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These are page 272- 291 1893 New Madrid Co Mo marriages
  1. The credit for the transcription of the stones goes to Mary Margaret Brown wrote them down
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272 John Ross of New Madrid Twp. and Jane Witherspoon of same, by James Wesley M.G. , April 10, 1893
272 Cyrus Potter of St. John Twp. and Minnie Patterson in Fulton KY. by W.T. Peeler J.P. on May 7 1893
273 Robert Hogan of Portageville and Lida Nicoholas of same by G.S. Jones M. on April 16, 1893
273 James A. Westeman of Wess Twp. and Mary A. Cagle of same, John Cagel , father of Mary consents on April 19, 1893 by E. Brand J.P.
274 John Ash of Brush Prairie and Miss Daisey L. Lee of same. O.A. Patterson, mother of Daisy consents by John N. Mills J.P. on April 23 1893
274 Frederick T. Piggot of Pt. Pleasant and Annie T. Watson of New Madrid Twp. by James J. Furlong, Roman Catholic on April 26 1893
275 William Bredenstined of New Madrid and Miss Theresia Gleuck of same, Christopher Gleuck father of Theresia consents by James J. Furlong, Roman Catholic Priest on May 2 1893
276 George Trammell of Como and Laura B. Crisel of same by J. Wilson M.G. on May 3 1893
276 Isaac Caldwell of big Prairie Twp and Anna Taylor of same by John N. Mills J.P. on May 9 1893
277 Cullen Barnes of Brush Prairie and Mary Jones of same by John M. Crow Methodist Minister on May 18 1893
277 Robert McGraw of New Madrid Twp and Lizzie Brown of LaForge by Jack Cook J.P. May 21 1893
278 Charles Moore of Big Prairie and Lizzie Brown of same by J.N. Mills J.P. on May 28 1893
278 Allen Sweat of Como Twp and Cordelica Cox of same, William Webb guardian of Allen Sweat consents by W.S. Tanner M.G. on May 29 1893
279 Harton Byers of Big Prairie and Amanda J. Phillips of same by A.A. Harrison J.P. on June 3 1893
279 David J.F. Gower of East Twp and Martha E. Jones of same by Jack Cook J.P, on June 3 1893
280 Robert W. Wells of East Twp and Miss Tabitha C. Presson of same Henry T. Presson father of Tabitha consents by J.M. Presson J.P. on June 18 1893
281 Benjamin O'Bryan of Big Prairie Twp and Teda Sullivan of same by D.C. Phillips J. P. onm June 25 1893
281 Andrew Pankey of New Madrid Twp and Maggie Mann of same, May Rose mother of Maggie consents by D.C. Phillips J.P. on June 25 1893
282 Daniel Presson of Wast Twp and Mary E. Maynar of same by Jael Cook J.P. on July 2 1893
282 Robert Morris of Big Prairie Twp and Alley Williams of same by J.N. Wells J.P. on July 16 1893
283 Julius Hall of Big Prairie and Miss Mattie Willis of same by A.J. Scimmons J.P. on July 4 1893
283 John Wesley of New Madrid Twp and Dixie Davis of same on July 8 1893
284 R.M. McKinney of New Madrid Twp and Ella Jacobs of same by Jael Cook J.P,. on July 15 1893
284 Grant Neil of Sikeston Scott Co and Steller Peirce (Pierce) of East Twp with William Peirce father iof Steller consents on July 23 1893 by S.P, Carlisle M.G.
285 Georg W. Coon of Whiting Mississippi Co and Mrs. Genna Richardson County of Ohio Kentucky by Jael Cook J.P. on July 20 1893
285 Saml Bell of Brush Prairie and Lucy Ann Wheat of same Matt Wheat father of Lucy consents (Jacob seemed to be crossed out) by John N. Mills J.P. July 30 1893
286 John Trigdon of Como Twp and Alice M. Brevard of Como Joseph Brevard father of Alice consents by A.J. Wilson M.G. on Aug 5 1893
286 Luther Gilbow of LeSieur Twp and Jennie Penrodd (or Pemrodd) of LeSieur Twp by L.F. LaFont J.P. on May 31 1893
287 Hamp Carroll of New Madrid and Mariah Ross of same by W. T. Johnson M.G. on Aug 13 1893
287 William Walls of New Madrid and Ada Philibow returned Sept 6 1893 not counted John Mott Sept 11 1893
288 Wm F. Kimes of Portageville and Luella Mukum of same Frank D. Kimes father of W.F and Sarah F. Adcock mother of Luella consents on Aug 24 1893 J.D. Stein J.P
288 alos on page 294 Albert Lee Carter of New Madrid Co and Mollie Massey of same James Massey father of Mollie consents by Ira P. Eby M.G. M.G. on Aug 27 1893 ( error on page 288-Knott)
289 Matthew Brooks of Big Prairie and Ada A. Mainard of same W.W. Mainard father of Ada consents on Aug 1893 by J.J. Presson M.G.
289 Jacob Ward of Big Prairie and Maudy Moore of same J.H. Ward (mother of Jacob consents W.H. Moore father if Maudy consents by R.P. Pleurman M.G. on Aug 31 1893
290 Henry C. Ford of Como Twp and Mrs Anes Inman of same by w. S. Tanner M.G. Aug 31 1893
290 William C. Bell of West Twp New Madrid and Mrs. Lyra Sperry of West Twp on Aug 31 1893 by Jael Cook J.P.
291 Robert Drake of Fulton Co KY and Mrs. Cora Hampton of same J.W. Ellington quardian of Robert consents by Robt. D. Kennedy Deacon of M.E. Church South on Sept 6 1893
291 Charles Samuel Harrison of James Bayou of Mississippi Co MO and Helen Branham with George W. Harrison father of Cas. Samuel and Herum Bramum ( Branham I'm sure) father of Helen consents by Geo. W. Clark J.P. on Sept 3 1893

Debi Bentley, Poster-#-2-

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