Chestnut Cemetery


Chestnut Cemetery is located in section 3 of Madison Township in the extreme southwest corner of Mercer County. From Modena, go south just over one mile to the second road to the right (west). This road will quickly turn to a semi-gravel/dirt farm road. Continue west one-and-a-half miles. The road will turn to the south at the top of a hill. The cemetery is located approximately 1/4 mile north of the road in a pasture/timber area and is on private property.

The following information was obtained from various sources and compiled as a listing of known burials and related information by Phil Stewart in February, 2004.

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BANE Charlie 1888 1909  
BANE Edelia Nov 2, 1875 Jan 8, 1875 Dau of L. & M. R. Bane 
BANE Frances L.  Jan 12, 1886 Dau of L. & M. BaneNo Birth Date
BANE J. Levi 1883 1907  
BANE Martha 1855 1898  
BANE Perdelia  Feb 15, 1886 Age 5 days Dau of L. & M. BaneNo Birth Date
BRUSH Harriet L. Dec 8, 1832 September 14, 1911 Wife of Lewis Brush 
BRUSH James Jul 12, 1864 Sep 17, 1864 Son of L. & H. L. Brush 
BRUSH Jane Jul 12, 1864 Jul 30, 1864 Dau of L. & H. L. Brush 
BRUSH Lewis Dec 6, 1819 Feb 7, 1882  Born in New York
BRUSH Sarah J.   Jan 10, 1871 Age 5y, 17d Dau of L. & H. L. BrushNo Birth Date
CHESTNUT Mary F.  Nov 16, 1868 Age 22y, 9m, 23d
Wife of W. T. Chestnut
No Birth Date
DIBBLE Millie  Sep 14, 1889 Age 78y, 5m, 25d
Wife of E. H. Dibble
No Birth Date
DOWNEY Amos 1848 1936  Born in Cole County, Illinois
DOWNEY Margaret May 18, 1856 May 13, 1896  Wife of Amos Downey
Dau of John & Jane (McCann) Powers
Born in Mercer County
ELLSWORTH Jacob 1842 1929   Son of Adam & Sally (Rector) Ellsworth
Born in Madison County, Illinois
ELLSWORTH Jonathan  Sep 8, 1865 Age 1y, 1m, 24d
Son of J. & S. J. Ellsworth
No Birth Date
ELLSWORTH Susan Jane 1842 1919   Same Stone with Jacob Ellsworth
Wife of Jacob Ellsworth
FEARS Edna   Nov 4, 1881 Age 1y, 4m, 23d
Dau of B. & A. Fears
No Birth Date
FEARS Reason F.  Aug 31, 1881 No Birth Date
Son of J. & M. C. Fears
GAY Armeda  Sep 30, 1890 Age 3y, 8m, 29d
Dau of H. E. & N. C. Gay
No Birth Date
GAY Dale  Oct 11, 1896 Age 3y, 1m, 20d
Son of H. E. & N. C. Gay
No Birth Date
GAY Elizabeth A.  Nov 25, 1875 No Birth Date
Wife of Henry Gay
GAY Henry  November 30, 1906 Age 68y, 3m, 2dNo Birth Date
GAY Infant Dau  Nov 9, 1875 Dau of H. & E. A. Gay 
GAY William Thomas Aug 26, 1866 July 01, 1928  
HALL James H.   Mar 23, 1859 Age 44y, 11m, 1d 
HAMILTON Franklin   Jun 19, 1864 Age 1 Day
Son of Z. & R. Hamilton
No Birth Date
HAMILTON Lucretia  Jan 21, 1866 Age 21y, 10m, 15d
Wife of B. H. Hamilton
No Birth Date
HAMILTON Mason  Oct 10, 1874 Age 10m, 17dNo Birth Date
HAMILTON Reason  Oct 11, 1893 Age 72 Years
Co I 7th MO State Militia Cavalry
No Birth Date
HAMILTON William T.  Mar 10, 1868 Age 1y, 1m, 28d
Son of Z. & R. Hamilton
No Birth Date
HARTSHORN Infant Son  Apr 12, 1879 Son of William & Mary HartshornNo Birth Date
HARTSHORN Mary Ann  July 23, 1901 Age 54y, 1m No Birth Date
Wife of William Hartshorn
Dau of John & Jane (McCann) Power
HARTSHORN Minnie  Jul 7, 1873 Age 9y, 8m, 27d
Dau of William & Mary Hartshorn
