South Lineville Cemetery


The South Lineville Cemetery is located on the southeast side of the town of South Lineville in north-central Mercer County. From highway 65 in South Lineville, take the last street/gravel road east before entering Wayne County, Iowa. It should be noted that the town of Lineville is directly on the Missouri - Iowa line, and the South Lineville Cemetery is the "old" cemetery for the town of Lineville, IA and So. Lineville, MO. It was the primary cemetery in the area for both Mercer County, Missouri and Wayne County, Iowa. Burials still occur from time to time.

A large number of stones at South Lineville Cemetery are old and worn, and are now unreadable. The following is a compilation of information from several sources including two old surveys and a new survey conducted on September 26, 2004 by Phil & Kathi Stewart. Other sources were used in an effort to make this list as complete as possible, but it should not be considered a complete list of burials.

ABENTS John P.  June 10, 1936 Age 77y, 10m, 26dNo Birth Date
ACTON George W. Apr 25, 1876 September 18, 1913  Same stone with Winnie Acton
ACTON Winnie D. 1873 1968  Same stone with George Acton
ARGO Amos W.  Feb 27, 1870 Age 1y, 4m, 22d
Son of L. N. & C. A. Argo
No Birth Date
ARGO Causby Agusta Sep 5, 1846 December 25, 1918  Wife of Lewis Argo
Dau of Thomas & Millie Marrs
Born in Virginia
ARGO Danna W.  Mar 2, 1875 Age 4y, 6m, 5d
Son of L. N. & C. A. Argo
No Birth Date
ARGO Lewis Jul 29, 1846 June 05, 1922  Same stone with Causby Argo
Son of William & Anna (McIlvain) Argo
Born in Richland Co., Ohio
Served in Civil War with 3rd & 7th MO Cavalry
ARGO Milla A.  Apr 7, 1874 Age 1y, 3m, 9d
Dau of L. N. & C. A. Argo
No Birth Date
ARGO William T.  Nov 26, 1867 Age 9m, 5d
Son of L. N. & C. A. Argo
No Birth Date
BARBER Evan   Age 6 MonthsDates Unreadable
BARBER H. M.  Apr 15, 1883 Age 2m, 6d
Son of H. L. & C. B. Barber
No Birth Date
BASTON Ann  February 07, 1904 Age 74y, 6m, 25d Born in England
Wife of Henry Baston
No Birth Date
BASTON Henry R.  Sep 11, 1890 Age 74y, 1m, 17dNo Birth Date
Born in Virginia
BERRY Franklin S.  Nov 25, 1870 Age 1y, 1m, 25d
Son of A. J. & E. Berry
No Birth Date
BERRY John W.  May 27, 1880 Age 23y, 1m, 2d
Son of A. J. & E. Berry
No Birth Date
BERRY Mary E.  May 24, 1861 Age 5y, 1m, 23d
Dau of A. J. & E. Berry
No Birth Date
BIXLER Jane  May 10, 1913 No Birth Date
BLAIR Nathan    Dates on stone unreadable
Birth Date abt 1834
Death Date abt 1880
May be Nathan Blair, husband of Martha (Ockerman) Blair
Born in Ohio
In 1880 Census of Wayne Co., IA
BLANCHARD John D.  April 05, 1911 Age 20y, 4m, 20d
Son of Levi Blanchard
No Birth Date
BLOOM Floy P. Sep 1, 1899 February 05, 1957  Wife of George Bloom
BLOOM George S. May 10, 1900 February 05, 1962  Husband of Floy Bloom
BLOOM Letty Genevieve October 22, 1924 May 14, 1927 Dau of George & Floy Bloom 
BOTTS Allie 1888 1972  Same stone with Buddy Botts
BOTTS Buddy 1880 1945  Same stone with Allie Botts
BOTTS Frank 1857 1932  Same stone with Mary Botts
BOTTS Harvey 1912 1914  
BOTTS Margaret 1920 1922  
BOTTS Mary C. 1856 1930  Same stone with Frank Botts
BOYD Virgie Thelma  May 06, 1905 No Birth Date
BREWER Gladys Jane  March 05, 1935 Dau of E. H. & J. BrewerNo Birth Date
BROWN China M. Dec 12, 1871 August 28, 1961  Same stone with J. Solomon Brown
Duplicate Stone (see next listing)
BROWN China M. Dec 12, 1871 August 28, 1961  Wife of J. Solomon Brown
Maiden Name McKinney
Duplicate Stone (Also on stone with J. Solomon Brown)
BROWN Eliza Jane  Mar 5, 1856 Age 31y, 2m, 3d
Wife of James H. Brown
No Birth Date
BROWN Elizabeth 1895 1984  Same stone with Cora Callow
BROWN George   Dates Unreadable
BROWN Harvey  Sep 23, 1864 Age 23y, 22dNo Birth Date
BROWN Hazard P.  Apr 5, 1878 Age 2y, 6m, 5d
Son of W. G. & J. A. Brown
No Birth Date
BROWN J. Solomon Aug 1, 1870 July 10, 1932  (Duplicate stone)
Same stone with China Brown
BROWN J. Solomon Aug 1, 1870 July 10, 1932  Husband of China Brown
Son of William & Jane Brown
Duplicate stone
BROWN James H.  Oct 1, 1897 Age 84y, 2m, 7dNo Birth Date
BROWN Jane Albertine Oct 20, 1850 January 07, 1923  Wife of William George Brown
Dau of Solomon & Mary (Porter) Litton
BROWN Joseph W.  May 1, 1861 Age 11m, 28d
Son of P. D. & M. J. Brown
No Birth Date
BROWN Mary J. Aug 19, 1835 September 21, 1914  Wife of P. D. Brown
BROWN P. D. Mar 17, 1837 December 20, 1917  Husband of Mary J. Brown
BROWN Susan  May 28, 1885 Age 59y, 6m, 12d
Wife of James H. Brown
No Birth Date
BRYAN Alonzo Feb 23, 1882 January 27, 1916  Son of William & Rachel (Ballew) Bryan
