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Scobee Cemetery

The Scobee Cemetery on the Smith-Scobee farm was moved to Walnut 
Grove Cemetery in Paris, Monroe County, MO.  There are graves that 
are marked "unknown" in the "Scobee Cemetery" in Walnut Grove 
The cemetery contained family as well as neighbors.  My family owned the 
land that the cemetery was on from the early 1800's until about the 1940's. 
I have in my possession the plat of the original cemetery.  It contains the 
following information.
The plat is written as a grid 1-24 (running South to North) and A-J (running
West to East)

A-24 is in the NW corner.

J-24 is in the NE corner.

A-1 is in the SW corner.

J-1 is in the SE corner

A road ran along the west side of the cemetery

I am copying names exactly as they are written. There are no dates. Anything
in [ ] is my comment. Anything in ( ) is written on the paper that way.

A-4: Nancy Jane Scobee [w/o James Wood Scobee, 
d/o Martha Patsey Yates and Samuel H Smith]

A-6: Lucy Scobee

A-7: Frances Scobee [infant d/o Nancy Jane Smith and James Wood Scobee]

A-8: infant

A-9: infant

A-10: infant

A-11: infant

A-14: J L Rives

A-15: T W Crigler child [child of Ella May Scobee and T Wilson Crigler]

A-16: Ester Fay and Edward Roy Giesler

A-17: Lary Gene and Jennie Sue Giesler

B-2: infant

B-6: Tacket

B-7: infant

B-8: Alexander Smith [s/o Martha Patsey Yates and Samuel H Smith]

B-9: Martha Smith [w/o Samuel H Smith]

B-10: Samuel Smith [original land owner of property, son of Joseph C Smith]

B-12: H T Smith [Henry T Smith, s/o Martha Patsey Yates and Samuel H Smith]

B-13: Lona Bell Greening [Sarah A Smith, the d/o of Martha Patsey Yates and
Samuel H Smith married Henry Clay Greening - this could be their daughter,
or possibly his first wife, he was 18 years older than she was]

B-14: J D Tillet [John G Tillett married Martha Smith, she was the d/o
Martha Patsey Yates and Samuel H Smith - this could be their child]

B-15: Susan Tillet [possibly a child of John G and Martha Tillett or the w/o
J D Tillet]

B-16: infant J S Scobee

B-17: infant J S Scobee

B-18: infant J S Scobee

C-2: infant

C-4: Frank M Tibbs

C-5: Sallie Tibbs

C-7: infant Dye

C-8: J H Dye

C-10: Slada K [or Sladak] Gosney [the K was inserted between the A & K],
[Chilton H "Sheck" Gosney married Elizabeth Emma Smith, d/o Martha Patsey
Yates and Samuel H Smith - this could be their child]

C-12: Lucy Reavis

C-13: John N Reavis

C-14: Mrs. J N Reavis [a family of Reavis lived close to Ely Scobee, who was
the s/o Robert Scobee]

C-15: J S Scobee and Susie Roney Scobee [John Samuel Scobee and 
Susan Roney Scobee, she was the 3rd wife of J Sam Scobee] 
[s/o Mary Agnes Smith and Robert Scobee]

C-16: Dolly Scobee [she was the 1st w/o J Sam Scobee]

C-18: Allie Scobee [she was the 2nd w/o J Sam Scobee]

C-19: Loyd Wilson Scobee [s/o Susan Roney and J Sam Scobee]

D-2: Jane Ann Reavis

D-3: Tomie Adams

D-4: W M [or Wm] Spalding child

D-7: Moore infant

D-8: Ollie Moore

D-12: T W Crigler [T Wilson Crigler]

D-13: Ella May Crigler [w/o T Wilson Crigler, d/o Mary Agnes Smith and
Robert Scobee]

D-14: Crigler infant

D-15: J Robert Crigler [s/o Ella May Scobee and T Wilson Crigler]

D-16: Mary Agnes Scobee [w/o Robert Scobee, 
d/o Martha Patsey Yates and Samuel H Smith]

D-17: Robert Scobee [owned land 2nd, s/o Nancy Dawley and John Scobee]

D-18: James W Scobee

D-20: Edith Jones Scobee [w/o Henry Thomas Scobee, 
d/o Sarah Turner and John Edward Jones]

D-21: H T Scobee [Henry Thomas Scobee, s/o Mary Agnes Smith 
and Robert Scobee] [last Scobee to own land]

E-2: Carrie B Reed Haish [could be Haigh]

E-3: James Reed

E-4: Reed infant

E-5: Charles Reed

E-6: E S Vanhorn

E-7: Mrs. E S Vanhorn

E-10: I P Armstrong

E-15: Cenna Dilts [a Dilts family lived 2 farms away from Smith-Scobee land]

E-16: A G Dilts and Louise Dilts

E-17: Engle

E-19: E G Douglas

E-20: Ellen Douglas

F-3: James Drake

F-7: Joseph C Brown

F-8: Frank Sparks

F-12: Harry B Long

F-16: James Rouse

F-19: Charles Allen

F-20: Mrs. Nancy Allen

F-21: E B (Pete) Allen

G-14: Robert Freeman

G-15: Irma F Freeman

G-16: Glendora Freeman

G-17: Joseph Adams [this could be Joseph A Adams, 
s/o Otho Adams and Mary Smith, who was the sister of Samuel H Smith]

G-18: Eugenia Adams [w/o Joseph Adams?]

G-19: Tomie Roney

G-21: Mrs. W G Roney

G-22: W G Roney

H-18: Roy Ballard Rives

H-19: Addie Irine Rives

H-20: James Rives

H-21: Jessie Rives

H-22: Ray Eisiminger

H-23: Adiline Tanner

I-16: Katherine Ann Reavis

I-17: J Alexander Reavis

I-18: Mary Elizabeth Vandiventer

I-19: Andrew J Vandiventer

Submitted by Darla Henderson from a Plat of the Scobee Cemetery on the
Smith-Scobee farm, relocated to the Walnut Grove Cemetery, Paris, Monroe
County, Missouri.