Yingling Cemetery


Yingling Cemetery
Photograph contributed by Betty Jean Davis.

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Yingling Cemetery was originally a family graveyard of the Yingling and Collyer (or Collier) families. It is located in Marion Township, in north central Mercer County. It has been unused and virtually abandoned for many years.
From Princeton, go north on highway 65 approximately eight miles, past the town of Mercer, to Route BB and turn left (west). Follow BB approximately six and 1/2 miles. The cemetery is approximately 1/2 mile east of the blacktop. It is surrounded by private property and is not accessable by car.
This survey was provided by Betty (Davis) Berndt.

BRIGHT John H. Sep 26, 1852 Jul 29, 1916    
BRIGHT Martha   Jul 24, 1902 Age: 49y, 4m, 11d
Wife of John Bright
No Birth Date
COLLYER Betsey A.   Oct 9, 1890 Age: 59y, 2m, 2d
Wife of Elisha Collyer
No Birth Date
COLLYER C. B.   Jun 11, 1902 Age: 4m, 22d Son of Andrew & M. J. Collyer
COLLYER Charles Y.   Sep 9, 1883 Age: 21y, 28d
Son of E. & M. Collyer
No Birth Date
COLLYER Elisha Dec 10, 1834 Jan 25, 1919 Born in Indiana No Stone
COLLYER J. Y.   Feb 8, 1858 Age 8m 14d No Birth Date
COLLYER Margret Oct 22, 1829 Jun 11, 1902 Wife of Elijah Collyer  
COLLYER Mary Jane   Aug 18, 1884 Age: 55y, 6m, 24d
Wife of Andrew Collyer
Dau of John & Hannah (Shaffer) Yingling
No Birth Date
COLLYER N. E.     Infant Son of A. & M. J. Collyer No Birth or Death Date
COLLYER Sadata A.   Sep 23, 1872 Age 7y, 7m, 26d
Dau of Elisha and Betsey Collyer
No Birth Date
DANIELSON Charles   Jan 11, 1902 Age 70 Years No Birth Date
DANIELSON Harriet S. Nov 29, 1846 Jul 29, 1917    
DAVIS Everett R.   Oct 30, 1888 Age: 2y, 2m
Son of N. M. & M. J. Davis
No Birth Date
DAVIS Nathanial M.   Nov 22, 1905 Age 41 Years
Husband of Minerva Davis
No Birth Date
HENDERSON Evan P.   Apr 2, 1901 Age: 6m, 11d
Son of O. T. & M. L. Henderson
No Birth Date
McDOUGAL Dora E. 1876 Oct 26, 1907 Wife of J. J. McDougal
Maiden Name Bright
McDOUGAL John E.   Jan 26, 1901 Age: 5m, 23d
Son of G. J. & Dora McDougal
No Birth Date
McDOUGAL Martha E.   Feb 5, 1895 Age: 27y, 3m, 7d
Wife of George McDougal
Maiden Name Yingling
No Birth Date
McDOUGAL Martha E.   Oct 25, 1895 Age: 8y, 27d No Birth Date
McDOUGAL William E.   May 29, 1905 Son of J. J. & Dora McDougal No Birth Date
MOBLEY Mary J.     Dau of S. & R. Mobley No Birth Date
Death Date unreadable
MOBLEY Ruth   Sep 8, 1876 Age: 2y, 4m, 5d
Dau of Silas & Ruth Mobley
No Birth Date
OLDHAM Cora H. Jan 2, 1888 Jul 25, 1913    
SCOTT Annocephia   Aug 27, 1877 Age: 21 Days
Dau of J. R. & L. H. S. A. Scott
No Birth Date
VINZANT Henry L. Dec 18, 1838 Jan 24, 1920 Born in Putnam Co, IN  
VINZANT James Mathew   Feb 15, 1893 Age: 25y, 5m, 21d
Hus of Winnie D. (Yingling) Vinzant
No Birth Date
VINZANT Naomi   Oct 11, 1908 Age: 65 Years
Wife of Henry Vinzant
No Stone
Info from Obit
No Birth Date
WELLS Elizabeth   Nov 27, 1901 Age: 81y, 8m, 19d
Wife of Jessie Wells
No Birth Date
WILLIAMS Georgia Marie   Feb 24, 1910 Infant Dau of Joseph & Addie Williams No Birth Date
WOOD Lucinda H.   Dec 6, 1884 Age 46y, 5m, 5d
Wife of Allen Wood
No Birth Date
YINGLING Calvan Howard   Dec 16, 1908 Age: 31 Years
No Stone
No Birth Date
YINGLING Caroline 1841 Sep 4, 1881 Wife of Charles Yingling
Born in Kentucky
Dau of James & Nancy Stowe
YINGLING Charles Wesley 1829     No Stone
Born in Lawrence Co, OH
Death Date unknown
YINGLING Frances Armella Jane Sep 17, 1849 Feb 1, 1916 Wife of John Yingling, Jr
Maiden Name Johnson
No Stone
YINGLING Hannah   May 15, 1890 Age: 89y, 3m, 22d
Wife of John Yingling, Sr
No Birth Date
YINGLING J. H.   Dec 16, 1904 Hus of E. R. Yingling
Died of Consumption
No Birth Date
YINGLING John Jr   Jan 19, 1901 Age: 58y, 9m, 9d
No Birth Date
YINGLING John Sr   Aug 17, 1887 Age: 85y, 2m, 2d No Birth Date
YINGLING Martha   Jan 25, 1898 Dau of Walter & Ruth Underwood  
YINGLING Mary       Birth and Death Dates Unknown
YINGLING Walter Umphrey Jan 6, 1873 Feb 9, 1923   No Stone
YINGLING William A.   Aug 4, 1869 Age: 9m, 10d
Son of Charles & Caroline Yingling
No Birth Date

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