Scott Hill Cemetery


Scott Hill Cemetery is located in section 29 of Marion Township in north-central Mercer County. It is approximately seven miles north of Princeton and is approximately 1/2 mile from the nearest road and is inaccessable by vehicle. It is on private property and is considered abandoned. This list has been compiled from various sources including old surveys, burial records and family histories. It should not be considered a complete list of burials.

COX Benjamin 1807 Jul 25, 1883  Son of Frederick & HAnnah (Cobb) Cox
Born in Kentucky
COX Benjamin F. 1842 Nov 25, 1869  Son of Benjamin & Louisa Cox
COX Franklin  Jun 25, 1869 Age 8 Months
Son of W. & N. A. Cox
No Birth Date
COX Ida B.  Sep 6, 1881 Age 8y, 1m, 12d
Dau of R. & R. J. Cox
No Birth Date
COX Infant  Nov 26, 1860 Age 1 Day
Child of W. & N. A. Cox
No Birth Date
COX Louisa Dec 15, 1808 Feb 11, 1870  Wife of Benjamin Cox
Dau of Richard & Sarah (Stevens) Parker
Born in Tennessee
COX Nancy A.  Oct 11, 1869 Wife of Wiley A. CoxNo Birth Date
COX Richard 1844 1923  Son of Benjamin & Louisa Cox
DYKES Clarinda A.  Aug 24, 1881 Age 17y, 9m
Wife of J. F. Dykes
No Birth Date
GARDNER Margaret L.  Feb 3, 1885 Age 1 Year
Dau of J. M. & L. Gardner
No Birth Date
GOIN Delbert  Jul 26, 1878 Age 1y, 10m, 26d
Son of E. & M. M. Goin
No Birth Date
GOIN Elijah 1836 1902  Husband of Mary Goin
Son of Uriah & Nancy (Dickson) Goin
Born in Tennessee
GOIN Faye   No Dates
GOIN Mary M. 1841 1905  Wife of Elijah Goin
Maiden Name Hamilton
GOIN Thomas Dec 3, 1872 October 26, 1944  Son of Elijah & Mary Goin
GOODIN Viola  Mar 25, 1891 Age 16y, 2m, 28d
Wife of W. T. Goodin
No Birth Date
Maiden Name Smith
Wife of William T. Goodin who is buried at Fairview Cemetery, Mercer County, MO
HUBBS Susan A.  Aug 7, 1874 Age 9m, 20d
Dau of W. & S. L. Hubbs
No Birth Date
JONES Delbert  Feb 20, 1876 Age 1 MonthNo Birth Date
JONES Dory  Feb 23, 1876 Age 1m, 3dNo Birth Date
JONES George  Feb 26, 1874 Age 5m, 3dNo Birth Date
JONES Sophia  Sep 8, 1876 Age 28y, 4m, 12d
Wife of N. D. Jones
No Birth Date
McKAY Ira E.  Jan 21, 1889 Age 10 Days
Son of L. J. & M. R. McKay
No Birth Date
McKAY Lewis James Apr 18, 1865 September 11, 1905  Husband of Mary (Smith) McKay
Son of Greenup & Mary (Smith) McKay
McKAY Mary R. Jun 15, 1869 January 1919  Wife of Lewis McKay
Dau of John & Sophia (Cox) Smith
McKAY Roy  Apr 16, 1897 Age 3y, 1m, 25d
Son of L. J. & Mary McKay
No Birth Date
MICHELSON Charity Feb 1, 1855 Jan 20, 1875 Dau of J. N. & M. N. Michelson 
RAGAN     Given Name unreadable
Dates unreadable
RAGAN     Given Name unreadable
Dates unreadable
RAGAN     Given Name unreadable
Dates unreadable
(Three unreadable stones with Ragan surname)
RAGAN Belle Nov 23, 1863 February 06, 1912 Wife of Benjamin Ragan 
RAGAN Benjamin E. Oct 1, 1858 October 28, 1939  
RAGAN Delphia  Oct 13, 1896 Age 68y, 1m, 19dNo Birth Date
Wife of Melvin Ragan
Maiden Name Jones
RAGAN Flora E. Aug 1, 1875 Nov 12, 1879  
RAGAN Loucinda  Sep 16, 1882 Age 49 Years
Wife of Calvin Ragan
No Birth Date
Maiden Name Cox
RAGAN Margret Nov 10, 1834 Nov 12, 1875  Wife of Nathan Ragan
Maiden Name Smith
Some records spell given name as "Margaret"
RAGAN Milton E.  Feb 8, 1892 Age 76y, 7m, 19dNo Birth Date
Son of Owen Ragan
Husband of Delphia Ragan
RAGAN Nathan Apr 23, 1833 Feb 17, 1880  Husband of Margret Ragan
Son of Owen Ragan
Born in Kentucky
RAGAN Owen 1787 May 7, 1870 Age 83 Years Born in North Carolina
RAGAN Wilson  Feb 20, 1874 Age 48y, 27d
Husband of Hannah Ragan
No Birth Date
SCOTT R. B. 1859 1887  
SMITH Jesse A.  May 9, 1885 Age 9m, 12d
Son of J. W. & W. J. Smith
No Birth Date
SMITH John B.  Mar 11, 1880 Birth Date unreadable
Husband of Mary Catherine Swingle
SMITH John Lemuel  November 17, 1905 Age 70y, 4m, 5dNo Birth Date
Son of Isreal & Rebecca (Arbuckle) Smith
Born in Ohio
Husband of Sophia (Cox) Smith
SMITH John W. 1859 1931  
SMITH Sarah J.  Sep 7, 1883 Age 11y, 8m, 23d
Dau of J. L. & S. Smith
No Birth Date
SMITH Sophia  Aug 23, 1899 Age 63y, 7m, 13d
Wife of John L. Smith
No Birth Date
Maiden Name Cox
SMITH Viola E.  Feb 19, 1882 Age 1y, 5m
Dau of J. B. & M. C. Smith
No Birth Date
SMITH Winnie J. 1862 1886  
THOMAS Elmer L.  Aug 13, 1887 Age 9m, 16d
Son of J. W. & I. C. Thomas
No Birth Date
THOMAS Iowa C.  Jun 4, 1895 Age 47y, 8m, 6d
Wife of J. W. Thomas
No Birth Date
WIGGINS Frances   Dates unknown
WILSON Alva J.  Nov 25, 1880 Age 2y, 4m, 27dNo Birth Date
WILSON Callia D.  Nov 26, 1880 Age 1y, 1m, 27dNo Birth Date
WILSON Infants   Children of J. C. & M. J. WilsonNo Birth Date
Death Date unreadable
WILSON John C. Sep 1, 1852 Mar 31, 1890  
WILSON Nancy A.  Aug 5, 1889 Age 76y, 11m, 26dNo Birth Date

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