
    by John Till, J. P.

    218 Dawson GILBOW to Mrs. Sally A. PRICE
    Sep 18, 1861 Married by M. R. Anthony, Minister
    Gospel M. E. South of New Madrid

    43 Robert A. PRICE to Malinda D. MAULSBY
    Aug 31, 1865 Married by M. R. Anthony, Minister
    Gospel M. E. South of New Madrid

    Catharine STALLCUP to John A. CARNES
    Dec 25, 1864 Married by M. R. Anthony, Minister
    Gospel M. E. South of New Madrid

    73 George Thomas PRICE to Mary Emma RIDDLE
    Nov 21, 1866 Married by Robert LaFont, J.P.

    Gazawell KLINE to Anna Eliza BLOUNT
    Jan 23, 1868

    119 James E. SUMMERS to Martha PRICE
    Mar 3, 1869 Married by William J. Denhart, J.P.

    137 Louisa KLINE to Charles C. FREDERICKSON
    Aug 6, 1871 Married by John H. Headley, Minister
    Gospel M. E. South of New Madrid

    140 William CONNER to Susan T. PRICE
    Jan 08, 1873 Married by E. S. Willis, J.P.

    Louis A. TICKELL Sr. to Leila SUMMERS
    Oct 15, 1877

    Mary Elizabeth TICKELL to John Clay HUNTER
    Jul 03, 1879 Married by J. A. Connolly, R.C.P.

    Molly H. KLEIN to Charles W. Johnston
    April 8, 1879 By Henry Watts, Minister

    Mrs. Mollie KLINE to J. H. LANG (33)
    8 Mar 1883 He was from Farmington, Mo.,
    they were married by Webster Full, M.G.

    Book 1 379 Wm. Henry CLINE to Nannie Lena KLINE
    28 Feb 1888

    1 398 William Phillips to Amelia MEATT
    Jul 15, 1888 Both of Portage Twp. Consent of
    Sam & Flora Meatt, parents of bride.

    1 400 Shap G. PHILLIPS to Linda C. PHILLIPS
    Jul 25, 1888

    1 Charles JONES to Etta ELLIS
    14 Apr 1890 Married by W. C. Blalock, M.G.

    William JONES to Dora ARKADA
    1 Nov 1891 He was from Big Prairie and
    Married by E. Brown, J.P.

    William E. JONES to Rachael NANRY
    4 Nov 1891 He was from Marshall Co., KY and
    she from New Madrid

    Book 2 229 Thomas S. CLINE to Mary Addy MURPHY
    9 Oct 1892

    2 223 Paul H. PHILLIPS to Lula W. POWELL
    Aug 10, 1892 Both were from New Madrid,
    Albert B. Hunter, guardian of Paul Phillips.

    2 356 Henry HAMPTON to Laura WALKENS
    9 Nov 1894

    2 359 Lizzie HAMPTON to William Gugary
    14 Nov 1894

    Sanders W. HAMPTON to Ruth LEE
    08 Feb 1897

    3 62 Crockett Holland to Ona PRICE
    30 July 1897

    Charles W. HAMPTON to Elizabeth HEART
    15 Dec 1897

    3 167 Charley S. KLEIN to Lena PRICE
    27 Oct 1898

    Robert Lee CLINE to Lucy Belle BOWMAR
    13 Mar 1898

    Samuel T. CLINE to Lelia N. FREEMAN
    9 Oct 1898

    3 222 Thomas H. HAMPTON to Lori Huks
    7 Aug 1899

    Alfred NASH to Hattie HAMPTON
    11 Nov 1899

    Charles W. O'Bannon to Sallee HAMPTON
    17 Dec 1899

    4 231 Cinda PRICE to John Snyder

    4 298 Lizzie HAMPTON to Peter MOBLEY
    15 Nov 1902

    4 Eida W. TICKELL to Frank E. GRIDER
    29 Mar 1905

    5 154 Ida ROBINSON to Jake HACKENY
    July 1905

    5 154 James PRICE to Ella SHEPARD
    31 July 1905 Both from Conran, New Madrid, MO

    L. A. TICKELL to Grace Sattera WHITE
    29 Nov 1905

    6 102 Hillery PRICE to Clara Parma
    17 Feb 1909

    6 170 E. G. PRICE to Mary Lena Pankey
    13 Sep 1909 Both were from Parma, Father
    of Bride J. W. Pankey of Dunklin County, MO

    7 106 Sherman E PRICE to Malissie Dew
    21 Mar 1912 Both were from Parma, MO

    7 153 Jessie PRICE to Dorothy Kent
    28 Sep 1912 Both were from Parma, MO

    7 345 Jessie Monroe PRICE to Eva Bodine
    12 Mar 1914 Both were from Point Pleasant, MO

    8 7 Henry PRICE to Carrie Rettig
    21 Dec 1914

    8 292 James David PRICE to Sylvia Porter (2nd marriage)
    14 Dec 1916 Both were from Sikeston, MO

    8 29 Hillis PRICE to Flossie Cormody
    21 Feb 1915 Both from Matthews, married by
    R. E. Atkinson, Elder

    8 243 Marguerette CLINE to Walter JOHNSON
    Sep 1916

    8 345 Hillis PRICE to Catharine Powell
    22 Jun 1917 Both from Maldin, Dunklin County, MO

    9 155 Elaine CLINE to H. R. FLEMING
    Sep 1, 1919 Both of Lilbourn, Missouri

    9 394 Mary CLINE to Roy NICHELSON

    10 2 Luke ROBINSON to Mirtle Jewel NELLY
    Nov 23, 1921 He was from New Madrid and
    bride was from Lilbourn, MO

    10 251 Cecil CLINE to Reva Gladys BLUE
    Jun 30, 1923 He was from LaForge and she
    from Tarrenbury

    10 255 Bedford L. ROBINSON to Eva WILLIS
    July 11, 1923 He was from LaForge

    10 331 Elmer CLINE to Georgia Mason
    Oct 29, 1923 Both from Hough, married by
    Robert Terry, J.P.

    Lena Grace CLINE to George L. DYE
    Feb 15, 1929

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