Husband of Cad Talbot
BRYAN Cad 1881 19??  Wife of Alonzo Bryan
Maiden Name Talbot
Stone damaged
BRYAN Elizabeth  Sep 22, 1864 Age 56y, 11m, 8d
Wife of J. S. Bryan
No Birth Date
BUFFMAN Charlie  Dec 6, 1875 Age 3m, 15d
Son of E. S. & E. N. Buffman
No Birth Date
BUNKER G. F.  March 13, 1907 No Birth Date
BURGE William L. Apr 9, 1804 Jan 3, 1860  Son of William & Elizabeth (McCrill) Burge
Born in Pennsylvania
BURKEY Delfie  Aug 15, 1882 Age 13 Days
Dau of T. E. & R. Burkey
No Birth Date
BURKEY Hattie  Aug 3, 1881 Age 9 Days
Dau of T. E. & R. Burkey
No Birth Date
BURKEY Martin  Aug 3, 1881 Age??y, 2m, 17d
Son of T. E. & R. Burkey
No Birth Date
Stone worn and damaged
BUTCHER Lucinda Aug 10, 1825 November 17, 1914  Wife of James West & Samuel H. Butcher
Dau of Hickman & Sarah (Bridges) Bruner
Born in Indiana
BUTCHER Samuel  February 10, 1910 Birth Date unreadable
BUTCHER Willie  Aug 29, 1871 Age 1y, 2m, 3d
Son of W. T. & S. A. Butcher
No Birth Date
CALDWELL Flora E.  Feb 27, 1875 Age 23y, 11m, 23d
Wife of M. B. Caldwell
No Birth Date
CALDWELL Infant Son  Aug 18, 1875 Age 6m, 2d
Son of M. B. & F. E. Caldwell
No Birth Date
CALLOW Cora 1893 1990  Same stone with Elizabeth Brown
CARLISLE Alexander H. Feb 25, 1834 July 05, 1963  Son of William & Nercissa Carlisle
CARLISLE Daniel W. "Doctor" 1838 1925  Born at the Osage Mission, Osage, Kansas
CARLISLE Mary 1874 1955  
CARLISLE Mary E. 1847 1870  2nd Wife of Dr Daniel Carlisle
CARLISLE Nercissa Jan 21, 1804 Feb 11, 1872  Wife of William Carlisle
Dau of William & Jane (Wilson) Black
Born in Kentucky
Married William Carlisle on Dec 2, 1821 in Ray County, Missouri
CARVER Pearl Ella  July 14, 1917 Dau of Myrtle Carver 
CLANCY Joanna  Jan 1, 1875 Age 47y, 4m, 7d
Wife of W. H. Clancy
No Birth Date
Born in Ohio
Dau of Allen & Sarah (Wells) Fouts
Some records spell father's surname as "Pfautz"
CLANCY William H.    Birth Date Abt 1824
No Death Date
Military Stone
Cpl Co D 23rd Iowa Infantry
CLOSE Laura A.  Nov 3, 1874 Age 43y, 4m, 21dNo Birth Date
COLLINS Ulysses  Apr 22, 1869 Age 9m, 29d
Son of M. & S. A. Collins
No Birth Date
COULTER Mary Ella  Jun 14, 1892 Age 31y, 9m, 13d
Dau of William F. & S. A. Coulter
No Birth Date
COX Eliza Augusta Aug 1, 1868 March 02, 1924  Wife of Jasper Cox
Dau of John & Mary (Brown) Duncan
COX James A. Dec 14, 1898 May 19, 1959  Husband of Rose Ella Cox
COX Jasper Alexander Oct 17, 1864 January 28, 1919  Son of John W. B. & Mary Jane (Rockhold) Cox
COX Lola F.  Apr 15, 1898 Age 8m, 16d
Dau of M. C. & M. F. Cox
No Birth Date
COX Mary E. 1896 1975  Wife of Wyona Cox
COX Nancy Sep 24, 1871 January 27, 1929  Dau of Alexander & Octavia Litton
COX Norman Alley January 07, 1938 September 04, 1995  
COX Rose Ella 1919   No Death Date
Wife of James A. Cox
COX Sue E. October 14, 1944 June 08, 1988  
COX Susannah M. C. Jan 10, 1787 Jul 29, 1862  Wife of Willison Cox
Dau of James & Mary Jane (Duncan) Laughlin
Born in Virginia
COX Willison Nov 25, 1784 Jul 24, 1865  Son of Abram & Cassandra (Tipton) Cox
Born in Baltimore, MD
Married Susannah Laughlin on Jan 15, 1807 in Baltimore, MD
COX Wyona Ivan Nov 15, 1890 July 22, 1972  Pvt US Army WWI
Husband of Mary E. Cox
CRAVENS Benjamin B. Jan 1, 1833 November 30, 1921  Son of Elijah & Julia Cravens
Born in Adair Co., KY
Husband of Louisa (Watkins) Cravens
G.A.R. Marker
CRAVENS Bennie March 26, 1904 April 30, 1904 Son of G. T. & H. B. Cravens 
CRAVENS George April 01, 1904 May 01, 1904  
CRAVENS Infant Son May 28, 1905 May 28, 1905 Son of G. T. & H. B. Cravens 
CRAVENS John Frank  January 21, 1944 Age 81y, 4m, 22dNo Birth Date
CRAVENS Louisa J. Apr 29, 1839 Sep 11, 1881  Wife of Benjamin Cravens
Dau of John & Mahala Watkins
Born in Tennessee
CRAVENS Milan G. Jan 24, 1880 Dec 25, 1906 Son of Benjamin & Louisa Cravens 
CRAVENS Walter A.   Feb 14, 1880 Age 3y, 6m, 20d
Son of Benjamin & Louisa Cravens
No Birth Date
CROSS Inez M.   November 21, 1941 Age 68y, 10m, 9dNo Birth Date
CROSS Margaret May 1, 1842 July 22, 1921  
DAVIS Mabel Ann  Nov 23, 1888 Age 7m, 19d
Dau of J. B. & J. Davis
No Birth Date
DAVIS Maggie M.  Nov 15, 1885 Age 2y, 1m, 26dNo Birth Date
DUNCAN   Aug 15, 1877 Age 42y, 1m, 30d
Wife of ????? Duncan
Given name unreadable
No Birth Date
Stone worn and damaged
DUNCAN Alfred G.  Aug 27, 1860 Age 1y, 8m, 2d
Son of J. T. & H. Duncan
No Birth Date
DUNCAN Amanda M. Oct 22, 1833 Sep 7, 1860 Wife of Joseph Alexander Porter DuncanMaiden Name Bryan
Born in Tennessee
DUNCAN Arthur C.  Aug 17, 1884 Age 4y, 29d
Son of J. T. & M. D. Duncan
No Birth Date
DUNCAN Carlisle   Son of W. D. & C. DuncanDates Unreadable
