Biographies from the 1884 Monroe County History


Monroe County People


From: History of Monroe and Shelby Counties, Missouri 1884

Transcribed by Darla Henderson


John W ADAMS was born in Monroe County on 3 Nov 1835. He married Elizabeth C DRY on 9 Jul 1861. Their children were Laura E, Samuel T, Mary M, Willie M, and Ernest B.

John was the son of George ADAMS and Eleanor RANDOL from KY. George died in 1866 and Eleanor was still living when the article was written. Elizabeth was the daughter of William F and Laura DRY of KY. Laura died in 1872. William died in Dec 1872, 2 months after Laura.


James Camplin

At age 24, James CAMPLIN married Marinda CRIGLER. Their children were Mary J wife of J FLEMING, William R, Susan G, Allie E wife of F VAUGHN, James, and Cynthia who died at 4 years of age. They were members of the Christian Church of Santa Fe.

The parents of James were James CAMPLIN who died in KY and Jane PENN of KY who came to Monroe County. Jane's second husband was Benjamin MCCARTY, formerly of VA. Jane died in 1869.

The parents of Marinda were Lovel CRIGLER and Mary OATS who came from VA to MO in 1836. They had 14 children.


Benedict CARRICO was born in 1816. He married 7 Feb 1837 Catherine L HARDESTY, daughter of Edward HARDESTY. Catherine was born 1818 in KY and died 13 Mar 1879 in Monroe County, MO. Catherine and Benedict had Walter V, of Hannibal, Susan E, wife of V B CALHOUN of Hannibal, Edward D, Benedict F, Theresa A, wife of A W VAUGHN, Frances I, wife of Nicholas CALHOUN of Marion County, Thomas M, still on the farm with his father, and Elizabeth, who died c 1880. They were members of the Catholic Church.

Benedict's father was Walter CARRICO who died in 1840 and his mother was Helena O'BRIEN who died in 1865. Walter brought his family to Monroe County in 1836. Helena's father was Ignatious O'BRIEN who was born in Ireland. Vincent (the eldest), Dennis, and Theresa who married Josias MILES were siblings of Walter. Theresa and Josias had a child named Richard MILES.

Children of Walter and Helena were Ignatius, who died in TX, Benedict, Joseph M, of St. Louis, Elizabeth, deceased wife of Francis MILES, Theresa, deceased wife of James MURPHY, Rosanna, deceased wife of John VAN METRE, and Nancy, deceased wife of D D ST VRAIN.


Benjamin E. Cowherd

Benjamin E COWHERD was born in 1817 in Shelby County KY. He married 24 Dec 1844 Elizabeth MCNUTT. Their children were John M and William. They were members of the Presbyterian Church.

Benjamin was the son of William COWHERD and Celia ESTES of KY. Their children were Mary, Emily, Elmira, Sarah A, David, Susan, and Benjamin E. William died in 1853 in Monroe County. Celia died in 1867 in Monroe County.


James V DOOLEY was born 12 Jan 1837 in Monroe County, MO. He married 1876 Sallie A SEARCY of Boone County, MO.

The parents of James were Stephen DOOLEY (who was still living in 1884) of KY who married in Monroe County Fannie JOHNSON. Their children were James V, Elkana, Martha, William, Christopher, Lucy, Lettie and Luther.


Milton FORSYTH was born on 31 Aug 1827 in Harrison County KY. He married Burzilla MILNER on 2 Feb 1851. Milton and Burzilla had Sarah F, Charles F, Nancy N, James H, John W, Elizabeth M, Mary S, William L, all married. They also had Anna A, Minnie F, Joseph M, Katie S and Elsie R. They were members of the Christian Church.

Milton was the son of Augustus FORSYTH and Fannie SPARKS. Augustus was from MD and Fannie was from VA. Burzilla was the daughter of Samuel MILNER and Margaret LAIL of KY.


