Brantley Cemetery


Brantley Cemetery is located in section 6 of Medicine Township in east-central Mercer County. From Princeton, go south on highway 65 for about two miles to blacktop E. Turn left (east) on blacktop E and go six miles to the gravel road to the left at the curve. There is a sign at the corner directing to Brantley Cemetery. Go east on the gravel road a little less than two miles. There will be a sign on the left for Brantley Cemetery. Cross the cattle guard and follow the gravelled lane up the hill and to the right. The cemetery is at the end of the lane. It is well maintained, but a few of the stones are worn and/or damaged and are now unreadable.

This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on July 5, 2004.

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BARNES Iona  October 16, 1906 Age 47y, 3m, 10d
Wife of J. B. Barnes
No Birth Date
Dau of Harrison & Hannah Orndorff
BAXTER Jess B. 1879 1932  Same stone with Katherine Baxter
BAXTER Katherine 1881 1940  Same stone with Jess Baxter
BECK Minnie M. Jul 4, 1879 November 11, 1912 Wife of H. H. Beck 
BRANTLEY Ada C. Jan 29, 1873 July 15, 1946  Same stone with James Brantley
BRANTLEY Alice 1876 1977  Daughter of Richard & Rachel Brantley
Richard, Rachel and Alice are listed in 1930 Census of Sullivan Co., Missouri
BRANTLEY Alpha B. Jan 21, 1874 August 25, 1920 Wife of H. C. Brantley 
BRANTLEY Amanda M.  May 30, 1896 Age 35y, 3m, 25d
Wife of James Brantley
No Birth Date
BRANTLEY Bertha Ellen Feb 25, 1884 June 02, 1963  Maiden Name Hicks
Same stone with J. Frank Brantley
BRANTLEY Bertha May Sep 10, 1884 Dec 29, 1884 Dau of William & Catherine Brantley 
BRANTLEY Catherine A.  Mar 29, 1886 Age 23y, 5m, 16d
Wife of William Brantley
No Birth Date
BRANTLEY Charlie  Nov 15, 1887 Age 16y, 6m, 4d
Son of John & M. J. Brantley
No Birth Date
BRANTLEY Charlie A.  December 28, 1908 Age 2m, 29d
Son of H. C. & A. B. Brantley
No Birth Date
BRANTLEY Clara M. 1882 1946  Same stone with Loren Brantley
BRANTLEY Earl Clyde 1898 1951  
BRANTLEY Elizabeth Apr 8, 1842 June 02, 1927 Wife of Jordan Brantley Same stone with Jordan Brantley
BRANTLEY Elzada 1864 1867  Dau of Richard & Ruth Brantley
BRANTLEY Genevieve E. 1908 1980  Same stone with Herbert Brantley
BRANTLEY Harley B. 1884 1977  Same stone with Pearl Brantley
BRANTLEY Henry  Nov 22, 1861 Age 19y, 9m, 24d
Son of William & Mahala Brantley
No Birth Date
BRANTLEY Henry C. Aug 21, 1873 November 15, 1933  
BRANTLEY Herbert L. 1908 1989  Same stone with Genevieve Brantley
BRANTLEY Infant Dau Feb 11, 1897 Feb 11, 1897 Dau of Luther & Mary Brantley 
BRANTLEY Infant Son  Aug 21, 1898 Son of H. C. & A. B. BrantleyNo Birth Date
BRANTLEY Iphy 1867 1949  Maiden Name Brantley
BRANTLEY James May 30, 1857 September 17, 1921  Same stone with Ada Brantley
BRANTLEY J. Frank Jan 26, 1879 July 03, 1947 Son of William & Catherine Brantley Same stone with Bertha Ellen Brantley
BRANTLEY John J. 1852 1928  Same stone with Melissa Brantley
BRANTLEY Jordan Nov 29, 1846 February 15, 1908  Same stone with Elizabeth Brantley
BRANTLEY Leander 1860 1943  Son of Richard & Rachel Brantley
Same stone with Mary Brantley
BRANTLEY Leo M.  Oct 2, 1887 Age 11y, 11m, 22d
Son of John & M. J. Brantley
No Birth Date
BRANTLEY LeRoy 1861 1865  Son of Richard & Ruth Brantley
BRANTLEY Loren O. 1882 1976  Same stone with Clara Brantley
