Constable Cemetery


Constable Cemetery is located in section 21 of Harrison Township in Mercer County. From Princeton, go east on highway 136 approximately five miles and turn right (north) on blacktop B. Go north approximately two miles to the first gravel road to the left (west). Go west one mile. The road will "Y" off. Go the the right (north) and go to the first house on the right. The cemetery can be seen from the driveway. It is approximately 1/4 mile from the road on private property. This list is compiled from various sources including old surveys, burial records and family histories. It should not be considered a complete list of burials.

CLARK Albert M. 1866 1940  Same stone with Junia Clark
CLARK Elizabeth Jan 11, 1810 Oct 18, 1876  Wife of Samuel Clark
Maiden Name Davis
CLARK Emily 1856 1947  Same stone with Lowry Clark
Wife of Lowry Clark
CLARK Enos Moon Apr 11, 1828 November 02, 1911  Same stone with Evelina Clark
CLARK Eva E. 1910 1925  
CLARK Evelina V. Sep 25, 1845 July 28, 1916  Same stone with Enos Clark
CLARK H. W. Dec 11, 1841   No Death Date
Same stone with Sarah Clark
CLARK Infant Son  Oct 13, 1866 Age 1m, 12d
Son of H. W. & S. J. Clark
No Birth Date
CLARK John W.  Apr 13, 1870 Age 1y, 11d
Son of H. W. & S. J. Clark
No Birth Date
CLARK Junia V. 1875 1948  Same stone with Albert Clark
CLARK Loren  Aug 4, 1897 Age 1m, 27d
Child of J. L. & M. E. Clark
No Birth Date
CLARK Lowry 1865 1920  Same stone with Emily Clark
CLARK Myrtle L.  July 21, 1897 Age 7y, 6m, 10d
Dau of J. L. & M. E. Clark
No Birth Date
CLARK Roy H. 1900 1954  
CLARK Samuel Feb 22, 1811 Dec 17, 1893  Husband of Elizabeth (Davis) Clark
CLARK Sarah J. Nov 27, 1845 March 16, 1934  Wife of H. W. Clark
Same stone with H. W. Clark
CLARK Wiley S. 1873 1964  
CONKLYN Anna V.  Mar 1, 1895 Age 24y, 6m, 24dNo Birth Date
Same stone with Edward Conklyn
CONKLYN E. N.  Apr 14, 1891 Age 27y, 10m, 21dNo Birth Date
Name Edward Nelson
Initials Only on Stone
Same stone with Anna Conklyn
CONKLYN Ezekiel  Dec 3, 1870 Age 43y, 8m, 24d
Husband of Isabel Conklyn
No Birth Date
CONKLYN Isabel  March 23, 1902 Age 63y, 1m, 13dNo Birth Date
Wife of Ezekiel Conklyn
CONKLYN Joseph  Apr 19, 1862 Age 2y, 9m, 10d
Son of E. & I. Conklyn
No Birth Date
CONKLYN Thomas M.  Aug 6, 1863 Age 1y, 8m, 25d
Son of E. & I. Conklyn
No Birth Date
CONSTABLE Infant Son 1856 1856 Son of L. N. & S. A. Constable 
CONSTABLE Infant Son 1873 1873 Son of L. N. & S. A. Constable 
CONSTABLE L. N. 1823 1900  Same stone with Sarah Constable
Born in Virginia
CONSTABLE Oscar  Sep 4, 1892 Age 1y, 1m, 7d
Son of V. W. & S. E. Constable
No Birth Date
CONSTABLE Sarah Ann 1839 1919  Wife of L. N. Constable
Same stone with L. N. Constable
Born in Virginia
CONSTABLE Theodore 1859 1862 Son of L. N. & S. A. Constable 
CONSTABLE Victor  Feb 19, 1892 Age 30y, 1m, 29dNo Birth Date
Husband of Sarah E. Constable
CRAIG Lionel Sep 1, 1897 Sep 1, 1897 Son of M. & S. Craig 
GOINS Mary E. 1862 1889  
HART James B.  Dec 28, 1859 Age 2 Months
Son of P. & L. C. Hart
No Birth Date
INGERSOLL Charles J.  Jun 14, 1888 Age 38y, 3m, 5dNo Birth Date
MOORE Robert J.  Jul 30, 1874 Age 1y, 2m, 10d
Son of J. & M. A. Moore
No Birth Date
O'NEAL Allela Sep 27, 1876 May 29, 1906  Wife of Edwin O'Neal
Dau of William & C. (Goins) Graves
O'NEAL Francis E. 1873 1945  
O'NEAL Infant Son  Apr 30, 1872 Son of L. N. & S. J. O'NealNo Birth Date
O'NEAL Jennie P.   Feb 23, 1897 Age 3m, 8dNo Birth Date
O'NEAL Marion Sep 5, 1842 February 05, 1938 Co I 23rd MO Infantry No Dates on Stone
Military Stone
Son of Jesse & Nancy (Lyons) O'Neal
Husband of Sarah Frances Byrd
O'NEAL Nancy 1817 1909  
O'NEAL Sina A.  Feb 12, 1873 Age 4y, 6m, 22d
Dau of M. & S. F. O'Neal
No Birth Date
O'NEAL Ward R. Dec 6, 1897 January 02, 1924  
O'NEAL Warnie  Feb 24, 1897 Age 1y, 10m, 8dNo Birth Date

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