DUNCAN Catharine Jan 15, 1841 October 15, 1917 Wife of W. D. Duncan 
DUNCAN Eleanor Charlotte  Sep 21, 1880 Age 70y, 1m, 22d
Wife of A. G. Duncan
No Birth Date
Dau of John & Mary (Laughlin) Duncan
Married her cousin, Alfred Gillis Duncan
DUNCAN Gussie  Jan 1, 1891 Dau of J. H. & Maggie DuncanNo Birth Date
Father's name James Harvey Duncan
DUNCAN Harold Dec 19, 1876 Jun 17, 1892 Son of W. D. & C. Duncan 
DUNCAN Harriett  Dec 27, 1863 Age 26y, 7m, 23d
Wife of J. T. Duncan
No Birth Date
Dau of Charles & Elizabeth Wakefield
Born in Illinois
Wife of John T. Duncan
DUNCAN Harriett E.  Jan 25, 1864 Age 28 Days
Dau of J. T. & H. Duncan
No Birth Date
DUNCAN Hugh   Son of W. D. & C. DuncanDates unreadable
DUNCAN James Harvey Dec 7, 1866 1955  Son of John & Mary (Brown) Duncan
Husband of Maggie Ann (Meekins) Duncan
DUNCAN John Robert  Nov 5, 1870 Age 2y, 2m, 13d
Son of J. A. P. & M. R. Duncan
No Birth Date
DUNCAN John Thomas  January 02, 1905 Age 73y, 7m, 25dNo Birth Date
Son of Alfred & Eleanor Duncan
Born in Tennessee
Husband of Harriett Wakefield & Mary (????) Duncan
DUNCAN Mabel   Dau of W. D. & C. DuncanDates unreadable
DUNCAN Maggie Ann Oct 20, 1866 January 19, 1933  Dau of Richard & Ann Meekins
Born in Sullivan Co., MO
Wife of James Harvey Duncan
DUNCAN Mary D. Oct 24, 1845 March 22, 1925  2nd Wife of John T. Duncan
DUNCAN Nanie E.  Mar 2, 1869 Age 1y, 2m, 2d
Dau of W. D. & K. C. Duncan
No Birth Date
DUNCAN Susan A.  April 21, 1901 Age 83y, 1m, 8dNo Birth Date
Wife of Thomas H. P. Duncan
Maiden Name Brawner
Born in Kentucky
DUNCAN Thomas Hazard Perry  Aug 1, 1867 Age 52y, 5m, 28dNo Birth Date
Son of John & Mary (Laughlin) Duncan
Born in Kentucky
Husband of Susan Brawner
DUNCAN W. D. Nov 8, 1842 Nov 2, 1884  
DUNCAN William M.  Sep 18, 1876 Age 1y, 1m, 22d
Son of J. T. & M. D. Duncan
No Birth Date
DUNCAN Willie  Aug 4, 1871 Age 1y, 2m, 7d
Son of William & K. C. Duncan
No Birth Date
DURHAM Cynthia L.  Sep 20, 1885 Age 17y, 5m, 8d
Dau of S. & L. Durham
No Birth Date
DURHAM Luvina  Apr 10, 1888 Age 55y, 2m, 6d
Wife of S. Durham
No Birth Date
ELLISON Mamie  Apr 22, 1879 Age 28 YearsNo Birth Date
EVANS   Jul 6, 1885 Age 7y, 10m, 30d
Dau of William & A. A. Evans
Given name unreadable
No Birth Date
EVANS Lucy M.  Jul 3, 1875 Age 3y, 2m, 22d
Dau of H. L. & M. S. Evans
No Birth Date
EVANS W. H. B.  Jan 5, 1878 Age 21y, 11m, 5d Full Name William Harvey Boyd Evans
No Birth Date
Son of Henry & Mary (Duncan) Evans
EWING Aurelia Polly Nov 7, 1867 December 15, 1915  Wife of William O. Ewing
Dau of John & Aurelia Campbel
Born in Decatur Co., IA
EWING Elizabeth R.  Jan 29, 1869  No Birth Date
1st Wife of John D. Ewing
Maiden Name Walter
Born in Ohio
EWING Infant Son  Jun 11, 1892 Son of J. D. & H. EwingNo Birth Date
EWING Infant Son  April 20, 1908 Son of W. O. & E. P. EwingNo Birth Date
EWING John Davis  Aug 2, 1898 Age 63y, 6m, 8d 
No Birth Date
Son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Gilbert) Ewing
Born in Ohio
EWING Will  April 20, 1906  Infant
No Birth Date
May be son of W. O. & E. P. Ewing
EWING William Oscar 1866 1929  Son of John D. & Elizabeth (Walter) Ewing
Born in Ohio
Husband of Aurelia Polly Campbell
GIBLER James David  Mar 26, 1886 Age 81 YearsNo Birth Date
Son of John & Roseanna Gibler
Born in Ohio
Husband of Sarah (Sams) Gibler
GIBSON Iona M. Jul 1, 1895 April 07, 1982  Wife of Robert Gibson
GIBSON J. A.    No Dates
Infant Son of Robert & Iona Gibson
GIBSON James T. 1856 July 25, 1940  Husband of Mary Ann Gibson
Same stone with Mary Ann Gibson
GIBSON Mary Ann 1860 November 19, 1927  Wife of James T. Gibson
Same stone with James Gibson
GIBSON Robert L. 1884 November 16, 1945  Husband of Iona Gibson
GIESSEMAN David I. July 17, 1908 July 28, 1908  
GLENDENNING Infants    Dates unreadable
Three Children of Henry C. & Ellen Glendenning
GLENDENNING Narcissa E. 1862 1864 Dau of E. & L. J. Glendenning 
GLENDENNING Ruby Fern Jane October 25, 1902 June 25, 1924  
GRIFFITH Sarah M.  Apr 7, 1877 Age 41y, 4m, 23d
Wife of J. S. Griffeth
No Birth Date
HALL William Alexander  July 08, 1922 Son of ???? and Irene HallNo Birth Date
Stone damaged
HAMPTON Amelia Rose 1867   No Death Date
Wife of Cooper Hampton
Born in Ohio
HAMPTON Arnton Jackson Sep 2, 1861 March 23, 1938  Son of Preston & Julia Hampton
Husband of Sarah Jane Duncan
HAMPTON Cooper Feb 23, 1859 April 21, 1934  Son of Preston & Julia Hampton
Husband of Amelia Rose Hampton
HAMPTON Henrietta  Jul 1, 1886 Age 18y, 11m, 9d
Dau of P. C. & S. H. Hampton
No Birth Date
HAMPTON Ida A.  Jun 26, 1866 Age 11 Days
Dau of P. C. & S. H. Hampton
