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McKinney Cemetery
Photograph taken
by Phil Stewart.
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Picture of McKinney Cemetery

McKinney Cemetery is located in Marion Township, approximately nine miles north of Princeton in north-central Mercer County. From Mercer, Missouri, go north approximately one mile to Route BB and turn right (west). Follow BB to the first gravel road to the right (north) and follow it approximately 1/2 mile to where the road turns sharply to the left (west). There will be a gravel road to the right that goes up a fairly steep hill. Although the cemetery cannot be seen from this point, the road to the right is actually the access to the cemetery. Turn right, go up the hill, turn right with the road and the cemetery will be ahead of you at the end of this road.
Even though McKinney Cemetery is in a fairly remote location and is at the end of a dead-end road, it is a beautiful little cemetery and is very well maintained. There are several stones in the older portion of the cemetery that can no longer be read, and several graves are marked with only field stones.
This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on March 23, 2003. Additional information provide by Betty (Davis) Berndt.

BARBER Grace M. Aug 8, 1851 June 10, 1905   Maiden Name Peters
No Dates on Stone
Dates from Research
BARBER Hiram Jun 6, 1823 Feb 22, 1897 77 Years Name William Hiram Barber
Wife of Julia
No Dates on Stone
Dates from Research
BARBER Julia A. Sep 2, 1829 September 22, 1916 Age 87y, 20d No Dates on Stone
Dates from Research
BEAVERS Nellie E. 1913 2001   Maiden Name Berndt
Same stone with Newell Beavers
BEAVERS Newell W. 1909 1994   Same stone with Nellie Beavers
BERNDT Arceal February 13, 1924 April 23, 1995   Same stone with Hubert Berndt
Maiden name Johnson
BERNDT David H. April 26, 1925 January 13, 1990   Same stone with Gladys Preston
BERNDT Elma S. Nov 11, 1888 December 23, 1970   Same stone with William Berndt
Maiden name Vinzant
BERNDT Hubert W. November 11, 1919 June 29, 2001 US Navy WWII Name Hubert Wayne
Same stone with Arceal Berndt
Son of Wilma C. and Elma (Vinzant) Berndt
BERNDT Paul E. G. December 10, 1915 December 22, 1915 Son of William C. & E. S. Berndt  
BERNDT William C. Sep 27, 1888 November 11, 1970   Same stone with Elma Berndt
Son of E.A. Paul and Elizabeth McDougal Berndt
DYER Elizabeth   Apr 1, 1874   Daughter of E.D. & G. Dyer
DYER Infant Dau       Infant Stone
Sunk, Dates unreadable
EVANS Carl 1908 1920    
FOSTER Hannah   Nov 16, 1822 Age 7 days
Daughter of M.L. and R. Foster
Same stone with William D.
FOSTER William D. Aug 30, 1870 Oct 26, 1873 Age 3y, 1m, 27d
Son of M. L. & R. Foster
Same stone with Hannah
GARLAND Roswell LeRoy 1917 1942 US Navy WWII  
GARLAND Wilber R. 1924 1925    
HAYMAKER Eldon 1901 1916 Son of Jesse and Lucy Haymaker  
HAYMAKER Fred Mudgett May 11, 1909 Feb 13, 1994 Son of Jessee and Lucy Haymaker  
HAYMAKER Hattie 1905 1905 Dau of Jesse and Lucy Haymaker  
HAYMAKER Homer 1895 1896 Son of Jesse and Lucy Haymaker  
HAYMAKER Jesse Swan 1866 1961   Same stone with Lucy Haymaker
HAYMAKER Lucy Ann 1872 1956   Maiden name Barber
