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This cemetery is located about 1/2 mi west of Zion Church, in section 17, Harrison Township, Mercer County. From Princeton, go west on highway 136 approximately eight miles to blacktop CC. Turn right (north) and go north approximately six miles to the intersection with blacktop N. The cemetery is approximately 1/4 miles southeast of this intersection. The graves have been farmed over and the stones are no longer there. The following information has been compiled from various sources including old surveys, burial records and family histories. It should not be considered a complete list of burials.

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BOWER Adam Abt 1811 Oct 1889  Born in Germany
An individual believed to be this Adam Bower is listed in the 1870 Census of Decatur County, Iowa with his wife, Barbara (born in Germany) and children John age 18, born in Pennsylvania; David age 17, born in Iowa; and Adam age 7, born in Missouri. Adam Bower is listed as 58 year old farmer, born in Germany.
The same family is listed in the 1860 Census of Harrison Township, Mercer County, Missouri, as well as another Adam Bowers. Both men were born in Germany, both had wives named Barbara and both had sons named James and John. One is listed as being three years older than the Adam Bower identified above.
BOWER David  May 19, 1872 Age 18y, 8m, 9dNo Birth Date
Son of Adam & Barbara Bower
Born in Iowa
BOWER Lorento  Apr 18, 1862 Age 3y, 4m, 18dNo Birth Date
BOWER Martha J.  Mar 18, 1867 Age 1y, 5m, 3dNo Birth Date
BOWER James  No Birth Date Aug 18, 1863 Age 3y, 6m, 9dNo Birth Date
Son of Adam & Barbara Bower
Born in Missouri

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