No Birth Date
HAMPTON Judith A. Apr 1, 1829 Jun 14, 1864  Wife of Preston Hampton
Dau of Stephen & Elizabeth Gupton
HAMPTON Luie M.  April 22, 1900 Age 2m, 3w, 1d
Dau of C. A. & R. Hampton
No Birth Date
HAMPTON Preston Cleveland Mar 5, 1834 November 07, 1913  Son of James & Mary (Qualls) Hampton
Born in Tennessee
Husband of Judith Gupton & Sarah Ockerman
HAMPTON Sarah H. Apr 18, 1843 November 20, 1916  2nd Wife of Preston Hampton
Dau of David & Mary (Barr) Ockerman
Born in Indiana
HAMPTON Sarah Jane Jan 18, 1864 July 27, 1929  Wife of Arnton Hampton
Dau of Joseph & Eliza Duncan
HANDLEY Edward J.  Oct 13, 1878 Age 23y, 4m, 12dNo Birth Date
Son of Jeremiah & Abigail Handley
HARRELL J. R. 1914 1967  Same stone with Sarrah Harrell
HARRELL Sarrah 1903   No Death Date
Same stone with J. R. Harrell
HARRIS Eliza S.  Mar 29, 1884 Age 35y, 3m, 18d
Wife of William Harris
No Birth Date
HARRIS Martha Aug 5, 1880 April 01, 1919  
HARRIS Orville Olland Apr 28, 1875 Mar 29, 1882 Son of W. & E. S. Harris 
HARRIS William F. Nov 4, 1840 December 23, 1921  Son of Elijah & Eliza Harris
Born in Tennessee
HARTLEY Permelia J. 1856 July 03, 1943 Age 86y, 11m, 4d Same stone with William Hartley
Maiden Name Johnson
HARTLEY William H. "Bill" Sep 1, 1849 November 26, 1923  Same stone with Permelia Hartley
HASHMAN Martha Alma Jul 26, 1878 April 16, 1952  Maiden Name Botts
Daughter of Frank & Mary Botts
2nd husband Andrew Hashman
See stone for Alma Manchester
HATCH Nanie Nov 18, 1849 Jan 13, 1884 Dau of T. H. & S. A. Duncan 
HAYES Burton 1831 1897  Born in Kentucky
Some records spell surname "Hays"
GAR Marker
HAYES Eliza 1841 1929 Maiden Name Renfro
1st husband Burton Hayes
See stone for Eliza Reese
HAYES Noland  July 29, 1913 Age 4y, 5m, 1dNo Birth Date
HAYES Tessie  August 01, 1913 Age 28 Years
Wife of William Hayes
No Birth Date
HAYS Elijah  Jan 16, 1879 Age 11m, 9d
Son of B. & E. Hayes
No Birth Date
HAYS Elizabeth 1803 1888  Wife of John Hays
HAYS John 1807 1883  Husband of Elizabeth Hays
Born in Kentucky
Some records spell surname "Hayes"
HAYS Johney  Jan 23, 1874 Age 9y, 11m, 8d
Son of W. & N. Hays
No Birth Date
HAYS William F. 1878 1961  
HAYS Willie  Nov 14, 1873 Age 2m, 30d
Son of W. & N. Hays
No Birth Date
HELTON Edna Marie October 31, 1911 April 21, 1937  
HENRY Henry Josephine 1847 1930  Wife of Simon Henry
Maiden Name Litton
HENRY Mary  Jul 4, 1863 Age 36y, 3m, 7dNo Birth Date
Wife of Pleasant Henry
Dau of Allen & Elizabeth (Underwood) Bryan
Born in Tennessee
HENRY Pleasant  Jul 24, 1864 No Birth Date
Son of Hugh & Mary (Upton) Henry
Born in TN
Husband of Mary Bryan
GAR Marker
HENRY Simon Boliver  Nov 16, 1890 Age 43y, 18dNo Birth Date
Son of Pleasant & Mary (Bryan) Henry
Born in Tennessee
Husband of Mary Josephine Litton
GAR Marker
HOLLIDAY Annetta I.  Apr 1, 1872 Age 24y, 1m, 6d
Wife of Thorton Holliday
No Birth Date
Dau of James & Eliza (Sullivan) Brown
Born in Mercer Co., MO
HOLLIDAY Infant Dau 1872 1872 Dau of Thorton & Annetta Holliday 
HOLZER Emile  Nov 25, 1897 Age 4m, 24d
Son of A. E. & J. E. Holzer
No Birth Date
HOLZER Esther A.  Nov 10, 1899 Age 6m, 28d
Dau of A. E. & J. E. Holzer
No Birth Date
HUFFMAN Jacob F. 1873 September 28, 1957 Age 84 Years 
IRWIN Edith L.  September 27, 1903 Age 26y, 1m, 4d
Wife of J. D. Irwin
No Birth Date
JENNINGS James Harold  March 13, 1939 Age 13 Days
Son of Ira & Mary Jennings
No Birth Date
JOHNSON Mary  Aug 28, 1864 Age 44y, 5m, 14d
Wife of William Johnson
No Birth Date
Dau of James & Nancy (Stow) Calavan
Born in Whitley Co., KY
JOHNSON Mary E.  Jan 18, 1866 Age 2y, 1d
Dau of A. & M. E. Johnson
No Birth Date
JOHNSON Mary E. Jan 16, 1833 August 04, 1909  
JONES Delila  Feb 20, 1882 Age 47y, 10m, 4d
Wife of J. S. Jones
No Birth Date
JONES James L.  October 31, 1910 Age 58 YearsNo Birth Date
JONES James L. Feb 26, 1826 Jan 26, 1875  Husband of Sarah (Qualls) Jones
JONES John Henry Apr 9, 1866 December 09, 1922  
JONES J. S. Nov 17, 1822  Age 72y, 4m, 16dNo Death Date
JONES Lissie F.  February 10, 1915 Dau of John JonesNo Birth Date
JONES Sarah J. Jan 7, 1840 November 29, 1904  Wife of James L. Jones
Maiden Name: Qualls
JONES Sarah Jane  November 28, 1904 No Birth Date
Duplicate Stone
Same individual as above
JONES William Perkins  February 11, 1927 Age 69y, 10m, 4dNo Birth Date
KASSLER Edna  Feb 22, 1876 Age 2m, 9d
Dau of J. A. & C. L. Kassler
No Birth Date
KEETON Alida J. 1902 1996  Wife of Forrest Keeton
Dau of Solomon & China Brown
KEETON Archie L. 1903 1968  Same stone with Oda Keeton
KEETON Forrest F. 1899 1948  Same stone with Alida Keeton