Same stone with Jesse Haymaker
HAYMAKER Orlando Parker 1892 1976   Son of Jesse and Lucy Haymaker
HAYMAKER Susannah 1900 1900 Dau of Jesse and Lucy Haymaker  
JEFFRIES Marie Oct 1, 1916 Nov 29, 1997   Maiden name McKinney
Same stone with Ralph Jeffries
JEFFRIES Ralph 1914 1975 Tech 4 US Army WWII Same stone with Marie Jeffries
JUMPER Mary Jane Dec 31, 1826 Jan 4, 1899 Age 73y, 11m, 14d  
JUMPER William J. Dec 12, 1887   Age 20y, 2m, 2d No Death Date
Same stone with Nathan Stark
McDOUGAL Sarah L. 1843 1909   Name Sarah Ladd
Same stone with William McDougal
McDOUGAL William 1837 1925   Same stone with Sarah McDougal
McINTOSH Alta Merle Jul 6, 1898 September 20, 1990   Maiden Name McKinney
McKINNEY Alice 1879 1968   Same stone with Eber McKinney
McKINNEY Blanche 1907 1989    
McKINNEY Byron H. 1858 1920   Same stone with Mary S. McKinney
McKINNEY C. M. Mar 31, 1835 Jun 9, 1877 Co F 14 WV INF Civil War Military Stone
Same person as next stone
McKINNEY Calvert M. Mar 31, 1835 Jun 9, 1877   Name Calvert Morris
Same stone with Elizabeth McKinney
McKINNEY Donovan 1911 1916    
McKINNEY Eber F. 1867 1948   Same stone with Alice McKinney
McKINNEY Eber Jr 1913 1916    
McKINNEY Eddie W. 1891 1950    
McKINNEY Elizabeth S. May 26, 1836 Jul 11, 1911   Same stone with Calvert McKinney
McKINNEY Ida E.   Apr 10, 1871 Age 11y, 3m, 21d
Dau of C. M. & E. S. McKinney
McKINNEY Infant Dau 1944 1944   Daughter of Byron and Mary McKinney
McKINNEY Infant Dau 1928 1928   Daughter of Byron and Mary McKinney
McKINNEY Infant Son 1934 1934    
McKINNEY Marie 1909 1916    
McKINNEY Mary S. 1859 1948 Wife of Byron McKinney Same stone with Byron McKinney
McKINNEY Ray Clarence Jul 7, 1895 June 05, 1957 BMI-US Navy WWI  
McKINNEY Rosella A. Mar 13, 1863 Oct 25, 1865   Daughter of Calvert & Sarah McKinney
Stone sunk
McKINNEY Theodore 1915 1916    
McKINNEY Ulric 1902 1992   Same stone Viola McKinney
McKINNEY Viola 1907 1971   Same stone with Ulric McKinney
MILLER Mary J. March 26, 1932 August 11, 2002   Same stone with Wayne Miller
MILLER Wayne R. August 11, 1932     No Date of Death
Same stone with Mary J. Miller
MOBLEY Dorris 1916 1926 Daughter of Jerome and Mary Mobley  
MOBLEY Forrest 1918 1921 Son of Jerome and Mary Mobley  
MOORE Harriet Jane March 6, 1849 September 05, 1906 Age 57y, 8m, 29d
Wife of T. J. Moore
No Birth Date
PHILLIPS Charlie 1874 1947   Funeral marker
Mostly unreadable
PRESTON Gladys M. October 26, 1926 September 25, 1995   Same stone with David Berndt
REGER Charlotte Sep 1, 1841 January 12, 1924 Wife of James Reger  
REGER James H. Apr 4, 1844 March 24, 1916   Husband of Charlotte
RUMPH Caroline F. Feb 24, 1870 Oct 15, 1876    
RUMPH Charlotta M. Nov 29, 1871 February 03, 1903    
RUMPH Elmer L. Nov 4, 1887 Oct 3, 1892    
RUMPH George F. Apr 7, 1878 Mar 12, 1879    
RUMPH George R. Feb 3, 1842 November 01, 1929   No Death Date on Stone
Date from research
Same stone with Pheba Rumph
RUMPH Jacob D. Sep 6, 1868 December 18, 1913    
RUMPH John W. Mar 12, 1880 Apr 7, 1880    
RUMPH Martha E. Oct 7, 1881 April 07, 1902    
RUMPH Mary A. Apr 7, 1877 Apr 12, 1877    
RUMPH Nora E.   Mar 14, 1895 Age 14 Days
Dau of J. D. & I. Rumph
RUMPH Pheba J. Aug 2, 1850 December 05, 1911 Wife of George Rumph Same stone with George Rumph
