Yount Cemetery, New Madrid County Mo.

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Yount, Cemetery
New Madrid County

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Yount email

Subject: Cemetery name & New Madrid, County

In letter: ROGERS John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853

Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

  • Surnames for the Yount and Hawkins cemeteries located
    in Point Pleasant Missouri (New Madrid County). This
    cemetery was located on the South end of town in some
    ones side yard. I did not see any other cemeteries in
    Point Pleasant and I didn't want to stick around to find out.
    Maybe it was pleasant 100 years ago.
Submitted by
Angie Miller Poster-#-52-
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Albert Percy FAY b. Mar. 05, 1855 d. Aug. 27, 1882
Hetty wife of James MOTT b. Feb. 05, 1800 d. Aug. 16, 1872
(erected by her son)
Dr. William E. EVANS b. July 01, 1836 d. Oct. 19, 1892
William E. EVANS (son of W.E.) d. Sept. 29, 1894 age 6 yr.
M.C.E. (that was all for this headstone, it could be for girl named below)
Malinda C. EVANS (dau. Of W.E. and C.B. Evans) d. July, 29, 1879 5mo 17 d
(some notes I found said that she died in 1859, however, that would make
her mother 10 years old, the headstone looked more like 1879 to me)
Cinda B. wife of Dr. W.E. EVANS b. Dec. 20, 1849 d. Feb, 21, 1885
Fred R. YOUNT b. Aug. 02, 1844 d. June 02, 1904 59 yr 10 m
Julia E. YOUNT wife of F. R. Yount b. May 03, 1849 d. Oct. 26, 1900
51 yr. 05 m. 23 d.
Children of F. R. and J. E. YOUNT-
Harry E. b. May 23, 1876 d. Mar. 01, 1882
Lonna D. b Mar. 27, 1878 d. Feb. 25, 1882
Mrs. A. D. CRUCHAN b. June 03, 1819 d. Mar. 16, 1890
Dr. R. Lee WILLIAMS b. Jan. 23, 1863 d. Aug. 15, 1943
Wife of Dr. Williams is Freddie b. Feb. 27, 1874 d. Oct. 18, 1950
Virginia M. CRONAN 1900-1963
Ida CRONAN 1870- 1929
Hal F. CRONAN Missouri 2 Lt. 162 Depot Brig d. Oct. 05, 1931
Genevieve CRONAN 1898- 1948
Malinda wife of John WOODARD Sr. d. June, 02, 1883 78y 7m 9d
James S. LAW b. Apr. 22, 1842 (date of year was broken) d. Oct. 15, 1895
53y 5m 23d
Misc.- G.C.
Children of Ida MOTT
M.P. dau of S.A. and M.E. b. Nov. 12, 1896 d. Feb. 22, 1899
Mary E. wife of S.A. (or maybe S.C.) PHILLIPS b. Sep. 23, 1859 d. Jan. 21, 1899
Shaply C. PHILLIPS b. Feb. 22, 1855 d. Sept. 01, 1899
(I am guessing the mother died in childbirth, the daughter died a
month later and the father died 6 months later, very sad)
Here are the names in the HAWKINS plot
Henry F. HAWKINS 1878 - 1956
Louise R. HAWKINS dau of Henry F and Susie Hawkins d. Sept. 16, 1910 5y 1m
Mary E. wife of S. W. LAW b. Feb. 02. 1851 d. Apr. 12, 1884
Infant dau of J.A. and Ellen DAVIS b. July 11, 1883 d. Aug. 17, 1883
John A. DAVIS b. Apr. 16, 1835 d. Feb. 09, 1915
Elgie Davis LAWS b. Mar. 11, 1874 d. Apr. 04, 1953
Brother John Medley DAVIS 1885-1933
Sister Effie DAVIS 1880-1961
Ellen wife of John A. DAVIS b. Dec. 07, 1891 d. Sept. 02, 1931
Davis R. son of W.W. and Elgie LAWS (date buried can't read)
William W. LAWS b. Feb. 12, 1870 d. July 15, 1939
William E. DAVIS b. 1872 d. 1933
Iona Y DAVIS (wife of William) b. 1872 d. 1962
Effie Mae THORNELLb. 1897 d. 1940

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ROGERS John R. b Feb 19, 1800 d Sept 23, 1853

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