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Cemetery name – section township range

Adkins – S7 T40 R8

Allen – S3 T39 R9


Backues – S20 T41 R7

Ballance – S31 T39 R8

Barnwell – S32 T39 R7

Baugh – S1 T39 R10

Belle – S32 T41 R7

Bethel – S32 T41 R8

Bloomgarden – S2 T39 R9

Boudreaux – S25 T40 R8

Bowles – S19 T40 R7

Bowles Chapel – S6 T39 R7

Branson – S24 T41 R9

Branson Chapel – S7 T39 R10

Bray – S10 T40 R8

Brinktown – S12 T39 R11

Broadway – S17 T39 R7

Bumpass – S7 T39 R10, S26 T40 R10

Burns – S11 T40 R11

Campbell – S8 T40 R7, S35 T41 R7

Campground –S8 T40 R11 - view pictures of Pendleton & Moss graves

Carnes – S13 T40 R9

Catholic – S20 T40 R9

Crismon – S13 T40 R10, S34 T40 R11, S6 T39 R10

Clark – S24 T39 R9

Clifty – S15 T38 R10

Coffey – S26 T40 R10

Community – S2 T39 R9

Cook – S8 T40 R7

Cox – S6 T39 R9


Cruts – S7 T39 R8

Davis – S29 T39 R8, S32 T39 R8, S27 T39 R9, S1 T39 R10

Dillon – S26 T39 R7

Dodds – S12 T39 R11

Dry Creek – S25 T39 R10

Eads – S3 T39 R10

Eckert – S8 T40 R7

Edwards – S1 T39 R10

Elrod – S19 T40 R8

Everett – S1 T39 R10

Fairview – S7 T38 R10

Fannon – S8 T39 R8

Feeler – S3 T39 R9

Ferrell – S2 T39 R8

Finn – S13 T40 R10

Fletcher – S7 T40 R8

Ford – S32 T39 R8

Forester – S25 T40 R8

Franklin – S32 T41 R8

Freedom – S31 T39 R11

            Alexander burials at Freedom Cemetery (use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page)

Fulkerson – S20 T39 R9

Givens – S3 T40 R8

Green – S7 T40 R8

Grovedale – S11 T40 R7

Guardian Angel – S12 T39 R11

Hart – S5 T39 R7

Hickory Grove –S6 T39 R7

High Gate – S35 T40 R7

Hodge – S20 T39 R8, S21 T39 R8

Holloway – S3 T39 R9

Honey – S30 T39 R8

Honse – S26 T39 R9

Hoops – S24 T41 R9

House – S26 T39 R9

Huffman – S12 T40 R9

Hughes – S29 T39 R11

Hughes Chapel – S11 T39 R10

Hutchison – S19 T40 R8

James – S2 T39 R9

Jennings – S6 T38 R9

Johnson – S26 T39 R9, S25 T40 R8

Kenner – S25 T39 R10

Kinsey – S35 T40 R7

Krone – S26 T40 R11

Lambeth – S29 T40 R10

Lane S3 T30 R8, S23 T40 R9

Lawson – S30 T40 R11

Liberty – S32 T41 R7

Little Flock – S9 T40 R9

Loose – S15 T38 R10

Love – S36 T40 R7

Lovelace – S9 T40 R8

Lower – S20 T39 R9

Luthern – S1 T39 R8

McGee – S1 T39 R9

Maries – S16 T39 R11

Moman – S33 T41 R7

Moon – S18 T40 R8

Moreland – S10 T40 R7

New Haven

Opperman – S6 T39 R9

Owens – S8 T40 R10


Paydown – S32 T41 R8

Pendleton – S7 T40 R11

Petersen – S26 T40 R7

Pinnell – S32 T40 R7

Poor Farm – S29 T40 R9, S30 T40 R9

Powers – S5 T38 R11

Prosso – S34 T41 R9


Rader – S33 T41 R9

Ragan – S7 T39 R8

Ramsey – S32 T39 R9

Red aka Rowden  - S29 T40 R11

Riley - S26 T39 R8

Richardson – S15 T38 R10

Roberson – S1 T39 R9

Robertson – S20 T39 R9

Rock Springs – S9 T39 R7

Rose – S9 T39 R11

St Michaels – S8 T40 R10

Schanning – S26 T41 R8

Scott – S5 T38 R11

Seaton – S17 T39 R10, S17 T38 R11

Sewell – S25 T39 R7

Sharp – S19 T39 R8

Skaggs – S21 T40 R7

Skaggs Chapel – S20 T40 R7

Smyrna – S32 T40 R11

Snodgrass – S6 T39 R11, S1 T39 R9

Southard – S29 T39 R7

Stokes – S3 T40 R11

Stoney Point – S25 T41 R10

Stricklan – S7 T39 R7

Summerfield – S26 T41 R8

Talbart – S2 T39 R7

Tavern – S34 T40 R11

Tennison – S7 T39 R8, S8 T39 R8

Thompson – S31 T41 R11, S32 T41 R11

Travis – S32 T41 R7

Tyree – S26 T40 R11

Underwood – S13 T39 R7

Union Hill – S19 T40 R8

Vaughan – S25 T41 R10

Vienna – S30 T40 R9

Visitation – S19 T40 R9

Waidelich – S3 T39 R10

Walker – S7 T40 R7, S1 T39 R8

Washington – S16 T39 R11

Weldon – S7 T39 R10

Wentzel – S19 T39 R7

West Fairview – S7 T38 R10

Wheeler – S5 T39 R11

Whippoorwill – S33 T41 R9

Williams – S6 T39 R10, S9 T39 R11, S16 T39 R10

Woody – S33 T41 R10

Wussler – S1 T39 R8


Bev Oaker's Cemetery Site:  Includes tombstone photos for selected cemeteries and surnames.

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