BRANTLEY Mahala Page  December 28, 1904 Age 88y, 9m, 3dNo Birth Date
Born in West Virginia
Same stone with William Brantley
BRANTLEY Mary 1860 1941  Same stone with Leander Brantley
BRANTLEY Mary 1906 2002  Maiden Name Pigg
Same stone with William J. Brantley
BRANTLEY Melissa Jane 1848 1903  Same stone with John J. Brantley
BRANTLEY Oral Nov 1, 1886 Apr 16, 1899 Son of Luther & Mary BrantleyNo Birth Date
BRANTLEY Pearl M. 1887 1941  Same stone with Harley Brantley
BRANTLEY Rachel A. 1840 1935  Dau of Thomas & Nancy (Yates) Gunter
Same stone with Richard Brantley
BRANTLEY Richard 1837 1931  Same stone with Rachel Brantley
BRANTLEY Robert H. October 05, 1935 March 09, 1996  
BRANTLEY Ruth A. 1868 1878  Dau of Richard & Ruth Brantley
BRANTLEY Thomas 1870 1871  Son of Richard & Ruth Brantley
BRANTLEY William 1870 1872  Son of Richard & Ruth Brantley
BRANTLEY William  Oct 11, 1897 Age 92y, 3m, 9d No Birth Date
Born in North Carolina
Same stone with Mahala Brantley
BRANTLEY William Apr 17, 1899 Apr 17, 1899 Son of Luther & Mary Brantley 
BRANTLEY William  March 07, 1906 Age 51y, 4m, 20d
Husband of Iphy Brantley
No Birth Date
BRANTLEY William J. 1902 1984  Same stone with Mary Brantley
BRANTLEY Zelma Lois 1901 1980 Wife of Earl BrantleyNo Birth Date
BROWN Anna Caroline 1888 1954  
BROWN Everett J. 1891 1939  Same stone with Mamie Brown
BROWN J. T. Aug 5, 1848 June 13, 1920  Same stone with Mary E. Brown
BROWN Mamie A. 1892 1979  Same stone with Everett Brown
BROWN Mary E. Feb 26, 1851 September 26, 1913  Maiden Name Patterson
Same stone with J. T. Brown
BROWN Stephen Theodore 1885 1956  
CANARY Sarah V.  Jun 18, 1867 Age 9y, 8m, 12d
Dau of J. T. & D. Canary
No Birth Date
CANARY Talitha Dec 17, 1845   Dau of James T. & Delilah Canary
Death date and most info unreadable
Stone worn
CANARY Valeria  Nov 15, 1864 Age 2y, 6m, 25d
Dau of J. T. & D. Canary
No Birth Date
COIL Madge B. 1913 1992  Dau of Harley & Pearl Brantley
Same stone with Norvin Coil
COIL Norvin K. 1912 1980  Same stone with Madge Coil
CONSTABLE Alice B. September 04, 1909 November 29, 1998  
CONSTABLE Virgil C. July 29, 1912 October 11, 1979  
COUPER Nancy 1869 1921  Maiden Name Singleton
COUSINS Jennie L. 1890 1965  Same stone with L. Vern Cousins
COUSINS L. Vern 1891 1985  Same stone with Jennie Cousins
DAVIS Lutisha Sep 18, 1871 September 04, 1912 Wife of Abe Davis 
DICKERSON Anna S. 1871 1928  Same stone with W. A. Dickerson
DICKERSON W. A. 1868 1950  Same stone with Anna Dickerson
DONELSON Albert Aug 19, 1887 December 27, 1962  Same stone with Aura Donelson
DONELSON Aura A. Oct 8, 1888 May 07, 1915 Wife of Albert Donelson Same stone with Albert Donelson
DONELSON Laura Sep 22, 1870 October 18, 1929 Wife of Albert Donelson Maiden Name Wyatt
DONELSON Margaret Mar 24, 1859 February 28, 1930 Wife of Samuel Donelson Dau of Adam & Barbara Rook
Same stone with Samuel Donelson
DONELSON Millard F. Jul 16, 1886 February 26, 1900  
DONELSON Samuel May 31, 1858 June 05, 1911  Born in Pennsylvania
Son of Abraham & Sarah Donelson
Same stone with Margaret Donelson
ELLIS Sophia Jun 18, 1830 Feb 1, 1897  Listed in 1870 Census of Mercer Co., MO as the wife of Benjamin Ellis
Listed as widow in 1880 Census
EVANS Catherin A.  1891 No Birth Date
Other info unreadable
Stone worn
EVANS Judson  Jan 7, 1879 Age 2m, 26d
Son of J. A. & E, M. Evans
No Birth Date
GUNTER Nancy Dec 12, 1814 April 15, 1906  Dau of Isaac & Rachel (Collings) Yates
