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New Union Cemetery
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by Phil Stewart
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New Union Cemetery is located in section 7 of Washington Township in the south-central portion of Mercer County. From Princeton, go west three miles to blacktop V and turn left. Go south approximately two miles to the second road to the right (gravel). This road will go west a short distance, then turn south. Follow this road approximately one mile to where it makes a sharp turn to the right (west) just past the bridge. The access road to the cemetery is off to the left at this corner. The cemetery IS accessable but is not maintained. The following list of burials at New Union Cemetery was compiled from various sources including old surveys, census records, family records and a visit to the cemetery in March, 2005.

ASHCROFT Jane     No Dates on Stone
Listed with family in 1880 Census of Mercer Co., MO
Born in Missouri, abt 1843
Same stone with Samuel Ashcroft
ASHCROFT Samuel  September 30, 1905 Age 77y, 7m, 18dNo Birth Date
Born in Ireland
Listed in 1880 Census of Mercer Co., MO with wife, Jane and three children
Same stone with Jane Ashcroft
BOXLEY Amanda Mar 3, 1859 Jan 30, 1890  Wife of James Boxley
Maiden Name Cox
BOXLEY Clara 1887 May 10, 1905  Wife of Vernie Boxley
BOXLEY Ida May Jun 14, 1866 March 20, 1950  2nd Wife of James Boxley
Married abt 1886
Maiden name Higgins
BOXLEY James Buchanan May 1, 1855 September 03, 1942  Son of William & Mary (Ballew) Boxley
Husband of Amanda Cox and Ida Higgins
BOXLEY Vernie 1892 August 31, 1923  
COX Caroline  May 10, 1891 Age 63y, 9m, 7d
Wife of Oliver H. P. Cox
No Birth Date
Dau of Rev Joseph & Elizabeth (Weems) Helms
Born in Illinois
COX Oliver H. P.  Apr 9, 1892 Age 66y, 3m, 3d
Lt Co C 5th KS Cavalry
No Birth Date
Born in Indiana
Listed in 1880 Census of Mercer County with wife, Caroline and 87 year old mother, Susan Greenwood
DAVIS Eddie 1886 1950  Same stone with Jennie Davis
DAVIS Harold March 25, 1910 December 25, 1926  
DAVIS Henry 1852 1930  Same stone with Sarah Davis
DAVIS Jennie 1888   No Death Date
Same stone with Eddie Davis
DAVIS Sarah L. 1852 1928  Same stone with Henry Davis
GENTRY Daniel B. 1866 1955  Same stone with Orena Gentry
Son of Lafayette & Sarah (Owen) Gentry
GENTRY Orena C. 1867 1929  Same stone with Daniel Gentry
Maiden Name Johnson
GRAVES H. B. 1857 1921  Same stone with Mary Graves
GRAVES Mary C. 1858 1928  Same stone with H. B. Graves
HERIFORD Joseph S. 1878 1947  Same stone with Margaret Heriford
HERIFORD Kenneth E. 1910 1925  Son of Joseph & Margaret Heriford
HERIFORD Margaret S. 1884 1922  Same stone with Joseph Heriford
HIGGINS Charley L.  Jul 2, 1892 Age 2y, 10m, 20d
Son of W. R. & C. Higgins
No Birth Date
HIGGINS Cora R. Oct 21, 1867 January 27, 1960  Same stone with W. R. Higgins
Dau of John & Hannah (Hart) Reeves
Born in Mercer Co., MO
HIGGINS W. R. Jun 20, 1857 August 13, 1914  Full name William Richard Higgins
Same stone with Cora Higgins
Listed in the 1860 census of Mercer Co., MO in the household of his mother, Sarah Higgins with eight siblings
HILL Annie Edith  Dec 15, 1894 Age 2y, 4m, 17d
Dau of T. L. & J. F. Hill
No Birth Date
HILL Ruth  February 13, 1900 Age 3y, 6m, 23d
Dau of T. L. & J. F. Hill
No Birth Date
RITTGERS Birtey C.  Mar 30, 1884 Age 6y, 17d
Dau of S. S. & C. Rittgers
No Birth Date
RITTGERS Christiana  Sep 27, 1875 Age 45y, 4m, 23d
Wife of S. S. Rittgers
No Birth Date
RITTGERS Emmaline  Feb 8, 1860 Age 15y, 12d
Dau of S. S. & C. Rittgers
No Birth Date
RITTGERS S. S.  December 20, 1909 Age 86y, 2m, 29dNo Birth Date
ROSS Frank 1867 1926  
ROSS Minnie 1869 1915  
ROSS William C. 1889 1957  
ROWAN Dora    Name Only on Stone
ROWAN Mariah 1857  Wife of W. P. RowanNo Death Date
ROWAN W. P. 1851 1928  Given name William
Listed in 1920 census of Mercer Co. MO
Born in Tennessee
SMITH Bonnie  Oct 13, 1898 Age 7y, 9m, 28d
Dau of J. D. & Alice Smith
No Birth Date
SMITH Scott R. 1886 1942  
WILLARD J. H. 1836 1911  Given name James
Born in Indiana
Listed with wife, Sarah, and children in 1880 census of Mercer County, MO
WILLARD Sarah M. 1832 1932 Wife of J. H. Willard 
WOODS Eldon D. 1889   No Death Date
Same stone with Lulu Woods
WOODS James L.  May 20, 1890 Age 59y, 1m, 27dNo Birth Date
Son of James & Jane (Long) Woods
Born in Tennessee
Husband of Mary E. Neill
WOODS Lulu F. 1888 April 01, 1905  Same stone with Eldon Woods
WOODS Martha E. Feb 6, 1853 July 20, 1935  Same stone with William Woods
WOODS Mary E.  Aug 7, 1898 Age 68y, 5m, 25d
Wife of James Woods
No Birth Date
Dau of Robert & Anna (Ewing) Neill
Born in Tennessee
WOODS William F. Aug 20, 1850 May 10, 1900  Same stone with Martha Woods
Son of James & Mary Woods

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