William S "Stockwell" FORSYTH was born 20 Oct 1837 in Mercer County KY. He was the 3rd of 8 children, with a twin brother still living in Mercer County. William was adopted by his Uncle John FORSYTH when he was 10 years old. William was married 18 May 1871 to Anna M FULTON. Their children were James Fulton, Mary J, and 2 others who died in infancy. William was a member of the Confederate Army and was taken prisoner. He and his wife were members of the O S Presbyterian Church.

William was the son of Andrew FORSYTH and Narcissa MCAFEE. Andrew was 87 in 1884 and Narcissa died in April 1875. Anna was the daughter of John M FULTON of SC who came to Monroe County in 1868.


Robert G Hanna married Victoria E WOMMACK on 30 Oct 1867. She was born in Lincoln County VA. Their children were Albro, Eddy P, Hiram W, Benjamin J and Perry B, who were twins. They were members of the Presbyterian Church in Perry, Ralls County, Missouri.

Robert was the son of Robert HANNA of Augusta VA and Jane E BERRY. They married in 1830. Robert died in 1867 and Jane died in 1845. Robert and Jane's children were William A who was killed in 1863 while serving in the Battle of Corinth and Robert G. Robert G was willed the farm by his father. Victoria was the daughter of Hiram WOMMACK, formerly of VA.


Winfield S HAWKINS was born on 14 Feb 1821 in Culpepper County VA. Winfield first married Sarah P POLLARD on 26 Jan 1849. She died 15 Jan 1871. Their children were James William, who married and was living in Henry County, Mary E, wife of Bela HUGHES of Monroe County, Charles B in IL, Virginia L, Hugh B, George N, John W and Henry M. Two children died in infancy and Benjamin F died in May 1873 at 25 years of age. Winfield next married Mary E CRUMP on 12 Oct 1871. They had one child who died. Winfield was a member of the Presbyterian Church and Mary belonged to the M E Church South.

Winfield was the son of Benjamin HAWKINS and Susan GREEN of Va. Benjamin was a soldier in the War of 1812. He removed to KY where he died. Sarah was the daughter of Braxton POLLARD of Florida, MO. Mary was the daughter of Wilkinson CRUMP from Bedford County VA.


J G HICKMAN was born in Monroe County, MO in November 1837. He married M K CAMPBELL in April 1863. At the time the article was written, they had a son 17 years old and a daughter 19 years old. J G was a proprietor of Excelsior Mills, north of Florida. He was the son of Hugh A HICKMAN.


John A HICKMAN was born c 1817. He came to Monroe County in 1830. On 15 Mar 1842 he married Susan COWHERD, formerly of KY. She died 3 Sept 1881. They had 12 children - Samanthy, Rebecca, Philander, Mary, Julia, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Emma, Ella, Lillie, Gallatin, and Hugh. They were members of the Baptist Church.

John was the son of Hugh A HICKMAN and Barbara MCNUTT from VA. In 1831, Hugh HICKMAN, Major PENN, and Dr. KENYON laid out the town of Florida, MO. John had a brother named Esculapius


Philander W HICKMAN was born on 15 Jul 1847. He married Ella POAGE on 21 Mar 1878. They had a child Elbert A born 28 Aug 1883. They were members of the Presbyterian Church.

Philander was the son of Anderson HICKMAN and Susan COWHERD of KY. Ella was the daughter of Darius and Martha POAGE of Monroe County, MO.


James L LYON was b 12 Nov 1844 in Beaver PA. He was the son of Thomas and Harriet PETTIGREW LYON who settled in Untica in 1855. Harriet died in 1855 and Thomas died in 1882 in Hannibal. The children of Thomas and Harriet were Samuel, of St. Joseph MO, James, who came to Monroe City in 1867, and Thomas, of St. Louis MO.