KEETON Francis M. 1839 April 08, 1914  12th MO Cavalry (Civil War)
KEETON Luticia J. Aug 7, 1870 September 29, 1934  
KEETON Oda I. 1906   No Death Date
Same stone with Archie Keeton
KOCH Max  1921  Birth Date unknown
Although there are no stones, Mercer County funeral home records state that Doctor Max Koch and three of his children were killed in a house fire on Apr 19, 1921 and buried at the South Lineville Cemetery
Max Koch was the husband of Mary Elizabeth Couch
KOCH Stella Grace  Feb 18, 1822 Age 3m, 17d
Dau of Dr Max & Mary Koch
No Birth Date
LAUGHLIN   Oct 18, 1862 Age 4m, 12dGiven name unreadable
No Birth Date
Stone broken and worn
LAUGHLIN George W.  Aug 24, 1880 Age 3 Months
Son of Thomas & Mary Laughlin
No Birth Date
LAUGHLIN John A.  Dec 3, 1883 Age 22y, 3m, 1dNo Birth Date
LAUGHLIN J. Warren  Nov 3, 1882 Age 45y, 6m, 3dNo Birth Date
LAUGHLIN Leander C. 1827 1892  Son of Alexander & Anne (Maddy) Laughlin
Born in Monroe Co., TN
Husband of Mary Ann Duncan & Rhoda Hickman
LAUGHLIN Mary Ann  Nov 28, 1862 Age 30y, 1m, 1d
Wife of L. C. Laughlin
No Birth Date
LAUGHLIN Mary J.  No Birth Date Jun 12, 1880 Age 38y, 9m, 2d
Wife of T. M. Laughlin
No Birth Date
3rd Wife of Thomas Laughlin
Maiden Name Hickman
Born in Ohio
LAUGHLIN Neva B.  Mar 2, 1874 Age 1y, 11m, 22d
Dau of J. W. & M. J. Laughlin
No Birth Date
LAUGHLIN Opal Jan 10, 1883 Age 7m, 22d
Dau of J. W. & M. J. Laughlin
No Birth Date
LAUGHLIN Purlee 1875 1880  Son of Leander & Rhoda Laughlin
LAUGHLIN Rhoda E. Feb 21, 1845 November 08, 1929  2nd wife of Leander Laughlin
Maiden Name Hickman
LAUGHLIN Samuel H.  Jan 22, 1882 Age 18y, 7m, 8dNo Birth Date
LAUGHLIN Sarah  Jan 2, 1877 Dau of J. H. & N. E. LaughlinNo Birth Date
LAUGHLIN Sarah Narcissus Jan 7, 1842 February 07, 1926  Wife of Thomas M. Laughlin
Previously married to Charles Wakefield
LAUGHLIN Thomas M.  Oct 27, 1889 Age 54y, 8m, 14dNo Birth Date
Son of Alexander & Ann (Maddy) Laughlin
Born in Tennessee
LAUGHLIN Ulrich  Mar 14, 1870 Age 2y, 22d
Son of J. W. & M. J. Laughlin
No Birth Date
LEMON Infant  September 16, 1915 No Birth Date
LEMON Jerry  January 1929 Age 1 MonthNo Birth Date
LENTZ Ira Leroy Apr 10, 1880 April 06, 1932  
LEWIS Lida Oct 23, 1861 August 29, 1933  Maiden Name Jones
LEWIS Stephen Gard  January 05, 1913 Age 82 YearsNo Birth Date
GAR Marker
LITTON Alexander C. Mar 25, 1824 September 04, 1908  
LITTON Anderson Dishman 1875 1956  
LITTON Harve P. Dec 26, 1853 June 04, 1923  
LITTON Kate 1859 December 28, 1955  
LITTON Mamie Jun 4, 1881 March 13, 1912  Wife of A. D. Litton
Maiden Name Ranes
LITTON Mamie Lee 1912 1912  Dau of Anderson & Maimie Litton
LITTON Mary Talitha Jane  May 21, 1919 Age 89y, 7m, 27d
Wife of Solomon Litton
No Birth Date
Dau of Samuel & Mary (Duncan) Porter
Born in Tennessee
LITTON Octavia Mar 5, 1842 February 25, 1929  
LITTON Solomon  September 17, 1904 Age 83y, 11m, 20dNo Birth Date
Son of Hiram & Martha (Cox) Litton
Husband of Mary (Porter) Litton
Born in Kentucky
LITTON Thomas J. Apr 14, 1868 March 07, 1959  
LOVETT Binie  Jan 11, 1872 Age 8m, 13d
Son of H. M. & M. Lovett
No Birth Date
LOVETT Joseph  Jul 25, 1876 Age 3m, 20d
Son of H. M. & M. E. Lovett
No Birth Date
LOVETT Mary  Jan 10, 1870 Age 11m, 15d
Dau of H. M. & M. Lovett
No Birth Date
LOVETT Mary E.  Jul 14, 1876 Age 22y, 12d
Wife of H. M. Lovett
No Birth Date
LOVETT Melvina  Sep 11, 1872 Age 23y, 5m, 15d
Wife of H. M. Lovett
No Birth Date
LUMMAX Flora S.  Oct 6, 1878 Age 26y, 6m, 16d
Wife of J. A. Lummax
No Birth Date
LUMMAX Thomas Henry  Jun 23, 1878 Age 1y, 16d
Son of J. A. & F. S. Lummax
No Birth Date
LUNDY Mary Catherine Feb 24, 1854 April 13, 1927  
LUSHBAUGH Alonzo Jul 6, 1846 May 11, 1920  Co E 12th MO Cavalry (Civil War)
LUSHBAUGH Rosetta 1872 1913  Dau of Alonzo & Salina Lushbaugh
LUSHBAUGH Salina J. 1848 March 19, 1918  Wife of Alonzo Lushbaugh
Maiden Name Goin
MANCHESTER Alma 1878 1951 Maiden Name Botts
1st husband John F. Manchester
See stone for Martha Alma Hashman
MANCHESTER Charles Forrest "Ted" December 25, 1911 April 05, 1986  
MANCHESTER Emily   Age 83y, 9m, 29dBorn abt 1832
Death Date unknown
Wife of Isaac Manchester
Listed in 1880 Census of Decatur Co., IA as 48 years old, born in Ohio
MANCHESTER Isaac   Age 86y, 3m, 19dBorn abt 1830
Death Date unknown
1880 Census of Decatur Co, IA lists him as a 50 year old farmer, born in Rhode Island
MANCHESTER John F. 1866 1934  Born in Ohio
Son of Isaac & Emily Manchester
MANCHESTER Wiley 1870 1961  Born in Iowa
Son of Isaac & Emily Manchester
MANGUS Ann  October 05, 1929 Age 74y, 8m, 9dNo Birth Date
Maiden Name Jones
MARTIN Rosa E.  Sep 20, 1870 Age 1y, 2m, 28d