Same stone with Thomas Gunter
GUNTER Thomas Jul 19, 1808 Apr 9, 1877  Son of Thomas & Mary (Ware) Gunter
Born in Virginia
Same stone with Nancy Gunter
HAMMOND Aaron Feb 9, 1849 November 20, 1913  Born in Vermont
Son of Lathrop & Sarah Hammond
Same stone with Jemima Hammond
HAMMOND Eli Jan 28, 1883 February 28, 1910  
HAMMOND Jemima Feb 18, 1854 January 27, 1928 Wife of Aaron Hammond Born in Missouri
Same stone with Aaron Hammond
HAMMOND Sally C.  Sep 25, 1882 Dau of J. & J. Hammond No Birth Date
Age and other info unreadable
Stone worn
HASTINGS Golda D. 1891 1960  Same stone with Leslie Hastings
HASTINGS Leslie V. 1891 1975  Same stone with Golda Hastings
HORN John 1784 1877  Son of Mathias & Susannah (Hall) Horn
Born in Kentucky
Husband of Sarah Bush
HUGHS Emma   Aug 30, 1879 Age 1 Day
Dau of W. & M. A. Hughs
No Birth Date
JOHNSTON Catharine 1810 1896  Same stone with Samuel Johnston
JOHNSTON Emerson  Jun 29, 1867 Age 1y, 5m, 18d
Son of W. & M. J. Johnston
No Birth Date
JOHNSTON M. J. 1840 1904  Same stone with William Johnston
JOHNSTON Samuel 1808 1868  Same stone with Catharine Johnston
JOHNSTON William 1836 1925  Same stone with M. J. Johnston
KEITH Alpha 1884 1958  Maiden Name Widner
Same stone with Henry Keith
KEITH Earl Edward 1909 1966 Pfc US Army WWII Same stone with Ruth Keith
KEITH Henry E. 1884 1953  Same stone with Alpha Keith
KEITH Ruth 1906 1998  Maiden Name Ellis
Same stone with Earl Keith
LAKE Jennie J.  Feb 4, 1881 Age 1y, 1m, 13d
Dau of A. & L. Lake
No Birth Date
MARTIN James 1795 Jul 26, 186? Husband of M. Martin Other info unreadable
Stone sunk and set in concrete
Born in Pennsylvania
MARTIN Margaret  Jun 13, 1872 Age 71y, 8m, 12d
Wife of James Martin
No Birth Date
Born in Pennsylvania
McCLOUD Fannie  Nov 20, 1869 Age 2m, 15d
Dau of J. & H. McCloud
No Birth Date
McCLOUD Infant Son  May 20, 1886 Son of Oscar & M. McCloudNo Birth Date
McCLOUD John Will  Feb 12, 1892 Age 2y, 6m, 2dNo Birth Date
McCLOUD Maud  Mar 28, 1892 Age 1y, 1m, 19d
Dau of Oscar & M. McCloud
No Birth Date
MILLER Charley Dec 26, 1892 Aug 17, 1893  
MILLER Clatta  Jun 17, 1886 Son of W. D. & M. E. MillerNo Birth Date
MILLER C. S.  Feb 13, 1891 Age 23y, 11m, 3dNo Birth Date
MILLER Eli Grant 1865 1947  Same stone with Minnie Miller
MILLER Ettie  Mar 12, 1890 Age 9m, 14d
Dau of E. G. & M. J. Miller
No Birth Date
MILLER Jennie A. Jan 10, 1873 March 29, 1954  Same stone with John Miller
MILLER Jessie Mar 2, 1889 Sep 10, 1891  
MILLER John H. Aug 15, 1856 December 02, 1952  Same stone with Jennie Miller
MILLER Mary E. 1866 1938  Same stone with William D. Miller
MILLER Minnie 1867 1963  Maiden Name Sumner
Same stone with Eli Miller
MILLER William D. 1860 1946  Same stone with Mary E. Miller
MOORE Infant Dau  May 15, 1882 Dau of J. R. & M. MooreNo Birth Date
MUSGRAVE Alice Lorene November 16, 1913 December 25, 1986  Same stone with John Musgrave
MUSGRAVE David B. 1946 1999  No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
MUSGRAVE John William December 01, 1913 July 20, 1989  Same stone with Alice Musgrave
NICCUM Charles A. 1882 1965  Same stone with Hulda Niccum
NICCUM Hulda 1883 1969  Same stone with Charles Niccum
NICCUM Infant Son August 01, 1925 August 01, 1925 Son of C. & Hulda Niccum 
NICCUM Infant Son 1916 1916 Son of C. & Hulda Niccum 
NICCUM William C. 1816 1917 Son of C. & Hulda Niccum 
ORNDORFF Dan 1854 1922  Name Daniel M.
