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Alley Cemetery
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by Phil Stewart.
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Alley Cemetery is located in Marion Township, Mercer County, approximately eight miles north of Princeton. From Princeton, go north on highway 65, past the town of Mercer (approx 7 miles) to the first gravel road to the right (approx 1 mile north of Mercer). Turn right (east). The cemetery is approximately one mile east on the left (north) side of the road. It is fenced and well maintained.
This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on April 14, 2003.

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ALLEY Alack D. 1889 1896    
ALLEY Ann     Wife of James Alley No Birth or Death Date
ALLEY Augusta Jan 29, 1891 Jan 16, 1902 Dau of J. P. & M. J. Alley  
ALLEY Berniece L. 1902 1937   Same stone with W. D. & Lettie Alley
ALLEY David H. 1867 1940   Same stone with Mary E. Alley
ALLEY David Robert May 1944 May 1944   No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
ALLEY Ellsworth H. 1910 1983   Same stone with Eva Alley
ALLEY Elwyza Apr 19, 1884 Jun 8, 1884    
ALLEY Eva 1915 1991   Maiden Name Shroyer
Same stone with Ellsworth Alley
ALLEY Everett D. 1883 1886    
ALLEY Garry E. Aug 01, 1935 Sep 25, 1935 Son of Mr & Mrs Ellsworth Alley  
ALLEY Henderson Dec 1, 1878 Apr 25, 1970    
ALLEY Infant Son Apr 01, 1915 Apr 01, 1915 Son of U. C. & S. M. Alley  
ALLEY James May 4, 1876 Aug 01, 1962    
ALLEY James   Jan 18, 1875 Aged 69y, 3m No Birth Date
ALLEY James P. 1858 1950   Same stone with Mary Alley
ALLEY James T. 1859 1919    
ALLEY Jennetta   Jun 23, 1894 Aged 1y, 3m, 15d
Dau of J. P. & M. J. Alley
No Birth Date
ALLEY John B.   Jan 17, 1874 Aged 26y, 6m, 11d
Son of James & Ann Alley
ALLEY John E. 1870 1940   Same stone with Kate Alley
ALLEY John T. 1942 1942    
ALLEY Katie A. 1872 1948   Same stone with John E. Alley
ALLEY Lettie J. 1866 1943   Same stone with W. D. Alley
ALLEY Louisa F. 1862 1949    
ALLEY Lucretia Aug 13, 1886 Nov 15, 1901 Dau of J. P. & M. J. Alley  
ALLEY Martha Ann Jul 21, 1842 Feb 17, 1921 Wife of William T. Alley Same stone with William Alley
ALLEY Martha J.   May 11, 1897 Aged 1y, 7m, 16d
Dau of W. D. & L. J. Alley
No Death Date
ALLEY Mary E. 1868 1924   Same stone with David H. Alley
ALLEY Mary G. 1886 1973   Same stone with Thomas Alley
ALLEY Mary J. 1868 1945   Same stone with James P. Alley
ALLEY Monroe Feb 3, 1882 Sep 11, 1882    
ALLEY Sarah   Feb 28, 1877 Aged 33y, 3m, 8d
Wife of W. B. Alley
No Birth Date
ALLEY Thomas E. 1869 1944   Same stone with Mary Alley
ALLEY W. D. 1860 1936   Same stone with Lettie Alley
ALLEY Walter A. 1880 1881    
ALLEY Warren   Aug 15, 1892 Aged 1y, 2m, 14d
Son of W. & M. Alley
No Birth Date
ALLEY William T. Oct 25, 1840 Feb 22, 1926 Civil War Vet Same stone with Martha Ann Alley
ALLEY Wyahneta Aug 27, 1910 Aug 27, 1910 Dau of C. W. & A. B. Alley  
BELL David O.     Co F 146 IND INF No Birth or Death Date
Civil War Military Stone
BELL Nancy A.   Dec 15, 1896 Aged 66y, 4m, 25d
Wife of David O. Bell
No Birth Date
HASENCLEVER May   Jan 30, 1895 Aged 2m, 12d
Dau of O. K. Hasenclever
No Birth Date
JONES Edgar 1883 1897   Same stone with Walter Jones
JONES Walter 1878 1882   Same stone with Edgar Jones
McCULLOUGH Ona 1887 1965   Maiden Name Alley
McNITT Anna M.   May 06, 1908 Aged 43y, 7m, 21d
Wife of G. W. McNitt
No Birth Date
McNITT George W. Feb 22, 1855 Feb 10, 1928    
McNITT Lawrence V.   Jan 7, 1894 Aged 4y, 5m, 28d
Son of G. W. & A. M. McNitt
No Birth Date
McNITT Noris H.   Jan 11, 1894 Aged 1y, 2m, 17d
Son of G. W. & A. M. McNitt
QUINN Grover 1883 1948   Same stone with Pansy Quinn
QUINN J. C. 1921 1925 Son of Mr & Mrs Grover Quinn  
QUINN Pansy 1894 1966   Same stone with Grover Quinn
QUINN Ray 1920 1986    
QUINN Vernon 1928 1929 Son of Mr & Mrs Grover Quinn  
SAMPSEL Ruth 1929 1981   Maiden Name Quinn
SMITH Sophia Apr 15, 1895 Oct 25, 1921 Dau of J. P. & M. J. Alley  
SWAZE Nora   Jun 8, 1877 Aged 29y, 7d
Wife of H. A. Swaze
No Birth Date
WELLS Marion 1860 1940   Same stone with Martha Wells
WELLS Martha 1861 1944   Same stone with Marion Wells

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