Dau of H. S. & S. E. Martin
No Birth Date
MASSEY Dora 1901 March 18, 1941  Wife of Ralph Massey
MASSEY Ralph Nov 18, 1896 October 16, 1983  
McALLISTER James L. Jan 25, 1834 August 03, 1914  James & Sophrona McAlister are listed in the 1860 Census of Wapello Co, IA
Born in KY
May be the son of Merritt & Margaret McAllister
McALLISTER Sophrona P. Dec 15, 1842 August 09, 1923 Wife of James McAllister Born in Illinois
McCONNELL Martin V.   Sgt Co H 14th Indiana InfantryNo Dates
Military Stone
McDOUGAL Bertha 1909 1985  Same stone with Roy McDougal
McDOUGAL Charles December 15, 1936 February 15, 1939  
McDOUGAL Roy 1903 1986  Same stone with Bertha McDougal
McDOUGAL Silvanus D.  Aug 11, 1878 Age 8m, 9d
Son of C. & E. J. McDougal
No Birth Date
MILLER Catherine  Feb 17, 1884 Age 66 YearsNo Birth Date
MOLLESTON John W. 1880 1932  
MOLLESTON Mariah E.  Aug 20, 1873 Age 19y, 3m, 5d
Wife of William Molleston
No Birth Date
Dau of Joseph & Henrietta (Duncan) Lovett
MOLLESTON William H.  Jun 7, 1883 Age 37y, 24dNo Birth Date
GAR Marker
Served with 7th TN Mounted Infantry (Union) in Civil War
MOSTERT Dora Eleanor January 05, 1910 June 22, 2001  Maiden Name Cox
MYERS Ethel 1891 1985  Wife of Noel Myers
MYERS Noel Apr 17, 1891 June 01, 1964  Husband of Ethel Myers
NICKELL Florence May Apr 27, 1892 July 29, 1929  
NICKELL Harry  October 29, 1933  One Date on Stone
NICKELL James Henry Jul 13, 1869 August 23, 1954  
OSTRANDER Clarissia E. Sep 26, 1884 July 31, 1967  Wife of Owen Ostrander
OSTRANDER Owen B. Feb 28, 1880 January 30, 1938  Husband of Clarissa Ostrander
OSTRANDER Walter F. 1906 1974  Son of Owen & Clarissa Ostrander
PARSONS Charles A.  Mar 5, 1869 Age 15 Days
Son of R. & N. J. Parsons
No Birth Date
PARSONS E. A.  Jan 7, 1876 Age 9m, 8d
Son of R. B. & N. J. Parsons
No Birth Date
PETERSON Fred Green Nov 19, 1877 August 14, 1948  Same stone with Olga Peterson
PETERSON Olga Ann Sep 27, 1889 July 31, 1961  Same stone with Fred Peterson
PORTER Florence Bell 1873 1959  Wife of James H. Porter
Dau of Jason & Mary Williams
PORTER James Hazard 1861 June 29, 1921  Husband of Florence Porter
Son of Wesley & Helen (Laughlin) Porter
Born in Mercer Co, MO
PORTER Mary Oct 17, 1804 Apr 16, 1865  Wife of Samuel Porter
Dau of John & Mary (Laughlin) Duncan
Born in Virginia
Samuel & Mary Porter were distant cousins
PORTER Samuel Harvey Jun 27, 1803 Nov 1, 1873  Husband of Mary Porter
Son of Hugh & Mary (Laughlin) Porter
Born in Tennessee
PREWITT Charles R.  Feb 9, 1875 Age 22y, 4m, 14dNo Birth Date
PRIEGEL Infant Son  May 2, 1876 Infant Son of O. & E. M. PriegelNo Birth Date
PURCELL Sarah E.  Jun 20, 1854 Age 11 MonthsNo Birth Date
RAGAN Sarah E.  Oct 31, 1872 Age 18y, 8m
Dau of D. W. & D. Ragan
No Birth Date
RAGAN Thomas H.  Apr 28, 1879 Age 24y, 8m, 4d
Husband of S. A. Ragan
No Birth Date
REESE Eliza Ann Mar 26, 1841 May 10, 1929 Maiden Name Renfro
2nd Husband John Reese
See stone for Eliza Hayes
REVEAL Artency Ann 1857 1920  Dau of Benjamin B. & Martha Tadlock
In 1870 Census of Appanoose Co, IA in household of parents
ROBERTS Mary  Nov 17, 1897 Age 70y, 3m, 11d
Wife of Uriah Roberts
No Birth Date
ROBERTS Uriah   Apr 24, 1892 Age 63y, 7m, 5dNo Birth Date
Husband of Mary Roberts
Listed in 1850 Census of Davis Co, IA
Probably the son of William & Ellen Roberts
ROCKHOLD Annie  Mar 10, 1888 Age 1y, 2m, 6d
Dau of J. E. & E. N. Rockhold
No Birth Date
ROCKHOLD Bessie  Apr 4, 1886 Age 1y, 2m, 3d
Dau of J. E. & E. N. Rockhold
No Birth Date
ROCKHOLD Ella N. Apr 27, 1857 April 16, 1916 Wife of Joseph Rockhold Dau of Daniel & Julia Rynor
Born in Illinois
ROCKHOLD Elpha  Jul 31, 1897 Age 18y, 11m, 3d
Son of J. E. & E. N. Rockhold
No Birth Date
ROCKHOLD Joseph E. Jul 22, 1853 April 16, 1907  Husband of Ella Rockhold
Son of Talbot & Louisa Rockhold
ROCKHOLD Louisa M. Oct 29, 1829 Apr 16, 1880  Wife of Talbot Rockhold
Dau of Alexander & Anna (Maddy) Laughlin
Born in Tennessee
Married in 1844 in Tennessee
Jan 12, 1892 Age 15y, 4m, 3d
Son of J. E. & E. N. Rockhold
No Birth Date
ROCKHOLD Talbot Mar 2, 1821 October 23, 1908  Husband of Louisa Rockhold
Son of Charles & Elizabeth (Wilson) Rockhold
Born in Whitley Co, KY
ROGERS Ella  Jul 20, 1874 Age 22y, 7m, 22d
Wife of H. C. Rogers
No Birth Date
ROGERS James H.   Co I 26th Illinois Infantry No Dates
Military Stone
ROPER Eleanor E. Oct 24, 1849 March 08, 1941 Wife of L. S. Roper Dau of James & Eliza (Sullivan) Brown
Born in Mercer Co, MO
ROPER James Lucas  Aug 21, 1883 Age 4m, 1d
Son of L. E. & E. E. Rope
No Birth Date
ROPER L. S. Jun 15, 1830 March 27, 1914  Husband of Eleanor Roper
