Collings Cemetery


Collings Cemetery is located in section 29 of Ravanna Township, approximately three miles east of Princeton. From Princeton, go east on highway 136 to the first gravel road to the right. Go south approx 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on top of the hill west of the road. Collings Cemetery was once totally abandoned and overgrown, but has recently been cleared. Although it is not routinely maintained, it is accessible by foot. The following list has been compiled from various sources including old surveys, burial records and family histories. It should not be considered a complete list of burials.

ADER Charles A.  Jul 18, 1862 Age 11y, 2m, 22d
Son of Jacob & Harriet Ader
No Birth Date
ADER Harriet  Dec 20, 1872 Age 48y, 1m, 4d
Wife of Jacob Ader
No Birth Date
Same stone with Jacob Ader
2nd Wife of Jacob Ader
Born in Indiana
Maiden Name Hunter
ADER Harriet E.  Jul 7, 1872 Age 6m, 8d
Dau of S. & H. Ader
No Birth Date
ADER Jacob Albert Oct 21, 1820 Sep 13, 1892 Age 71y, 10m, 22d Same stone with Harriet Ader
Son of John & Susannah (Ripple) Ader
Born in North Carolina
ADER John Feb 15, 1789 Aug 30, 1864  Husband of Susannah Ader
Son of Adam & Elizabeth Ader
Born in Maryland
ADER Susannah May 8, 1791 May 8, 1854  Wife of John Ader
Maiden Name Ripple
Born in Maryland
ARMSTRONG Clara A. Dec 2, 1859 Jun 3, 1860 Dau of H. H. & Mary Armstrong 
ARMSTRONG Cyrus E. Jul 24, 1830 June 21, 1906  Son of James & Hettie Armstrong
Husband of Sarah Henley
ARMSTRONG Joseph W. Feb 16, 1866 May 17, 1867 Son of H. H. & Mary Armstrong 
ARMSTRONG Sarah A. Nov 22, 1843 Mar 17, 1880 Wife of C. E. Armstrong Dau of Burell & Mary (Rogers) Henley
Born in Arkansas
BAXTER Clara E.   1892 Wife of Charles Z. Baxter
Obit dated Aug 24, 1892
Birth Date unreadable
BECK Lucinda  Jan 24, 1894 Age 86y, 2m, 22d
Wife of William Beck
No Birth Date
BECK W. T.  Nov 7, 1862 Age 31y, 7m, 15dNo Birth Date
Son of William & Lucinda Beck
Died while serving in Civil War with Co C,
3rd MO Cavalry
BRADLEY Gideon L. Aug 1, 1852 Oct 29, 1862 Son of Joseph & Almira Bradley 
BRYAN Ahaz Feb 29, 1792 Aug 29, 1852 Age 59y, 8m  
BRYAN Elizabeth J.  Feb 9, 1865 Age 31y, 3m, 7d Wife of A. W. BryanNo Birth Date
BRYAN Jonathan H.  Oct 7, 1857 Age 1y, 2m, 4dNo Birth Date
Same stone with Elizabeth Bryan
BRYAN Margaret Jan 21, 1865 Jan 29, 1868  Dau of A. W. & Elizabeth Bryan
BRYAN Mary   May 13, 1874 Age 77y, 1m, 14dNo Birth Date
BRYAN Teresa Jul 17, 1871 Sep 5, 1873  Dau of A. W. & Elizabeth Bryan
BUNTON James Aug 20, 1806 May 21, 1860  
BURK Martha Ellen  Feb 10, 1875 Age 33y, 1m, 15d
Wife of D. S. Burk
No Birth Date
BUSH Frances E.  Jun 2, 1875 Age 24y, 21d
Wife of W. W. Bush
No Birth Date