No Birth Date
HARTSHORN William Apr 9, 1838 January 27, 1907  
HARVEY Frances A. Mar 1, 1820 Apr 11, 1889  Wife of James Harvey
HARVEY Franklin Sep 28, 1858 Dec 15, 1863  Son of James & Frances Harvey
HARVEY James Jun 28, 1816 Dec 21, 1893  
HARVEY Matilda J.  Aug 18, 1878 Age 1 Year
Dau of J. & J. Harvey
No Birth Date
JEROME Albert   Nov 10, 1857 Age 11m, 10d
Son of W. L. & M. E. Jerome
No Birth Date
JEROME Charles W.  Feb 27, 1862 Age 9y, 4m, 27d
Son of W. L. & M. E. Jerome
JEROME Mary E.  Oct 31, 1866 Age 42y, 8m, 2d
Wife of W. L. Jerome
No Birth Date
JEROME Mary J.   Nov 18, 1866 Age 12y, 29d
Dau of W. L. & M. E. Jerome
No Birth Date
KRONENBERGER C. E. 1887 1889   
LONG John P.  Aug 19, 1865 Son of B. A. & Z. LongNo Birth Date
LONG Millard F.  May 8, 1862 Age 2m, 5d Son of B. A. & Z. LongNo Birth Date
LONG Oscar  Aug 19, 1865 Son of B. A. & Z. LongNo Birth Date
MILNER Infant Son   Mar 31, 1871 Age 10 Days
Son of H. R. & Mary Milne
No Birth Date
MILNER Louisa J.  May 17, 1863 Age 4y, 3m, 15d
Dau of H. R. & Mary Milner
No Birth Date
MYERS Dorrell F.  November 13, 1918 Age 3m, 24d Son of H. F. & Dollie MyersNo Birth Date
NORTON Claude F. August 20, 1911 February 05, 1920  
NORTON Claude F. August 20, 1911 February 05, 1920  
NORTON Henry D. Dec 21, 1836 December 12, 1906  
NORTON James W. 1866 1940   
NORTON Jesse  Dec 4, 1887 Age 33y, 10m, 18dNo Birth Date
NORTON Mahala  Sep 20, 1858 Age 7y, 3m, 15d
Dau of J. B. & T. Norton
No Birth Date
NORTON Nancy J. Nov 9, 1839 March 06, 1911  Wife of Henry D. Norton
NORTON Robert     Co C 35th MO Infantry No Dates
Military Stone
NORTON Telitha  Sep 5, 1882 Age 65y, 8m, 20d
Wife of J. B. Norton
No Birth Date
POWER Anderson R.  Mar 23, 1899 Age 2m, 9d
Son of Sylvester & Maudie Power
No Birth Date
POWER Andrew Nov 22, 1845 August 08, 1920  Son of John & Jane (McCann) Power
Born in Hancock County, Indiana
POWER Barbara  Mar 5, 1893 Age 18y, 10m, 6d
Dau of A. & E. Power
No Birth Date
POWER Elizabeth J. Apr 7, 1850 June 08, 1922  Wife of Andrew Power
Married in Grundy County by J. P. William Hartshorn
RENFRO Malissa  Jan 12, 1869 Age 1y, 3m, 5d
Dau of M. & E. Renfro
RICKETTS Amy L.  Mar 15, 1890 Age 54y, 7m, 16d
Wife of J. D. Ricketts
No Birth Date
SANDLIN Franklin   Jul 16, 1875 Age 1y, 6m, 2d
Son of H. C. & E. Sadlin
No Birth Date
STANLEY Rebecca Jul 15, 1812 Sep 6, 1881  
STEELE Charles L. 1892 1946   
STEELE Ednam  Jun 17, 1889 Age 2y, 7m
Son of B. & E. Steele
No Birth Date
STEELE Ella 1865 1920  Wife of Samuel Steele
Maiden Name Norton
STEELE Samuel B. 1857 1918  
STEELE Walter G.  May 14, 1901 Age 8m, 20dNo Birth Date
STEELE Wilber D.  October 20, 1904 Age 1m, 20d
Son of S. B. & E. Steele
No Birth Date
STEELE William H.  December 01, 1903 Age 14y, 8m, 8d
Son of S. B. & E. Steele
No Birth Date
SWEETMAN Infant Son  Dec 22, 1871 Age 1 Day
Son of J. A. & M. E. Sweetman
No Birth Date
TURNER Raymond Luther   Jul 24, 1891 Age 3 months
Son of J. H. & M. C. Turner
No Birth Date
VANDERPOOL Susannah 1802 1875 Wife of Levi 
WOOD Amos  Sep 6, 1868 Age 68 Years
Husband of Millie Wood
No Birth Date

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