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Monroe County, Missouri Then and Now: 1831 – 2006

  • Sold Out! 200 orders are required to reprint. To add your name to the reprint list call 660-327-1831 or .

  • The Monroe County Historical Society has sponsored, compiled and published Monroe County, Missouri Then and Now: 1831 – 2006 in commemoration of the county's 175th Anniversary in 2006.

  • Our purpose is to preserve the story of life in Monroe County for the education and enjoyment of future generations. We have a great story to tell about our earliest settlements, the peak population of 1900, survival during the Great Depression, the impact of technological, social and economic changes after W.W.II and the changes our small rural communities face in the high tech world of the 21st Century.

  • Thanks to everyone who worked very hard contacting current and former residents, we have 500 family profiles in the updated history book. There were 317 profiles in the 1884 History of Monroe County. Our general history section has even more information specific to our county than did the 1884 History, plus photos.

  • In the years to come, Monroe County...Then and Now will undoubtedly be in as much demand as the limited edition 1884 History of Monroe and Shelby Counties, now online at the Monroe and Shelby County MOGenWeb sites, the 1913 History of Northeast Missouri (index and Monroe Co. article), and the few other books that chronicle our early years.

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