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Morgan County, Missouri – 1860 Census

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This transcription of the 1860 census has several special features:

More Information


I've transcribed the free schedule from the page images donated to the Rootsweb Archives by S-K Publications through the generosity of Jo Ann Dopp; where I had trouble reading, I've also benefitted from consulting Pat Calton's transcription. I transcribed the slave schedules from the National Archives microfilm. Please send me corrections!

Slave Schedules

I wanted this census transcription to include everyone who was living in Morgan County in 1860. The slave schedules did not include the slaves' names; they simply listed the slaves by age, sex and color under the name of the master. The slave schedules are also incomplete: there are no slaves listed in Osage Township, for example, although I know that my Humes ancestors owned slaves there. It appears that a page or two of the slave schedules were lost when the census was compiled.

I would be very interested in adding more information to these schedules. If anyone can provide names for individual slaves in the schedules, please let me know (and indicate the source of your information). I'll update this site whenever possible.

Land Patents

I've compared the surname index for the schedule with the surname index for the Land Patents list and attempted to identify individuals. I hope eventually to put this information together in such a way as to make it possible to figure out the route that the census-taker took around the county, and to locate the census dwellings on a map. More on this later. I'm sure I've missed some identifications, and made some false ones. Please send corrections if you find errors.

Civil War Service

The census gives hints about the divided loyalties of the people of Morgan County, in the mix of birthplaces we find: from the pro-Union German immigrants in Richland township to the pro-Confederate Virginians in Moreau township. Since there are online rosters available for some of the units raised in Morgan County for the Union and Confederate armies and for the Missouri State Guard, it made sense to try to link this information into the census transcription. When this is complete, it will be possible to see vividly how the war turned neighbours against neighbours.

It is impossible to be certain of some of the identifications of individuals in the census with individuals in the rosters. If you have corrections or additions to this information, please tell me!