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Moore Cemetery
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Moore Cemetery is located in section 34 of Marion Township in north-central Mercer County. From Princeton, go north approximately nine miles on highway 65 to the blacktop approximately one mile north of the town of Mercer. Turn left (west) and follow the blacktop approximately 5 miles. The cemetery is on the right (east) side of the roadway.

This cemetery was surveyed by Kathi and Phil Stewart, April 2005.

BERNDT Flora 1913 1941  
BLOOM Anthony  Mar 27, 1896 Age 43y, 2m, 26dNo Birth Date
BLOOM Ellen  September 06, 1913 Age 91 Years
Wife of John A. Bloom
No Birth Date
Born in Holland
BLOOM John Anthonio  February 18, 1907 Age 95y, 1m, 14dNo Birth Date
Born in Holland
BLOOM Mary Apr 16, 1888 Apr 20, 1888  
BLOOM Maude E.  Nov 11, 1883 Age 8y, 6m, 1dNo Birth Date
BLOOM Percy O.  Mar 27, 1886 Age 2 monthsNo Birth Date
BLOOM Perlie Jan 5, 1894 Oct 14, 1897  
BLOOM Robert M.  Sep 27, 1880 Age 4y, 9m, 6dNo Birth Date
BLOOM Rosa Belle  Sep 3, 1879 Age 9y, 6m, 8d
Dau of J. A. & E. Bloom
No Birth Date
BRIGHT Lydia  Jul 11, 1885 Age 25y, 9m, 27d
Wife of Stephen Bright
No Birth Date
Dau of George W. & Jemima (Blake) Butt
Born in Schuyler Co., MO
BROWNING Dale C. 1911 1926 Son of D. W. & V. Browning 
BROWNING Elizabeth  Nov 6, 1899 Age 63y, 2m, 29dNo Birth Date
Wife of Robert G. Browning
Dau of Robert & Elizabeth Elsey
Born in Indiana
BROWNING Melissa  Dec 29, 1877 Age 7y, 2m, 13d
Dau of R. G. & E. Browning
No Birth Date
BROWNING R. G.   May 14, 1878 Age 6y, 2m, 21d
Son of R. G. & E. Browning
No Birth Date
BROWNING Robert Jan 7, 1832 February 04, 1922  Husband of Elizabeth Browning
Son of James H. & Elizabeth (Cowan) Browning
Born in Virginia
Married in Wayne County, Iowa
CALAVAN James  Jun 21, 1879 Age 82y, 1m, 6dNo Birth Date
Same stone with Nancy Calavan
Son of John & Sarah Calavan. / Born in Tennessee
CALAVAN Nancy  May 4, 1881 Age 82 Years
Wife of James Calavan
No Birth Date
Same stone with James Calavan
Dau of John & Frances Stowe
Born in Kentucky
CROSS Eleanor S.   Dec 22, 1871 Age 18y, 5m, 20d
Wife of A. Cross
No Birth Date
CROSS James S.   Dec 1, 1874 Son of A. & M. A. Cross One Date on Stone
DONELSON Sarah F.  Jan 12, 1876 Age 18y, 11m, 17d
Wife of William Donelson
No Birth Date
GOODIN G. W.  Oct 7, 1867 Age 4m, 5d
Son of R. T. & N. Goodin
No Birth Date
GOODIN Mary  Aug 13, 1873 Age 73 Years
Wife of Thomas Goodin
No Birth Date
GOULD Joseph Aug 13, 1882 Nov 7, 1884 Son of A. P. & H. C. GouldNo Birth Date
HAMILTON Ethel M. 1896 1962   
JOHNSON William Jul 10, 1815 Sep 18, 1876  Born in Whitley Co., Kentucky
Married Mary Calavan on Jun 26, 1837 in Whitley Co., KY
Mary died on Aug 28, 1864
MELTON George W.  May 23, 1877 Age 21 YearsNo Birth Date
Son of Alfred & lavinia (Shields) Melton.
Born in Ohio
MELTON W. H.   May 5, 1875 Age 9y, 28d
Son of N. & M. Melton
No Birth Date
MOBLEY Amy   Jun 20, 1885 Age 2y, 6m, 22d
Dau of S. & U. Mobley
No Birth Date
MOBLEY Ida R.  Aug 16, 1879 Dau of S. R. MobleyNo Birth Date
MOBLEY Rebecca   Dec 18, 1878 Age 41y, 8m, 16dNo Birth Date
1st Wife of Silas Mobley
Maiden Name Buchanan
MOBLEY Silas May 2, 1837 January 29, 1915  Son of William & Sarah Mobley
Some records spell surname as "Moberly"
MOBLEY Ura M.   Nov 1, 1844  No Death Date
Maiden Name Finch
2nd Wife of Silas Mobley
MOORE Anna M.  February 13, 1900 Age 29 Years Wife of G. T. MooreNo Birth Date
MOORE Bryan Junior Dec. 13, 1921Nov. 26, 1923 Son of Bryan & Gladys (Barnhizer) Moore
No Marker
Info from death certificate
MOORE Clayborn N.   Mar 21, 1881 Age 9y, 2m, 20d
Son of Y. J. & S. E. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Doug S. 1870 April 17, 1905  
MOORE Ethel E.  Oct 21, 1896 Age 2y, 3m, 16d
Dau of A. J. & D. A. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE ForestMarch 12, 1917April 2, 1917 Son of Marion S. & Clona (Mock) Moore
No Marker
Info from death certificate
MOORE Green Bush Aug 7, 1877    Same stone with Laura A. Moore
No Death Date on Stone