Maiden Name Wheeler
RUMPH Sarah R. Jul 24, 1875 Jul 7, 1894    
SHIELDS Billy Hugh May 06, 1954 October 06, 1987 US Navy Vietnam Son of Paul and Alene Shields
SHIELDS Charles A. May 22, 1906 February 22, 1907 Son of L. H. & J. F. Shields  
SHIELDS Donald R. January 20, 1900 April 27, 1916 Son of L. H. & J. F. Shields  
SHIELDS Infant Son April 18, 1908 April 18, 1908    
SHIELDS Jennie F. 1876 1972   Same stone with Lee Shields
SHIELDS Lee H. 1866 1939   Same stone with Jennie Shields
STARK Lucy Jane 1876 1907   Wife of David Stark
STARK Nathan Aug 25, 1871 Oct 30, 1897 Age 26y, 2m, 5d Same stone with William Jumper
TETIRICK Clara E. 1868 1968    
VINZANT Anna F. Jun 2, 1845 Jul 12, 1845   Same stone with James & Deborah Vinzant (her parents)
VINZANT Bessie 1885 1958   Same stone with Dell Vinzant
VINZANT Charles Lionel October 09, 1919   Methodist Minister No Death Date
Same stone with Veta Vinzant
Son of Dell and Bessie Vinzant
VINZANT Deborah Dec 11, 1808 Jun 3, 1876 Wife of James J. Vinzant Maiden Name Wright
Same stone with James & Anna Vinzant
VINZANT Dell 1877 1930   Same stone with Bessie (Hartley) Vinzant
VINZANT James J. Jun 16, 1808 Jul 2, 1881   Name James Jefferson
Same stone with Deborah and Anna Vinzant
VINZANT John W. Jan 24, 1837 June 02, 1924 Pvt Co C 5th KS Cav Civil War Name John Wesley
Same stone with Susanner Vinzant
VINZANT Martha Mae 13 Nov 1870 Jul 2, 1880 Daughter of Stephen G. & Susannah (Hashman) Vinzant No stone
VINZANT Nancy F. Apr 18, 1863 August 11, 1902 Wife of Stephen G. Vinzant Name Nancy Finley
Maiden name Yingling
Same stone with Stephen Vinzant
VINZANT Stephen G. Oct 16, 1848 August 01, 1916   Name Stephen Gordon
Son of James Jefferson and Deborah Wright Vinzant
Same stone with Nancy Vinzant
VINZANT Susannah 1853 1881 Wife of Stephen G. Vinzant Maiden name Hashman
VINZANT Susanner Oct 21, 1839 May 22, 1914 Wife of John W. Vinzant
Maiden Name McDougal
Same stone with John McDougal
VINZANT Veta Lorene September 07, 1915     No Date of Death
Maiden Name Moore
Same stone with Charles Lionel Vinzant
VINZANT Wanda 1910 1936   Daughter of Dell and Besie Vinzant
VINZANT William Jan 18, 1875 Aug 15, 1884 Son of Stephen G. & Susanner Vinzant No stone
WEATHERS Beulah 1897 1983   No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
WILLIAMS Euell K. 1846 1931   Son of Nathan Williams
Same stone with Mary E. Williams
WILLIAMS Mary M. 1858 1929   Maiden name Barber
Same stone with Euell Williams
WILLIAMS R. N.   August 30, 1905 Age 26y, 7m, 7d No Birth Date on stone
Should be Jan 23, 1879
WILLIAMS Raymond 1901 1975   No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
WOOD Alan       No Birth or Death Date
Homemade marker
WORRELL Arvilla Abt 1853 April 27, 1917   Daughter of J. & J.A. Barber
No Dates on Stone
Dates from Research
WRIGHT Hiram Feb 1, 1805 Jul 11, 1890   Same stone with Nancy Wright
Son of Hosea Wright
WRIGHT Nancy Jan 4, 1809 Feb 15, 1897   Maiden Name Vinzant
Same stone with Hiram Wright
YINGLING Huldah Dec 1, 1876 November 03, 1908 Wife of Guy O. Yingling Maiden name Underwood
YINGLING Stella       No Dates
No Stone

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