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Military Records

The Civil War in Monroe County

Spanish American War

Dewey Schley Day, 1898

Letter from Santiago

World War I

Guy Reed, World War Veteran

Monroe County Gave Nearly 600 to World War

Will Monroe County Answer the Call?

Casualties of World War I

Only Nurse to Lose Life

World War I Selective Service - History

World War II 

Casualties of World War II

4 County Boys on Casualty Lists

4 Navy Boys from the Same Family

Draft Notice for Charles Edwin Bush

Dead at Dachau

World War II Articles - pertaining to those in the military from Monroe County

Korean War

War Casualties

Vietnam War

War Casualties


Confederate Soldiers in the Civil War

Index to Provost Marshal Papers

Pensioners on Rolls 1883

Special Orders to John H. Holdsworth

Wars Take Their Toll

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Honoring Those Who Served: Veteran's Listings