Son of Harrison & Hannah Orndorff
Same stone with Eva Orndorff
ORNDORFF Eva 1852 1921 Wife of Dan Orndorff Name Evangeline
Born in Iowa
Same stone with Dan Orndorff
ORNDORFF Hannah  Dec 25, 1877 Age 59y, 11m, 17d
Wife of Harrison Orndorff
No Birth Date
Maiden Name Harbaugh
ORNDORFF Harrison Mar 31, 1815 Nov 23, 1890  Son of Philip & Eleanor (Williams) Orndorff
Born in Shenandoah Co., VA
ORNDORFF Icey L.  1877 Age 1 Year
Dau of D. & E. Orndorff
No Birth Date
Other info unreadable
Stone worn
ORNDORFF Ida Kate May 20, 1856 May 07, 1926  
ORNDORFF L. D. Apr 2, 1839 March 01, 1923  Name Lorenzo Dow
Son of Harrison & Hannah Orndorff
Born in Licking Co., Ohio
Same stone with Mary Orndorff
ORNDORFF Lonzo D.  Jan 2, 1887 Age 1y, 10m
Son of D. & E. Orndorff
No Birth Date
ORNDORFF Mary A. Sep 1, 1841 January 09, 1911  Dau of James & Hannah Glass
Born in South Carolina
Same stone with L. D. Orndorff
ORNDORFF Mary Alta Aug 5, 1890 February 15, 1907 Dau of D. & E. OrndorffNo Birth Date
ORNDORFF Seth  Aug 13, 1876 Age 5m, 12d
Son of Ida Orndorff
No Birth Date
OSBORN    Mar 5, 1864 Age 10m, 9dGiven Name unreadable
OSBORN Josephene  Jun 7, 1859 Age 1 DayNo Birth Date
OSBORN Mary J.  Mar 6, 1865 Age 18y, 2m, 27d
Dau of T. & E. Osborn
No Birth Date
PAGE Irena Oct 13, 1840 May 16, 1912 Wife of W. J. Page 
PATTERSON Charles T.  Apr 5, 1882 Age 6m, 12d
Son of J. & J. Patterson
No Birth Date
PATTERSON Infant  Oct 28, 1882 Child of E. M. & E. M. PattersonNo Birth Date
PATTERSON Leah S.  Feb 1, 1887 Age 29y, 5d
Wife of T. M. Patterson
No Birth Date
PATTERSON Oscar  Nov 3, 1890 Age 5m, 3dNo Birth Date
RHEA Susan Jul 20, 1820 Oct 6, 1889  
ROBINSON Addie O. Dec 18, 1885 May 26, 1960  Same stone with John & James Robinson
ROBINSON Augusta L. 1871 1936 Wife of Robert Robinson Same stone with Robert Robinson
ROBINSON Florence M. Oct 7, 1882 July 03, 1966  Same stone with George Robinson
ROBINSON George H. May 8, 1878 August 04, 1937  Same stone with Florence Robinson
ROBINSON James Otto January 18, 1908   No Death Date
Same stone with John & Addie Robinson
ROBINSON Jane Sep 23, 1852 March 21, 1906  Same stone with John T. Robinson
ROBINSON Jessie 1877 1959  Same stone with Park Robinson
ROBINSON John A. May 21, 1884 June 24, 1953  Same stone with James & Addie Robinson
ROBINSON John T. Nov 6, 1845 April 01, 1907  Same stone with Jane Robinson
ROBINSON Park 1869 1938  Same stone with Jessie Robinson
ROBINSON Robert D. 1871 1927  Same stone with Augusta Robinson
ROBINSON Samuel Wesley February 24, 1914 May 24, 1988 Sgt US Army WWII & KoreaNo Birth Date
ROBINSON Woodrow D. 1912 1940 Son of R. D. & Augusta Robinson 
