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Eastin Cemetery is located in section 5 of Lindley Township in the northwest corner of Mercer County. It is abandoned and not maintained, and is approximately 1/4 mile from the nearest maintained road. It is only accessable via a dirt farm lane. From Princeton, go west four-and-a-half miles to route B. Go north (right) on route B for 13 miles to the first gravel road to the left past Freedom Cemetery. The gravel road is off from a sharp right turn in the blacktop. Go about 1/4 mile south on the gravel road to the first dirt lane to the right (west). Follow this until it ends. The cemetery is located in the trees directly to your left.

Due to its present condition (August 2003), a new survey could not be conducted. The following information is compiled from various sources including old surveys, mortuary records, genealogy files and other sources found at the Mercer County Library in Princeton.

The information was researched and compiled by Phil & Kathi Stewart in August, 2003.

BROWN Mary A.  Feb 7, 1890 Age 17y, 11, 12d No Birth Date
CORNETT James  Sep 18, 1876 Age 8 months No Birth Date
Son of Robert & Mary Cornett
CORNETT Louisa Aug 24, 1867 Apr 8, 1869 Age 1y, 7m, 17d
Dau of R. & M. R. Cornett
CORNETT Mary R. Jul 31, 1836 August 24, 1906 Age 70y, 24d
Wife of Robert Cornett
Dau of William & Rachel Kindred
Previously married to Moses Owens
CORNETT Robert Sep 12, 1840 May 27, 1907 Age 66y, 8m, 15d 
EASTIN Alma M. 1897   
EASTIN Coil  February 08, 1902 Age 1y, 21d No Birth Date
EASTIN Dodson F. Jan 28, 1823 Oct 9, 1894  Born in Madison Co, KY
Son of John J. & Nancy (Darling) Eastin
Wife's name was Cynthia
EASTIN Ella 1867 1943  
EASTIN Harvey 1869 1938  Son of Dodson & Cynthia Eastin
Born in Pleasanton (Decatur Co), Iowa
Married Sara Ellen Oxford
EASTIN John J. Apr 30, 1804 Feb 28, 1867 Age 62y, 10m, 15d Born in Madison County, KY
Husband of Nancy Ann Darling
EASTIN Lettie  Oct 22, 1871 Age 1 day
Dau of T. R. & E. Eastin
No Birth Date
EASTIN Levi Apr 29, 1830 August 21, 1909  Buried in Vernon Cemetery, Yuma County, CO
Son of John J. & Nancy (Darling) Eastin
EASTIN Martha E. May 1, 1870 Jan 6, 1890 Dau of L. & N. A. Eastin 
EASTIN Nancy Nov 6, 1800 Aug 27, 1863 Age 62y, 9m, 21d
Wife of J. Eastin
EASTIN Nancy A. Oct 12, 1835 Sep 23, 1887 Wife of Levi Eastin Dau of Luther and Nancy Kimball
Born in Virginia
EASTIN Roy 1893 1950  
EASTIN Waldo  Oct 8, 1881 Age 2 days
Son of T. R. & E. Eastin
No Birth Date
EDWARDS Infant Son  Oct 28, 1892 Son of C. H. & R. A. Edwards 
KINDRED Andrew Jackson  December 10, 1958 Age 86y, 2m, 2d No Birth Date
KINDRED Audie September 30, 1905 November 12, 1913 Dau of L. M. & S. E. Kindred 
KINDRED Beverly V.  Sep 1, 1869 Age 1y, 1m, 10d
Dau of J. & M. E. Kindred
No Birth Date
KINDRED Charley G.  Jul 7, 1876 Age 4m, 21d
Son of J. & M. E. Kindred
No Birth Date
KINDRED James Mar 15, 1834 April 25, 1929  Son of William & Rachel Kindred
Born in Jackson Co, Indiana
Husband of Mary Eastin
KINDRED James A.  Apr 22, 1879 Age 4y, 5m, 19d
Son of J. & M. E. Kindred
No Birth Date
KINDRED James P.  Aug 25, 1899 Age 18y, 8m, 25d No Birth Date
KINDRED Mary E. Aug 4, 1834 January 19, 1922 Wife of James Kindred Born in Kentucky
KINDRED Mary F. 1862 1953  
KINDRED Mary L.  Apr 2, 1884 Age 9 days No Birth Date
KINDRED Maudie September 30, 1905 November 25, 1906 Dau of L. M. & S. E. Kindred 
KINDRED Nancy C.  Jan 29, 1880 Age 24y, 1m, 4d
Dau of J. & M. E. Kindred
No Birth Date
KINDRED Robert K.  Oct 5, 1876 Age 10y, 1m, 7d
Son of J. & M. E. Kindred
No Birth Date
KINDRED Sarah D.  Mar 22, 1864 Age 3y, 5m, 5d
Dau of J. & M. Kindred
No Birth Date
KINDRED W. A. Jr 1915 1924  
KINDRED William A. 1882 1963  Son of Andrew J. & Mary Kindred
Married Dona Graves
Died in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
MOORE Andrew Jackson  December 28, 1947 Age 79y, 1m, 16d No Birth Date
MOORE Infant Son  Feb 11, 1894 Age 9 days
Son of A. J. & S. E. Moore
No Birth Date
MOORE Nannie E. Apr 22, 1895 January 04, 1914 Dau of A. J. & S. E. Moore 
MOORE Susan E. 1870 1963  
OWENS Moses J. Aug 2, 1827 Sep 8, 1863 Co C 35th MO Vol Infantry Killed in action at Helena, Arkansas
Born in Jackson Co, IN
Hus of Mary R. Kindred
OWENS Sarah F.  May 14, 1864 Age 4y, 8m, 2d
Dau of M. J. & R. Owens
No Birth Date
PAYNE John  Oct 5, 1864 Age 17y, 7m, 1d
Died at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri
No Birth Date
WRIGHT Clayborn  Oct 13. 1864 Age 1y, 11m, 5d
Son of B. & S. Wright
No Birth Date

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