People of Madison County



Marie Louise Fox Robbins, daughter of Judge James D. Fox, her mother Laura Augusta Frazer Fox. In the background the present court house is being built.
James D. Fox, biography.
Ed Hudson , was the Station Agent at Mine La Motte.
E. F. Packard, Manager of Old Mine La Motte Company Store.

Henry Howell and Family, Photo of Howell family taken on Main St. Fredericktown.

Mr. & Mrs. Haney, proprietors of the old hotel.
Marie Louise Fox Robbins"The County Delegation Springfield", Possible date 1902, the year Judge Fox was elected to the Supreme Court. It is my assumption that it is Madison County Delegation.
John Quincy David Whitener & Matilda Caroline Berry Whitener, well known businessman in Madison Co.
John Jasper Hahn Family, and biography.
William (Willis) J. Bray, Ph. D. Family, Natives of Madison County
Gerald Johnson's Buckhorn Family
Dr. C. U. Davis 1873 - 1933
Parson Allen and Aunt Hanna
Dr. Barron in his Office
John Boos, 1899 Mine La Motte Ball Team.  John Boos 6th from left.
Joseph and Elizabeth Bollinger Family


Napoleon B. Allen, biography
Hon. Josiah M. Anthony, biography
James B. Anthony, biography
Dr. Caruthers A. Anthony, biography
Edward D. Anthony, biography
Hon. Robert A. Anthony, biography
J. P. Bailey, biography

Rufus Baird, biography

Ahira J. Beardsley, biography
Hiram Berry, biography, family pictures added.
Nathaniel J. Berryman, biography
David Brewen, biography
T. M. Brewen, biography

F. E. Bruce, biography

Robert Buckner, biography
Anton P. Budenholzer, biography
Thomas P. and Samuel Buford, biography
Benjamin Benson Cahoon, biography
Richard Paul Callaway, biography
Alfred Campbell, biography
O. K. Clardy, biography
George Cook, biography
Henry Cook, biography
Dr. J. L. Covert Sr., biography
Robert P. Crow, biography
E. H. Day, biography

Christopher C. Dennis, biography

James G. Donnell, biography
Thomas F. Estes, biography
James F. Fox, biography
J. L. Frohock, biography
Charles Fuller, biography
John C. Gibson, biography
Daniel L. Glaves, biography
Elijah Lee Graham, biography
Felix G. Gregory, biography
Henry C. Hacker, biography
Thomas N. Horn, biography

Mordecai A. Jackson, biography

Nehemiah Johnson, biography
Hon. J. Perry Johnson, biography
William Kassabaum, biography
Reuben E. Kelley, biography
Thomas Walker Lewis, biography
Andrew J. McFarland, biography
Oscar B. Mckee biography
Edwin W. Marshall, biography
Christopher C. Masters, biography
John J. Mathews, biography
Joseph T. Monell, biography
William Newberry, biography
Alexander Nifong, biography
Thomas O'Bannon, biography
V. A. O'Bannon, biography
John M. Owens, biography
Edward and Samuel Peringer, biography
Herman Priggel, biography
Rev. Levi W. Revelle, biography
King David Rhodes, biography
Rev. Father John Rothensteiner, biography
Joseph Schulte, biography
Frederick Schulte, biography
John L. Settle, biography
John Starkey, biography
John H. Townsend, biography
Francis Marion Tucker, biography
Louis J. Villars, M.D., biography
Judge John Vinson, biography
N. B. Watts, biography
Mr. Julius Webb, biography
Thomas F. White, biography
Daniel Whitener, biography
Henry Whitener, biography
Noah T. Whitener, biography
John B. Wilson, biography
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