Hopper Cemetery


Hopper Cemetery is the family burial ground of the Samuel Hopper family and is located on the southern edge of section 9, Medicine Township, Mercer County, Missouri. It is on a ridge over-looking the west fork of Honey Creek and is a mile from the nearest road.

This listing is a compilation of past surveys, original records and additional research on the known and probable burials, and some biographical information on the individuals buried there.

This material was researched and compiled by Phil & Kathi Stewart in August, 2003.

HOPPER Joseph Sep 3, 1820 Jul 22, 1867 Joseph McClinnon Hopper was born in Russell County, Kentucky, and was the son of Joseph and Agnes (Stevens) Hopper. He married Elizabeth Huff on May 13, 1840 in Russell County, Kentucky. Very little is known about Elizabeth. It appears that she is not buried at the Hopper Cemetery, and no records can be found of her after the birth of their last child in 1862. She may be buried in or around Ravanna (Mercer Co) based on their residence in 1860.

Joseph and Elizabeth Hopper had the following children:

1. Samantha, born 1843 in Russell County, KY, died May 21, 1882, married Noah Madison Laws
2. Moses H., born 1844 in Russell County, KY, married Susan Ader
3. Sampson, born Apr 21, 1846 in Russell County, KY, died Apr 3, 1859, buried at Hopper Cemetery
4. Julia Ann, born 1848 in Russell County, KY
5. Elizabeth, born 1853 in Iowa, married John Green in Mercer Co, MO
6. Thomas, born 1857 in Mercer Co, MO, died 1929 in Mercer Co, MO, married Nancy Humphreys
7. Ulysses G., born 1862 in Ravanna, Mercer Co

HOPPER Elba Jan 20, 1885 Jan 20, 1885 
HOPPER Mary Jul 20, 1880 Aug 1881 
HOPPER Sampson Apr 21, 1846 Apr 3, 1859 Some records state that the last three names were the children of Joseph and Elizabeth Hopper, but the dates indicate otherwise.

Additional Hopper Notes:

There was a Bessie Hopper (b. 1877) and a Celia Hopper (b. 1879) who were both born in Mercer County, are in the same age group as the above three, but who do not appear to be the children of Joseph and Elizabeth Hopper.

There were other families of Hoppers in Mercer County at the time, including that of Joshua Hopper (b. 1826 in Russell Co, KY), and Theophilus Hopper (b. 1823 in Russell Co, KY). Joshua and Theophilus were brothers. A relationship between these individuals and Joseph Hopper has not been established.

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