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Church Book of Salem Church of United Baptist Monroe County MO

This article was published in the Monroe County Quarterly, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Fall 2004.

Actual images of the documents transcribed below: May 6, 1857in jpg format May 6, 1857 in pdf format - May the 16, 1857 - Names of the [early] members

(Donated to the Monroe County Historical Society by member Mildred McCraw, a 1939 Graduate of Paris High School. Her husband's relatives were active members of Salem Baptist Church. The book has meeting notes from the formation of the church through 1881. We will publish selected notes and membership lists in this and future newsletters.)

May 6, 1857
In accordance to a previous appointment a Council of Brethern met at the house of Brother Lewis Phillips to take into consideration the propriety of constituting a church in this vicinity and the building of a meeting house, and was organized by calling Bro. Hensen Thomas to the Chair and Thos. P. Moore as Secretary. When on motion there was a community of four consisting of the chair Simon Headden, Benjamin D. Phillips and Thos. P. Moore to draft Resolutions for the action of the meeting when the following Resolutions was presented and adopted.

1th Resolved that we will make an effort to constitute a Baptist Church in this vicinity believing it to be necessary

2th Resolved that we will make an effort to build a Meeting House some where between Otter & Crooked Creek in this vicinity which shall belong to the United Baptist but free to any Evangelical Denomination to worship in when not in use by Said Denomination, to be called Salem.

3th Resolve that this meeting appoint a committee for the purpose of raising funds to erect the above named house when Brethern S. Headden and T. P. Moore was appointed to Solicit Subscriptions and reposit at some future meting.

4th Resolve that this meeting now locate the site for the above named House, when it was agreed to fix it on Brother Lewis Phillips land, on the Shelbyville & Paris Road on the south side of the branch cropping said road and near to

5th Motion and sead that Brother S. Headden be to see how many will go in to the constitution.

6th it was moved that we adjoin, to met on Saturday the 16th at DeKalb School House.

Thos. P. Moore Clk
Henson Thomas, Chair

May the 16, 1857 DeKalb Monroe County MO
Met according to appointment and was organized by calling Bro A. C. Goodrich to the chair and Thos. P. Moore as Secretary when the chair then called for the vote of all that was present to know of they still wished to go into a constitution, and the vote being unanimous, the following Brethern and Sisters give their names and was enrolled as follows

Lewis Phillips
Simon Headden
Tomas R. Thomas
Benjamin D. Phillips
David T. Phillips
John Burns
Samuel P. Willis
Thos. P. Moore
Matilda Phillips
Mary Jane Headden
Nancy Bondurant
Martha Fields
Frances E. Moore
Nancy S. Phillips
Sydiam Thomas
Elizabeth Willis
Mary G. Moore
Salem Baptist Church, Monroe County, Missouri

It was then moved and sec'd that the following Church Covenant be adopted which carried.

As we trust we have been brought by divine grace to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ and by the influence of his spirit to give ourselves up to him so we do now solemnly covenant with each other, that God enabling us, we will walk together in Brotherly Love, that we will exercise a Christian care and watchfulness over each other and faithfully warn, rebuke and admonish one another, as the care shall require, that we will we will not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, nor omit the great duty of prayer, both for ourselves and for others; that we will participate in each others joys and endeavor with tenderness and sympathy to hear each others burdens and sorrows. That we will earnestly endeavor to bring up such as may be under our care in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, that we will seek divine aid to enable us to walk circumspectly and watchfully in the world denying ungodliness and every worldly lust that we will strive together for the support of a faithful Evangelical ministry among us; That we endeavor by example and effort to win soles to Christ and through life amidst evil report and good report, seek to live to the glory of Him who hath called us out of the darkness into his marvelous light.

2th It was then moved that we now elect officers of the Church. When Bros Simon Headden and Samuel P. Willis was chosen for Deacons, and Thomas P. Moore Moderator, Benjamin D. Phillips, Clk.

3th It was then moved that the former site for the Meeting House be confirmed.

4th Brethern, Lewis Phillips, Benjamin D. Phillips and Simon Headden was appointed Trustees of the Church.

5th Bro Thomas R. Thomas, Simon Headden and Thomas P. Moore to solicit subscriptions for the building of the House.

6th Bro. Henson Thomas, Simon Headden, Thomas R. Thomas and Thomas P. Moore was appointed as the building committee.

7th Moved & second that the Clerk write out the articles of Faith and Rules of Decorum and present them at the next meeting

8th It was moved that our Church days be on Saturday before the third Sabbath in each month which carried.

9th It was moved and carried that all the former proceedings be recorded.

10th It was then moved that we adjourn, to meet on Saturday before the 3rd Sabbath in June at this place.

Thomas P. Moore Clk
A. C. Goodrich, Moderator

Names of the [early] members belonging to Salem Church
( Some of these names, as indicated by an asterisk (*) are faded beyond more than a reasonable guess at the correct spelling. Corrections are welcomed. Comments in parentheses were added after some, but not all member's names as their status changed.)

Lewis Phillips (dead)
Matilda Phillips
Simon Headden
Mary Jane Headden
Thomas P. Moore
Frances E. Moore
Mary E. Moore
Samuel P. Willis
Elizabeth Willis
Benjamin L. Phillips
Nancy S. Phillips
George Bondurant (dead)
Nancy Bondurant
Lydian Thomas (Dis. By let.)
John Burns (Dead)
Thomas R. Thomas (Dis. By let)
David T. Phillips
A. M. Fields (by letter)
Elizabeth Fields (by letter)
Martha Fields (Dead)
Isaco of Color (by letter-dead)
Hanna of Color (by letter-dead)
Gabraelia of Color (by letter)*
Sarah Thomas (by exp)*
Sarah Enochs (by exp-excluded)*
George Combs (Excluded and crossed through)*
David(?) Meil(?) (Excluded and crossed through)*
James Thomas (Excluded)*
(?)ark Thomas (Excluded)*
(?) Willis(?) (Dis by letter)*
Sarah Willis (by let)
Jane Moore (by Rela-dead)
Bill Batsull (by Rela)
Martha Anna (?) Sutton (by let, dis by let)
Wiley J. Patrick (by exp & rel May 19 1862)
Henson Thomas (by let. Dis by let)
Mary Thomas (by let, Dis. By let)
Elmira Krinker (by let)
John H. Phillips (by let)
Barbery Clark (by Exp-dead)
John Williers (by exp)*
Sarah Phillips (by exp)*
Ann Headden (by exp)*
Elisa (?) Headden (by exp)*
Nancy C. Crow (by exp)*
James Phillips (by exp)*
Louis (?) Thomas (by exp)*
John Moore (by exp)*
Dallas Moore (by exp)*
Mary Bondurant (by exp-dead)*
Wooson (?) Locker (by exp-dis by let)*
Joseph Clark (by exp-dis by let)*
Francie Brineer (by exp-dis by let)*
Joseph Bondurant (by exp)*
George Wittierr (by exp)*
Joseph Greer (by let-dis by let)*
William Crow (by let dis by let)*
Martha A. Crow (by let dis by let)*
Harison H. Brineer(?) (by relation)*
Nancy T Cockerel (by ?)*
Newton Bates (Dis by let)*
Harison P. Batsell (by let)
Amanda H. Batsell (by let)
Mary E. Batsell (by let)
Marthy Hedden (by exp)
Lericila Brineer (by exp)
Cathern Brinner (by exp)
Henson J. Thomas (by exp-dis by let)
Elizabeth Withers (by exp-dis by let)
William T. Stricker (by let dis by let)
Mary Jane Wright (by ?)

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