COKER Clarissa Jane Feb 29, 1860 Aug 27, 1879  Dau of Isaac & Hannah Coker
COKER Hannah M. Jul 11, 1832 May 21, 1879  
COKER Hannah M.  Feb 22, 1872 Age 11m, 13dNo Birth Date
COKER Melvina Oct 8, 1855 May 21, 1878  Dau of Isaac & Hannah Coker
COLLINGS Abraham L.  Dec 27, 1862 Age 61y, 7m, 24dNo Birth Date
Son of Spencer & Catherine Collings
Born in Shelby Co., KY
Husband of Lydia Graham
COLLINGS Chestina A.  Feb 2, 1855 Age 1y, 6m, 27dNo Birth Date
COLLINGS Florence  Nov 7, 1862 Dau of William & M. E. CollingsNo Birth Date
COLLINGS Jennie  Feb 10, 1874 Age 1y, 8m, 4d
Dau of William & M. E. Collings
No Birth Date
COLLINGS Joseph G. 1826 1861  Son of Abraham & Lydia Collings
COLLINGS Joseph G. Jr 1862 1868  
COLLINGS Lilly Frances 1879   Death Date unreadable
Dau of William & Mary Collings
COLLINGS Lydia 1803 Dec 13, 1885  Wife of Abraham Collings
Dau of Joseph Graham
Born in Kentucky
COLLINGS Margaret   Age 2 Years
Dau of William & Mary Collings
Dates unreadable
COLLINGS Martha E. 1855 1877  
COLLINGS Mary A.  Jan 14, 1872 Age 5y, 7m 3d
Dau of Lorenzo & Sophia Collings
No Birth Date
COLLINGS Mary C.  Oct 6, 1869 Age 2y, 1m, 8d
Dau of A. & R. Collings
No Birth Date
COLLINGS Mary F.  August 18, 1922 Age 71y, 5m, 13dNo Birth Date
Same stone with William Collings
COLLINGS Mary L. 1825 1895  
COLLINGS Mase  No Birth DateNo Dates
Military Stone
Co I 7th MO State Militia Cavalry
COLLINGS William A.  December 25, 1926 Age 80y, 9m, 5dNo Birth Date
Same stone with Mary F. Collings
DAVIS Annie  Jul 18, 1892 Age 28y, 5m, 12d
Wife of J. L. Davis
No Birth Date
DAVIS Frank  Jan 8, 1892 Age 3m, 27d
Son of J. L. & A. Davis
No Birth Date
DAVIS James L. 1859 1920  
DAVIS Rose Ella Jan 16, 1861 July 04, 1939  
EVANS Hiram F.  May 7, 1873 Age 1y, 3m, 6d
Son of J. & E. Evans
No Birth Date
EVANS Robert Oct 4, 1822 Sep 1852  
FIEHLER George W. 1872 1873  Son of George & Mary Fiehler
GANNON Lucinda Margaret  Feb 2, 1875 Age 24y, 8m, 1dNo Birth Date
GANNON Mary Jane  Oct 25, 1869 Age 25y, 1m, 2dNo Birth Date
GANNON Sabra B.  Aug 28, 1869 Age 1m, 2d
Dau of Mary Jane Gannon
No Birth Date
GARLAND Mary E.  Oct 2, 1879 Age 2y, 1m, 18d
Dau of T. & E. Garland
No Birth Date
HALL Jehu Feb 12, 1805 Feb 28, 1886  Son of Samuel & Nancy (Steele) Hall
Born in North Carolina
Husband of Rosannah Rhodes & Cynthia Rhodes
HALL Maggie May 6, 1883 Jun 2, 1884  
HALL Mariah Dec 3, 1818 Nov 3, 1893 Wife of Thomas Dow Hall
HALL Perry N. Aug 24, 1869 Apr 16, 1882 Son of Bird Pyle Hall and Elizabeth Jane Street
HALL Rosanna  Sep 19, 1873 Age 64y, 3m, 18d
Wife of J. Hall
No Birth Date
Wife of Jehu Hall
Dau of Jesse & Martha Rhodes
Born in Tennessee
HALL S. P.  Mar 28, 1890 Age 53y, 4m, 5d Given name Samuel P.