Given name Lucas Stanford
Son of Joel & Sarah Roper
Born in Simpson Co, KY
SALSBERRY B. C.   Age 1y, 2d
Dau of T. C. & L. M. Salsberry
No Birth Date
Death Date unreadable
Surname may be misspelled
SAYLORS Charlotte  Nov 7, 1880 Age 74y, 5m, 15dNo Birth Date
SAYLORS J. S.  November 19, 1905 Age 68 YearsNo Birth Date
SAYLORS Nancy     No Birth Date
Death Date abt Jun 16, 1919
Wife of J. S. Saylors
SCOTT Elizabeth E.  Sep 9, 1875 Age 8y, 11m, 1d
Dau of B. F. & H. A. Scott
No Birth Date
SCOTT Infant  Feb 5, 1872 Child of B. F. & H. A. ScottNo Birth Date
SELBY D. F.  Jul 22, 1879 Age 29y, 4m, 14dNo Birth Date
SELBY George W.  Oct 28, 1871 Age 53y, 4m, 23d
Husband of H. H. Selby
No Birth Date
SELBY Silcie M.  Apr 17, 1874 Age 18y, 13d
Son of G. W. & H. H. Selby
No Birth Date
SHIPLEY Raymond R.  Sep 6, 1870 Age 2y, 2m, 16d
Son of J. G. & A. M. Shipley
No Birth Date
SMITH Della B. Nov 23, 1877 January 26, 1926  
SMITH Effie 1876 1964  Wife of James Smith
SMITH James Dec 23, 1872 September 17, 1952  
SNYDER J. F. May 17, 1858 August 19, 1906 Husband of L. E. Snyder 
SNYDER Louisa Emily Sep 20, 1865 June 08, 1926  Wife of J. F. Snyder
SPENCER Mae  April 20, 1913 Age 33y, 2m
Wife of Sam Spencer
No Birth Date
SPRAGUE Amelia 1831 1891  Wife of William Sprague
Born in Ohio
SPRAGUE Walter F.  Jul 30, 1874 Age 9 Months
Son of W. & A. J. Sprague
No Birth Date
SPRAGUE William Jul 2, 1833 February 25, 1909  Born in Ohio
STAHLMAN James  March 05, 1934 Age 56y, 6m, 25dNo Birth Date
STOCKWELL Joseph A. 1882 1890  
STOCKWELL Nelly A. P.  Jul 14, 1878 Age 14m, 2d
Dau of W. W. & E. J. Stockwell
No Birth Date
STOCKWELL W. W. 1856 1885  
STONE Margaret  March 11, 1915 Age 80y, 1dNo Birth Date
STUTEVILLE Charles Oct 9, 1803 Sep 11, 1882  Son of James & Martha (Brady) Stuteville
Born in Hardin Co, KY
STUTEVILLE Infant  Mar 19, 1883 Child of C. & L. A. StutevilleNo Birth Date
STUTEVILLE Lidia 1862 1945  Same stone with Sam Stuteville
STUTEVILLE M. J. Aug 28, 1859 Jan 22, 1890  
STUTEVILLE Mariah  Apr 10, 1888 Age 68y, 7m
Wife of Charles Stuteville
No Birth Date
2nd Wife of C. Stuteville
Maiden Name Gardner
Married in 1845 in Richland Co, IL
STUTEVILLE Sam 1857 January 20, 1936  Same stone with Lidia Stuteville
STUTEVILLE Thompson  May 26, 1867 Age 19y, 9m, 22d
Son of C. & M. Stuteville
No Birth Date
SULLIVAN Albert Strickler 1854 1879  Son of James & Elizabeth (Evans) Sullivan
SULLIVAN Alfred N.   Apr 3, 1859 Age 45y, 11m, 21dNo Birth Date
Son of Joseph & Narcissa (Duncan) Sullivan
Born in Whitley Co, KY
Husband of Mary Ann Berry
SULLIVAN Elizabeth J. H. Aug 20, 1832 December 13, 1906  Wife of J. M. Sullivan
Dau of William Evans
Born in Decatur Co., IA
SULLIVAN Isaac  Aug 13, 1871 Age 1y, 25d
Son of J. F. & E. R. Sullivan
No Birth Date
SULLIVAN Isaac K.  Mar 16, 1870 Age 27y, 4m, 28dNo Birth Date
GAR Marker
Son of Harvey & Elizabeth (King) Sullivan
Grandson of Joseph & Narcissa Sullivan
Born in Iowa
SULLIVAN J. M. Nov 4, 1824 February 27, 1906No Birth DateGiven name James Marion
Son of Joseph & Narcissa Sullivan
Husband of Elizabeth Evans
Born in Kentucky
SULLIVAN John A. 1857 Oct 25, 1876 Age 19y, 7m, 27d Son of Alfred & Mary Sullivan
SULLIVAN Joseph 1792 1868  Hus of Narcissa Sullivan
Son of James & Ellender (Wilson) Sullivan
Born in Tennessee
SULLIVAN Narsissa 1788 1867  Wife of Joseph Sullivan
Maiden Name Wilson
Born in Tennessee
SULLIVAN Sidney E.  Aug 21, 1874 Age 1m, 13d
Dau of J. F. & E. R. Sullivan
No Birth Date
SULLIVAN Susie 1867 1874  
SUMMERS Daniel E. Apr 12, 1866 June 10, 1951  
SUMMERS Susan E. May 10, 1870 October 29, 1951  Wife of Daniel Summers
SWEET George W.  1867 Age 23y, 9mNo Birth Date
TADLOCK Benjamin B. Jan 31, 1828 February 17, 1908  Son of Alexander & Mary (Bullington) Tadlock
Husband of Martha Tadlock
Served in Mexican War
Born in Indiana
TADLOCK Earl Prather  November 24, 1921 Age 46 YearsNo Birth Date
Son of Benjamin and Martha Tadlock
Born in Wayne Co., IA
TADLOCK Martha E. Nov 18, 1837 May 10, 1918  Wife of B. B. Tadlock
TAYLOR Katie L.  Mar 22, 1886 Age 9m, 10d
Dau of J. M. & C. Taylor
No Birth Date
TAYLOR Susan M.  Oct 11, 1881 Age 3y, 5m, 21d
Dau of J. M. & C. Taylor
No Birth Date
TAYLOR William E.  Feb 14, 1889 Age 3m, 15d
Son of J. M. & C. Taylor
No Birth Date
THATCHER Charles  Nov 4, 1872 Age 1y, 13d
Son of William & L. L. Thatcher
No Birth Date
THATCHER Cora D.  Oct 15, 1873 Age 6y, 8m, 9d
Dau of William & L. L. Thatcher
No Birth Date
THOMAS Emry  Sep 3, 1877 Age 1m, 28d
Son of A. & M. Thomas
No Birth Date
TISH French Sep 6, 1852 November 16, 1909  
TISH Walter    No Birth Date