Died Sep 19, 1964
Green Bush Moore is actually buried at South Lineville Cemetery, Mercer County, MO
Son of James & Mary (Owens) Moore
MOORE Harrison G.  Nov 9, 1881 Age 22y, 10m, 24dNo Birth Date
Son of Clayborn & Mary Moore
MOORE Hester Ann Nov 2, 1833 December 11, 1909 Wife of Robert Moore Same stone with Robert Moore
Dau of David & Elizabeth Jewett
MOORE Ida M. 1876 March 21, 1905  
MOORE Infant Son   Son of G. T. & Anna MooreNo Dates
MOORE Infant SonSept. 29, 1912 Oct. 2, 1912 Son of Jessie & Susie (Bloom) Moore
No Marker
Info from Death Certificate
MOOREInfant Son March 12, 1917 March 16, 1917 Son of Jessie & Susie (Bloom) Moore
No Marker
Info from Death Certificate
MOORE James B. Sep 6, 1857 January 27, 1940  
MOORE Laura Arvilla Mar 21, 1879 August 29, 1943  Same stone with Green Moore
Wife of Green Moore
Maiden Name Wilkerson
MOORE Laura E. 1875 1902   Same stone with Otto Moore
1st wife of Otto Moore
MOORELyndall CarltonAug. 12, 1915Feb. 15, 1916 Son of Carl & Evelyn (Booher) Moore
No Marker
Info from Death Certificate
MOORE Marion  May 16, 1868 Age 13y, 6m, 25d
Son of R. & H. A. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Marion S. 1894 March 27, 1905  
MOORE Mary E. Oct 1, 1862 January 11, 1918  
MOORE Mary J. Jun 27, 1861 August 16, 1916  Same stone with Milt Moore.
Maiden Name Humphreys
MOORE Maud V.  May 1, 1897 Age 1y, 4m, 21d
Dau of G. F. & A. M. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Mildred M. February 03, 1908 July 05, 1910  
MOORE Miles G.   Jan 14, 1882 Age 7y, 3m, 1d
Son of Clayborn & Mary Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Milt 1850 1919  Same stone with Mary J. Moore
Son of Robert & Malinda Moore
MOORE Newton E.  Jun 23, 1881 Age 1y, 11m, 4d
Son of Y. J. & S. E. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Olen October 29, 1901 October 29, 1901  Son of G. B. & L. A. Moore
MOORE Otto 1868 1947  Same stone with Laura E. Moore
Son of Robert & Ruth (Jewett) Moore
MOORE Rachel M. 1878 1903  
MOORE Rand 1872 1945  
MOORE Rex L. October 21, 1909 August 20, 1950   
MOORE Robert 1908 1908 Son of Porter & Jesse Moore 
MOORE Robert H. May 10, 1824 May 25, 1912  Same stone with Hester Moore
Son of Levi & Rachel (Haines) Moore
MOORE Robert S. 1863 1928   Same stone with Rosa Moore
MOORERolla RussellSept 11, 1914Aug. 16, 1916 Son of Jess E. & Susie (Bloom) Moore
No Marker
Info from Death Certificate
MOORE Rosa B. 1865 1943  Same stone with Robert S. Moore
MOORE Roxie 1903 1905  
MOORE Seabert S. January 05, 1914 April 19, 1936  Son of Green & Laura Moore
MOORE Senoma E.   Nov 16, 1857 Age 1y, 6m, 19d
Dau of R. & H. A. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Susan E.     No Dates
Same stone with Yancy Moore
MOORE Thomas B. Aug 4, 1859 August 11, 1923  
MOORE Tommy 1895 1907 Son of R. S. & Rosa Moore 
MOORE Trula A. October 10, 1903 March 07, 1904 Dau of M. & M. Moore 
MOORE William H.   Jan 27, 1882 Age 21y, 2m, 9d
Son of C. & M. J. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Yancy J.   November 22, 1901 Age 54y, 8m, 24dNo Birth Date
GAR marker
Same stone with Susan Moore
NIVENS David A. 1875 1957  Same stone with Pearl Nivens
NIVENS Pearl 1878 1923  Same stone with David Nivens
NIVENS Roxie Ann  January 19, 1900 Age 21 Days
Dau of D. A. & P. P. Nivens
No Birth Date
NIVENS Viva Ann  January 20, 1903 Age 5m, 9d
Dau of D. A. & P. P. Nivens
No Birth Date
OVERTON Bobby Glen  February 10, 1927  One Date on Stone
OVERTON Glen 1900   No Death Date
Same stone with Nova Overton
OVERTON Nova 1908   No Death Date
Same stone with Glen Overton
RAGAN Bate 1864 1918   
RAGAN Charles I.  Jan 15, 1879 Age 3m, 15d
Son of C. S. & N. J. Ragan
No Birth Date
RAGAN Clara E. 1889 1890 Dau of C. S. & N. J. Ragan 
RAGAN Homer 1909 1910  
RAGAN Infant Son  May 10, 1883 Son of C. S. & N. J. RaganNo Birth Date
RAGAN Mary 1906 1906  
RAGAN Nellie 1915 1918  
RAGAN Orval January 17, 1911 March 16, 1948   
RAGAN Rosa B. 1884 1943  
REED Elizabeth  1905 Age 63 YearsNo Birth Date

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