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New Madrid County Missouri

New Madrid County Missouri
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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Location Map
. . .
A C LaForge Cemetery 363644N 0893031W New Madrid
Adams Cemetery 362558N 0893852W Portageville
Arbuckle Cemetery 362541N 0894012W Portageville
Atkinson Cemetery 362601N 0893842W Portageville
Baines Cemetery 363438N 0893527W New Madrid
Baker Cemetery 362546N 0893800W Portageville
Barnes Cemetery 363938N 0892347W Henderson Mound
Bean Cemetery . . Leadwood, Mo
Bloomfield Cemetery 364443N 0893218W Kewanee
Branham Cemetery 362533N 0894421W Portageville
City or Diggs/Garanflo

Cedar Grove

. . .
Cole Cemetery 364020N 0892318W Henderson Mound
Crabtree Cemetery 362541N 0894401W Portageville
Creviosur Cemetery 362901N 0893657W Point Pleasant
Davis Cemetery 363902N 0893429W Kewanee
Dawson Cemetery 363525N 0893432W New Madrid
Dawson Cemetery 363803N 0893132W Kewanee
Dettroy Cemetery 363354N 0893524W New Madrid
Evergreen Cemetery 363628N 0893219W New Madrid
Ford Cemetery 363724N 0893108W New Madrid
Fulton Cemetery 363206N 0893520W New Madrid
Girvin Cemetery 362433N 0893230W Point Pleasant
Graham Cemetery 364031N 0893318W Kewanee
Griffith Cemetery 362554N 0893728W Point Pleasant
Hart Cemetery

New Madrid City
Hart Cemetery 363802N 0893253W Kewanee
Hatcher Cemetery 363515N 0893326W New Madrid
Haubold Cemetery 363131N 0893548W New Madrid
Hobbs Chapel
. . (Near) Puxico
Howard Cemetery 363555N 0893220W New Madrid
Hunter Cemetery 363553N 0893148W New Madrid
Hunter Dawson Cemetery

Hummel Land
. . New Madrid
Hunter Cemetery 364113N 0893144W Kewanee
Kimes Cemetery 362722N 0893723W Point Pleasant
MO-AHGP site
Knox Cemetery 363952N 0893431W Kewanee
La Forge Cemetery 363616N 0893113W New Madrid
Lagrand Cemetery . . .
Le Sieur Cemetery 362543N 0893257W Point Pleasant
Le Sieur Cemetery 362636N 0893454W Point Pleasant
Lee Cemetery 363835N 0893446W Kewanee
Martin Cemetery 362606N 0893743W MO-AHGP aite
Matthews Cemetery 364459N 0893454W Kewanee
Meatte Cemetery 362700N 0893933W Portageville
Minner Cemetery 363620N 0893340W New Madrid
Mitchell Cemetery 364017N 0893259W Kewanee
Moore Cemetery 363755N 0893240W Kewanee
Mounds Cemetery
( Map )
363416N 0893523W New Madrid
Mounds Cemetery, Lilbourn
(No Map )

New Hope Cemetery
(Ma p )
363015N 0893632W Marston
Newbauer Cemetery 363146N 0893515W New Madrid
Noxall Cemetery 364348N 0893449W Kewanee
O`Bannon Cemetery . . New Madrid
Old Big Ridge Cemetery

Parma Cemetery 363618N 0894939W Parma
Powell Cemetery 363556N 0893326W New Madrid
Portageville Cemetery
(Map )
. . South of
in Pemiscot CO
Raidt`s Cemetery 363728N 0893038W New Madrid
Randolph Cemetery . . Point Pleasant
Reeder Cemetery 363117N 0893514W New Madrid
Rhodes Cemetery 363925N 0893435W Kewanee
Riddles Cemetery 362440N 0893222W Point Pleasant
Robbins Cemetery 363036N 0893337W New Madrid
Saint Marys Cemetery

Saint Marys Cemetery 363600N 0893253W New Madrid
Saint Marys Cemetery 363702N 0893258W New Madrid
Sand Hill Cemetery 363519N 0893317W New Madrid
Scott Cemetery 362515N 0893948W Portageville
Sherwood Cemetery 363721N 0893241W New Madrid
Sherwood Cemetery 363813N 0893413W Kewanee
Simmons Cemetery 363737N 0894234W Charter Oak
Steele Cemetery 364138N 0893433W Kewanee
Sugar Tree Ridge
363906N 0892148W Bayouville
Tickell Cemetery . . New Madrid
Watson Cemetery 362554N 0893901W Portageville
Workman Cemetery . . Portageville
Wright Cemetery 363618N 0893101W MO-AHGP site
New Madrid
Yount Cemetery 362700N 0893428W Point Pleasant

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