Death Date abt Feb 28, 1928
TULLIS Frank  June 26, 1906 No Birth Date
TULLIS John D.  Jun 14, 1877 Age 9m, 14d
Son of B. F. & G. A. Tullis
No Birth Date
TULLIS John M. Dec 1819 Mar 1893  
TULLIS Mary A. Oct 1821 August 1904  
TULLIS Mary M. Apr 1863 Mar 1879  
TYE Brent 1887 1981  
TYE Charles H. 1886   No Death Date
Same stone with Ethel Tye
TYE Ethel M. 1889 1959  Same stone with Charles Tye
TYE Grover C. 1892 1977  
TYE John Bell May 27, 1860 November 08, 1958  Born in Kentucky
TYE Minerva 1860 January 04, 1939  Wife of John Bell Tye
Maiden Name Catliff
UNDERWOOD Robert W.  Sep 15, 1872 Age 1y, 4m, 26d
Son of C. H. & S. A. Underwood
No Birth Date
VARNEY Pearlie  Mar 28, 1871 Age 1y, 13d
Dau of F. M. & N. Varney
No Birth Date
VARNEY Sada  Mar 13, 1871 Age 9y, 3d
Dau of F. M. & N. Varney
No Birth Date
VINZANT Clarence Henry Nov 2, 1883 November 24, 1950  
VINZANT Flossy 1894 1970  Same stone with Frank Vinzant
VINZANT Frank 1881 1941  Same stone with Flossy Vinzant
VINZANT Judy Elaine  October 20, 1941 Dau of Wendell & Elaine Vinzant One Date on Stone
VINZANT Kenneth  December 23, 1935 Age 1 DayNo Birth Date
VINZANT Mable Marie  March 20, 1939 Age 42y, 2m, 15dNo Birth Date
WAKEFIELD Benjamin F.  February 08, 1901 Age 29y, 6m, 15dNo Birth Date
WAKEFIELD Charles  Nov 2, 1875 No Birth Date
GAR Marker
Son of Charles & Elizabeth (Hall) Wakefield
Born in Illinois
WAKEFIELD Charles  Mar 25, 1877 Age 74y, 8m, 5dNo Birth Date
WAKEFIELD John  Feb 9, 1892 Age 44y, 8m, 11dNo Birth Date
WAKEFIELD Sarah A.  Jan 26, 1891 Age 44y, 4m, 14d
Wife of W. M. Wakefield
No Birth Date
WAKEFIELD Sarah Narcissus Jane    No Dates
Buried with second husband, Thomas Laughlin
WAKEFIELD Ulysses  Jul 12, 1870 Age 1y, 8m, 5d
Son of C. & S. N. L. Wakefield
No Birth Date
WAKEFIELD William Merrill Oct 12, 1841 June 16, 1912 Age 71y, 8m, 4d Son of Charles & Elizabeth (Hall) Wakefield
Born in Shelby Co., Ohio
WAKEFIELD William H.  Sep 16, 1881 Age 16y, 3m, 15dNo Birth Date
WARD Ira   Nov 2, 1874 Age 39 YearsNo Birth Date
GAR Marker
Listed as a blacksmith in the 1870 Census of Wayne County, IA with wife, Mary and son, Charles
Born in New York
WARD Karl Benjamin August 04, 1920 November 26, 1920  
WARD Lizzie January 27, 1915 Age 14 Days Dau of J. W. & P. E. WardNo Death Date
WARD Thanksgiving Nov 26, 1891 June 12, 1914  Maiden Name Yingling
WASSON Infant Son  Mar 15, 1874 Son of J. D. & M. E. WassonNo Birth Date
WATKINS D. F.  Oct 17, 1860 Age 24y, 1m, 18d
Son of J. & M. Watkins
No Birth Date
Son of John & Mahala Watkins
Born in Tennessee
WATKINS John  Jan 28, 1880 Age 69y, 8m, 3dNo Birth Date
WEAVER Tillie May 10, 1865  Age 26y, 4m, 10dNo Death Date
Dau of J. S. & Delila Jones
WEST Benjamin Feb 17, 1856 May 11, 1923  
WEST Delia B. Nov 26, 1855 June 06, 1922 Wife of B. E. West 
WHAN Eletha J. Sep 1873 February 28, 1949  Same stone with Frank Whan
WHAN Frank W. Nov 14, 1872 October 06, 1960  Same stone with Eletha Whan
WHAN Iven Montie 1905 January 30, 1915  Same stone with Preston Whan
WHAN Preston C. Jan 28, 1896 October 23, 1935  Same stone with Iven Whan
WILLIAMS Addie Jan 11, 1890 July 09, 1919  
WILLIAMS Hannah Sep 9, 1834 June 10, 1907  
WILLIAMS Henry  Mar 17, 1877 Age 61y, 1m, 13dNo Birth Date
WILLIAMS Joseph A. Jul 27, 1887 October 23, 1966  
WILLIAMS Margaret  Jan 18, 1898 Age 77y, 6m, 18d
Wife of Henry Williams
No Birth Date
WILLIAMS N. G. Jan 28, 1826 Dec 10, 1894  
WILSON Georgia J.  Aug 16, 1873 Age 10m, 20d
Dau of H. W. & L. A. Wilson
No Birth Date
WINNER William  March 31, 1920 Age 64y, 8m, 17dNo Birth Date
WOODS Mary Elizabeth  June 10, 1920 Age 74y, 4m, 23dNo Birth Date
WRIGHT Clarence H.  Sep 4, 1877 Age 1y, 6m, 21d
Son of A. & P. E. Wrigh
No Birth Date
WRIGHT Glidal  Jul 11, 1880 Age 2 Months
Dau of J. & R. J. Wright
No Birth Date
WRIGHT Infant Dau  Feb 9, 1887 Dau of N. S. & I. J. WrightNo Birth Date
WRIGHT John  Oct 11, 1876 Age 9 Months
Son of J. & R. J. Wright
No Birth Date
WRIGHT John Wesley  Jan 21, 1874 Age 1 Year
Son of A. & P. E. Wright
No Birth Date
WRIGHT Mariah  May 8, 1865 Age 39y, 11m
Wife of Aaron Wright
No Birth Date
WRIGHT Mary E.  Sep 1, 1871 Age 25y, 1m, 10d
Wife of Aaron Wright
No Birth Date
WRIGHT Permelia E.  Sep 1, 1871 Age 30y, 3m, 26d
Wife of Aaron Wright
No Birth Date
WRIGHT William E. Jan 1, 1865 Feb 18, 1865 Son of A. & M. E. Wright 
YINGLING Dora 1869 December 31, 1926  
YINGLING Edward P. December 09, 1903 September 29, 1984  Same stone with Ora Yingling
YINGLING Ora A. 1904 1992  Wife of Edward Yingling
Same stone with Edward Yingling

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