King Cemetery


The King Cemetery is located two miles east of Princeton just north of Highway 136, in Morgan Township, Mercer County. It can be seen from the highway and is accessed by a gravel road. Some stones are down. Others are broken and worn, but the cemetery is well maintained.

This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on March 23, 2004

ANDREWS Harrison  May 17, 1879 Age 32y, 7m, 4dNo Birth Date
Son of John Quincy & Sarah (King) Andrews
ANDREWS Infant Dau August 08, 1915 August 08, 1915 Dau of T. H. & J. Andrews 
ANDREWS Infant Son  Mar 13, 1894 Son of J. & M. AndrewsNo Birth Date
ANDREWS Infant Son Nov 28, 1899 Nov 28, 1899 Son of T. H. & J. Andrews 
ANDREWS Julia  July 23, 1917 Age 40y, 14d Wife of Thomas AndrewsNo Birth Date
Same stone with Thomas Andrews
ANDREWS Minnie  Aug 30, 1894 Age 19y, 4m, 5d
Wife of L. Andrews
No Birth Date
ANDREWS Thomas H. 1877 1955  Same stone with Julia Andrews
CLARK Gertrude M. May 11, 1895 December 16, 1937  
CLARK Howard B. May 5, 1882 April 11, 1960  
CLARK William 1854 1920  No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
Son of John & Eliza (Moore) Clark
Husband of Joanna King
COLLINGS Hiram Mar 28, 1849 December 03, 1921  Son of Joseph & Mary (Pickett) Collings
Same stone with Jane Collings
COLLINGS Jane Jun 4, 1853 December 07, 1944 Wife of Hiram Collings Same stone with Hiram Collings
COOK Clara May Jun 25, 1880 September 03, 1907 Wife of O. W. Cook Maiden Name Collings
CRAIG Charlottie 1861 1903  
CRAIG Rosa 1898 1918  
CRAIG Sarah F.  March 03, 1902 Age 48y, 11m, 2dNo Birth Date
CRAIG William B. 1857 1933  
DUBLE Christian Nov 25, 1825 December 11, 1900  Husband of Margaret Duble
DUBLE Margaret Apr 11, 1836 Oct 8, 1899  Wife of Christian Duble
ELSEY Cora A. 1909   No Death Date
Same stone with Lester Elsey
ELSEY Lester D. 1902 1996  Same stone with Cora Elsey
FINN Dorathy  May 31, 1885 Age 60y, 1m, 19d
Wife of John Finn
No Birth Date
FINN George  Dec 14, 1892 Age 2y, 10m, 4d
Son of J. & J. Finn
No Birth Date
FINN John Dec 14, 1823 April 03, 1912 Born in Wicklow Co., Ireland 
FINN Margret  Jun 6, 1862 Age 10 YearsNo Birth Date
FINN Mary Jane  September 01, 1902 Age 50y, 5m, 3d Wife of John FinnNo Birth Date
FINN Terrence  1861 No Birth Date
Age and other info unreadable
Stone worn
FINN Willie  Dec 31, 1892 Age 7y, 9m, 13d
Son of J. & J. Finn
No Birth Date
FISHER E. L.  Aug 29, 1874 Age 4m, 17d
Dau of M. W. & Mary Fisher
No Birth Date
FISHER Ines B.  May 13, 1892 Age 3y, 10m, 23d
Dau of M. W. & F. O. Fisher
No Birth Date
FISHER Infant Daughter   Dau of M. W. & Mary FisherNo Dates
FISHER Mary A.  May 14, 1876 Age 35y, 1m, 24d
Wife of M. W. Fisher
No Birth Date
FRANKLIN Chesley H. 1876 1967  Same stone with Sarah Franklin
FRANKLIN Edward H.  August 08, 1901 Age 1y, 6m
Son of C. H. & S. L. Franklin
No Birth Date
FRANKLIN Goldie Ivan Dec 27, 1898 November 13, 1961 Pvt US Army WWI & II 
FRANKLIN Sarah L. 1877 1942  Same stone with Chesley Franklin
GANNON Clara B.  Jul 12, 1899 Age 28y, 8m, 23d
Wife of C. Gannon
No Birth Date
GANNON Columbus B. Jun 29, 1867 November 29, 1925  
GANNON Lloyd Ellsworth 1892 1893  
GANNON Vera Alva 1894 1897  
GIRDNER John Dec 13, 1826 October 03, 1910  Son of Joseph & Anna (Lauderdale) Girdner
Born in Knox Co, Ohio
Husband of Margaret Rogers
GIRDNER Margaret   Sep 11, 1899 Age 67y, 10m, 4d
Wife of John L. Girdner
No Birth Date
Maiden Name Rogers
Born in Indiana
HALL J. W.  Sep 3, 1881 Age 35y, 5m, 2dNo Birth Date
HEREFORD Mahala 1845 1925  No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
KING  July 1904 August 1906  Given Name unreadable
Info may be inaccurate
Info carved into large native rock and is difficult to read
KING Anna L. 1887 1961  Same stone with Laban King
KING Bonnie  Aug 28, 1888 Age 1y, 2m, 15d
Son of C. & J. M. King
No Birth Date
KING Daniel L.  1872  Birth Date unreadable
Stone down and worn
KING Freddie L. April 19, 1907 May 05, 1981  
KING Homer J.  Apr 22, 1891 Age 1y, 3m, 7d
Son of C. & J. M. King
No Birth Date
KING Jacob T.  Jan 9, 1862 Age 17y, 7m, 7d
Son of John D. & Mary King
No Birth Date
KING Jane L. March 23, 1916 December 31, 1979  
KING Laban C. 1877 1952  Same stone with Anna King
KING Mary   February 20, 1907 Age 87 Years
Wife of John D. King
No Birth Date
KING Nancy  Mar 17, 1867 Age 66y, 6m
Wife of Peter King
No Birth Date
KING Peter T.  Oct 15, 1880 No Birth Date
Stone mostly unreadable, down, broken and worn
KING Sarah  August 08, 1937 Age 88 YearsNo Birth Date
KIRCHER John 1911 1935  
McCLOUD Elsie 1886 1972  
McCLOUD Infant Son & Dau 1920 1920 Children of Lou E. & James A. McCloud 
McCLOUD James A. 1848 1943  Same stone with Laura McCloud
McCLOUD James A. 1892 1936 Pvt US Army WWI Same stone with Lou McCloud
McCLOUD Laura A. 1853 1927  Maiden Name Andrews
Same stone with James McCloud
McCLOUD Lou E. 1893 1975  Same stone with James McCloud
McELFISH Floyd 1908 1984  Same stone with Lora McElfish
McELFISH Lora 1909 2002  Same stone with Floyd McElfish
PICKETT Cindrilla Mar 5, 1847 January 24, 1925 Wife of J. C. Pickett 
PITTMAN Allie Gertrude 1886 1971  
PITTMAN Dora Olive 1882 1973   
WHEELER Margaret January 07, 1920 August 28, 2002 Sgt US Army WWII Maiden Name King
WIDNER Bessie Mae 1921 2000   
WIDNER Elsie A. 1898   No Death Date
Same stone with Tipton Widner
WIDNER General Taylor 1855 1928  No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
WIDNER Harry 1894 1963  Same stone with Jessie Widner
WIDNER Ida 1862 1938  No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
WIDNER Jessie 1894 1945  Same stone with Harry Widner
WIDNER Tipton H. 1885 1948  Same stone with Elsie Widner

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