Monroe County Churches & Religion


Holliday Baptist

In 1951 the Paris Baptist church with the pastor Rev. Jean Osborn and Rev Charles L. Norris took a religious census of Holliday to determine the number of people in the community of the Baptist faith. The census indicated that a Baptist work was needed in Holliday. On September 3 of that year a revival was held in a tent between the homes of Mrs. Lola Ensor and Tom Jones. During that revival, thirteen people came forward. One placed his membership in the Holliday Christian Church, while the other twelve placed their membership in the Paris Baptist Church until such a time as a church could be organized in Holliday. Following the revival meeting the Odd Fellows Hall was rented, and worship services and Sunday School were held there from October 6, 1951, to August 16, 1953, at which time the new church was occupied. The new church was dedicated on October 18, 1953.

The first funeral held in the church was that of Mrs. Alice Hartman on November 18, 1953, and the first wedding was June 3, 1072, that of Virginia McGee and Mark Thomann, performed by Rev. Bruce Mixen.