ROOK Anson Oct 29, 1844 January 29, 1926  Son of Anson & Barbara Rook
RUSHTON Eva 1862 1953 Wife of Luke Rushton Same stone with Luke Rushton
RUSHTON Infant Son May 22, 1884 May 22, 1884 Son of Albert & Rachel Rushton 
RUSHTON Juriah  Jul 8, 1878 Age 66y, 7m, 7d
Wife of S. Rushton
No Birth Date
Dau of Vincent & Mary Vass
Born in North Carolina
RUSHTON Luke K. 1862 1925  Same stone with Eva Rushton
RUSHTON Solomon  Jan 23, 1888 Age 73y, 7m, 14dNo Birth Date
Husband of Juriah Vass
SHUEY Emma 1841 1908  Maiden Name Logan
3rd Wife of Hiram Shuey
Same stone with Hiram Shuey
SHUEY Hiram 1816 1919  Son of Henry & Mary Shuey
Born in Pickaway Co., Ohio
Died at age 102
Same stone with Emma Shuey
SUMNER Nora Alice Oct 1870 Aug 1878 Dau of D. H. & Emily Sumner 
SUNDERLAN Loosa  Sep 2, 1877 Age 30y, 7m, 22d
Wife of B. Sunderlan
No Birth Date
TOWEL Isaac  Sep 12, 1899 Age 95y, 8m, 19d No Birth Date
Son of John & Sarah (Ewing) Towel
Same stone with Margret Towel
TOWEL Margret M.  No Birth Date January 21, 1904 Age 89y, 10m, 28d
Wife of Isaac Towel
No Birth Date
Maiden Name Page
Same stone with Isaac Towel
WADSWORTH Ernest  October 05, 1900 Age 4y, 1m, 12d
Son of C. & A. Wadsworth
No Birth Date
WADSWORTH Jerry Jul 13, 1838 October 27, 1910  Same stone with Mary Wadsworth
WADSWORTH Mary Dec 13, 1836 March 28, 1932  Same stone with Jerry Wadsworth
WALKER Ursulia  Mar 3, 1868 Age 51 Years
Wife of R. Walker
No Birth Date
Wife of Reuben Walker
Dau of William & Dorothy (Embree) Day
Born in Illinois
WHELAN J. W. 1867 1917  
WIDNER Eugenie  Apr 25, 1867 Wife of H. H. Widner Birth Date and other info unreadable
Stone damaged
WIDNER Infant Son  Jun 18, 1870 Son of M. & H. H. WidnerNo Birth Date
Age and other info unreadable
Stone broken and worn
WOOD J. William November 02, 1909 November 13, 1909 Son of J. D. & Elizabeth Wood 
WYATT Chancey  Dec 10, 1894 Age 56y, 10m, 18d No Birth Date
Same stone with Sarah Wyatt
WYATT Christena Mar 14, 1866 May 13, 1891 And Infant SonSame stone with Julius Wyatt
WYATT Eliza C.  Oct 17, 1884 Age 18y, 7m, 24dNo Birth Date
WYATT John   Mar 27, 1868 Age 6y, 4m, 27d
Son of B. & L. W. Wyatt
No Birth Date
WYATT Julius L. Sep 15, 1860 August 31, 1923  Same stone with Christena Wyatt
WYATT Mary A. Jul 13, 1810 Oct 28, 1898  
WYATT Olla L.  Jan 16, 1881 Age 3y, 22d
Dau of C. B. & S. L. Wyatt
No Birth Date
WYATT Robert P. March 23, 1908 November 18, 1908 Son of A. M. & Pearl Wyatt 
WYATT Sarah L.  November 11, 1904 Age 62y, 11m, 9dNo Birth Date
Same stone with Chancey Wyatt

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