Transcriber’s Note:

From 1870 Monroe County - Monroe City Census records

James LYON, 24 years old, born in PA

Ella LYON, 22 years old, born in IN

Mollie LYON, 2 years old, born in MO


William B A MCNUTT M.D. was born 4 Oct 1850. He was educated at Middle Grove Academy, Westminster College, and the St. Louis Medical College, where he graduated in 1875. He became a partner of J J NORTON of MCNUTT and NORTON, physicians and surgeons in Monroe City. William was married 9 Jul 1876 to Lillie BAILEY. They had a child Bailey, b c 1877. William and Lillie went to the Episcopal Church. She died in early 1883.

William was the son of Dr. John MCNUTT and Elizabeth F M G STEELE. Lillie was the daughter of Dr. E BAILEY.


William H POAGE was born on 15 Aug 1815 in Greenup County KY. He married Elizabeth Ann POLLARD in Feb 1843 (23 Feb 1843 Monroe County, MO). She was born in KY. Their children were James A, Samuel B, Charles W, Sarah C (California), wife of Albert HENDERSON (24 Apr 1873 Monroe County, MO), Mary Jane, wife of B F (Franklin) VAUGHN (14 Nov 1872 Monroe County, MO), Amanda C, wife of James YOWELL, and Ruth E. They were members of the Presbyterian Church.

William was the son of Maj. James and Jane POAGE. Elizabeth was the daughter of B C POLLARD of Florida MO, formerly of KY.


Judge James N POLLARD was born on 17 Oct 1826 in Owen County KY. He first married Malinda GENTRY on 23 Apr 1851 in Owens County KY. She died on 15 Jul 1852. He married his second wife, Mary J BLACKBURN, on 11 Oct 1853. Their children were Samuel Thomas, Viola wife of O A MARR, James C, Henry M, and William Lee. Judge Pollard was the justice of county court from 1878 - 1882. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Stoutsville. In addition, he was a mason.

James was the son of Thomas POLLARD who married Nancy MARSH in KY. Thomas was born in KY and died in 1864. Nancy was born in NC and died in 1865. Malinda was the daughter of Turner GENTRY. Mary was the daughter of Samuel BLACKBURN, formerly of KY but in Shelby County, MO at the time of the article.


Philip QUISENBERRY was born 5 Dec 1835 in Clark County KY. He was married first to A P ELKIN in Feb 1866. Their children were Blanche, Elkin, and Frances. A P died 1874. Next, on 7 Aug 1877, Philip married Mrs. L G RACKLETT nee TANNER, widow of Dr. S S RACKLETT. Children of L G and S S RACKLETT were Minerva, Henry C, and Estella. Together, Philip and L G had Fred, Maud, Walker, and Wallace. Philip was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) and his second wife was a member of the Christian Church.

Philip was the son of William QUISENBERRY.


Robert SCOBEE was born near Winchester KY, 6 May 1835. He moved to the state of Missouri when he was 2 years old. He married on 27 Nov 1856 Mary A SMITH.

Mary and Robert had 9 children, 2 of whom died in infancy. The other children were: Jas. W SCOBEE, J S SCOBEE, A W SCOBEE, Mrs. T W CRIGLER, H T SCOBEE, G S SCOBEE, and Ely SCOBEE. He is survived by the above except his wife, who died on 8 Jun 1896, and his oldest son Jas. W SCOBEE, who died 13 Oct 1912.

Robert was one of a family of 12 children, all who preceded him in death except two of his sisters - Mrs. W A UTTERBACK and Mrs. America CRAWFORD, both of near Greenlawn, Ralls County. Besides his 6 children, he leaves 18 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren.

He suffered a stroke of paralysis on 17 Nov 1919, which rendered him a helpless invalid. He died 1 Sept 1920, age 85 years, 3 months, 25 days.

In addition, another clipping says he died at the home of his son, H T SCOBEE, east of Paris, Wednesday afternoon. The funeral was held at Pleasant Hill at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon. It lists survivors as five sons and one daughter - J S, A W, H T, J S, and Ely SCOBEE and Mrs. Wilson CRIGLER.