Son of Thomas Dow and Mariah Hall
No Birth Date
Co I 7th MO State Militia Cavalry
HALL Thomas Dow Dec 18, 1813 Mar 8, 1886  Son of Samuel & Nancy (Steele) Hall
Husband of Mariah Hall
HALLOCK Elisha W.  Jul 15, 1871 Son of Ira & Julia HallockBirth Date unreadable
HENLEY E. J. 1849 1933  
OWEN Carl C.  Sep 3, 1881 Age 1y, 21d
Son of R. M. & M. I Owen
No Birth Date
PICKETT Eliza  Jun 13, 1875 Age 52 Years
Wife of C. Pickett
No Birth Date
PICKETT John L . Jun 20, 1878 Age 1y, 4m, 12d
Son of M. & M. A. Pickett
No Birth Date
PICKETT Melinda  Oct 23, 1857 Age 2y, 11m, 23d
Dau of William & Rachel Pickett
No Birth Date
POWELL Allie  Mar 20, 1871 Age 28y, 6m, 10d
Wife of J. L. Powell
No Birth Date
POWELL Andrew 1836 1858  Son of Moses & Agnes Powell
Born in Illinois
POWELL Benjamin Franklin Jun 23, 1848 May 07, 1928  Son of Moses & Mary Powell
POWELL Betty (Pickett) Aug 1, 1860 December 12, 1928 Wife of B. F. Powell 
POWELL Dora A.  Aug 19, 1871 Age 6m, 15d
Dau of J. L. & A. Powell
No Birth Date
POWELL Eliza A. Oct 2, 1823 Jun 8, 1895  
POWELL Julia A.  Jul 10, 1875 Age 33y, 1m, 20d
Wife of B. F. Powell
No Birth Date
POWELL Mary  1869 Birth Date unknown
POWELL Moses 1805 1883  Son of Simon & Jane (Johnson) Powell
Born in Kentucky
Husband of Agnes McElvain, Mary Humphrey Street, and Eliza Calvin
POWELL Nora M.  Dec 21, 1874 Age 1m, 25d
Dau of J. L. & A. Powell
No Birth Date
PRETTYMAN Sarah Margaret21 Oct 21, 1826 Sep 27, 1896 Age 69 y, 11m, 6d
Daughter of John and Susanna (Ripple) Ader
Born in Stokes Co., NC
Married 1st Robert Evans; 2nd Lewis Hedden; 3rd Isaac Prettyman
ROWE Jane  May 30, 1869 Age 14y, 8m, 18dNo Birth Date
SHOOK Sarah C.  Sep 8, 1876 Age 49y, 11m, 3dNo Birth Date
Maiden Name Smith
SMITH Elmira  Feb 6, 1874 Age 37y, 3m, 17d
Wife of William Smith
No Birth Date
SPENCER Sarah M. Apr 17, 1823 Jul 4, 1859 Wife of O. Spencer 
SUMNER Joel Auty  Sep 1, 1878 Age 7y, 11d
Son of S. C. & E. Sumner
No Birth Date
Van AKEN Amelia  Mar 9, 1873 Age 75y, 1d
Wife of J. Van Aken
No Birth Date
Van AKEN Jerimiah  Jul 8, 1877 Age 82y, 5dNo Birth Date
Husband of Amelia VanAken
Son of Gideon & Elizabeth (Masten) Van Aken
Born in New York
Van AKEN Marquis O.  Nov 20, 1871 Age 39 Years
Son of J. & A. Van Aken
No Birth Date
Van AKEN Mary Ann Sep 7, 1821 Jan 25, 1897  
WELLS Olive  Oct 12, 1874 Age 9m, 24d
Dau of D. W. & R. E. Wells
No Birth Date
WELLS Ranson  Jul 31, 1871 Age 1y, 2m, 19d
Son of D. W. & R. E. Wells
No Birth Date

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