Samuel SHEARER was born 1 Jan 1834. He was married on 20 Jan 1857 to Mary E HENDERSON from VA. Their children were Preston, Nannie B, and Mary A. They were members of the Baptist Church.

The parents of Samuel were Cavil SHEARER and Dulcena DOOLEY, originally from KY but married in Monroe County, MO. Samuel's brothers and sister were Simeon, Thomas, Henshaw and Celia.


James Cumberland SNELL was born 8 Sept 1846. On 27 Jan 1870 he married Kate THOMAS. Their children were Floyd, Clark, Nora, and Susan who was deceased.

Kate was the daughter of Dr. THOMAS of Waverly in Lafayette County.


John G TILLITT was married in 1865 to Susan SMITH. Their children were Edwin P, Mary S, and Cordelia. Susan died about 1877. He married a second time in 1879 Ann L ELY. They had 2 children - one died in infancy and Henry E.

John was the son of Henry and Lurena TILLITT of KY who settled in Monroe County in 1837. Henry died in 1869 and Lurena died in 1882. Ann was the daughter of James and Dulcena ELY.


George L TURNER, M.D. married 7 Sept 1880 Charlotte PICKETTE, who was born 26 Mar 1854 in Shelby County, MO. Their children were Myrtie G and Lytle Rush.

George was the son of Rev. Abel TURNER and Mary E WILSON who was born in Loudon County VA. Their children were Charles C of Carthage, Enoch T, John M, Frank S, George L, Frances A wife of F M FARR, Belle wife of Arthur CARMICHAEL, Martha G wife of Edward CARMICHAEL, and Ida M (listed in order of birth). Abel was a minister of the Regular Baptist Church until he died 24 Apr 1882.

Charlotte was the daughter of Hiram PICKETTE of Shelby County, MO.


Benjamin F. Vaughn

Benjamin F VAUGHN was born 16 Apr 1839. On 14 Nov 1872 he married Mary POAGE. Their children were William Gray born Jan 1875, Susie Clay, Bessie, and Nathan Pierce. Benjamin served in the Confederate Army under Col. GREEN and was a prisoner in St. Louis and later Alton. The VAUGHNs were members of the Presbyterian Church.

Benjamin was the son of William VAUGHN and Eliza POAGE, formerly of KY.


Benjamin O. Wood

Benjamin O WOOD was the son of Dr. Adolphus WOOD. Adolphus was born in Baltimore. Adolphus was the brother of the honorable Fernando WOOD, born in Philadelphia, Mayor of New York City 3 times. Fernando was also a congressman from 1841 - 1882 in the National Legislature. Adolphus' brothers were Henry and Benjamin from New York. Dr. WOOD, married Mrs. Caroline CLUNETTE. Caroline was of Spanish parentage and had been married to a frenchman with whom Caroline had 2 children. Adolphus and Caroline moved to Shelby county as early as 1831 where Adolphus was a county judge.

Benjamin O WOOD was born 29 Dec 1836 at Oakdale in Shelby County and moved to Monroe City in 1868 where Benjamin employed R E LEAR and John M RILEY. Benjamin was married on 12 Dec 1872 to Allie B SMITH, daughter of A SMITH of Ralls County. Benjamin and Allie's children were Myrtie I and a son who died at 14 months. Benjamin was also a member of the Masonic Order.


Thomas J YATES was born 18 Aug 1845. He enlisted in the Confederate service under Col. MCDANIEL and Gen. PRICE. Thomas was married 6 Apr 1869 to Maggie BECK of OH. Thomas and Maggie's children were Eddie, Wilfred, Victor, Belmer, Lee, and James A. They were members of the Catholic Church.

Thomas was the son of Thomas YATES and Eliza PEARCEAL. Eliza died in Aug 1882. Another child of Thomas and Eliza was William R YATES.