Madison County:  Secondary List from the Herald and the Independent Patriot, Jackson, Cape Girardeau County. Data taken from MO Tax Payers 1819-1826.

Anthony, William Castor Twp. Stray
Bennett, Joseph Castor Twp. Stray
               Mme. Castor Twp. Stray
Burnes, Peter St. Michael's Twp. Stray
Clubb, Anthony   Estate
Cook, Col. Nathaniel   Notice
Dolton, John Castor Twp. Stray
Farland, John M.   Notice
Farrar, John   Estate
Garrett, Westley Liberty Twp. J.P.
Griggs, Thomas   Stray
Herrick, Ezekiel B.   Notice
Huddleston, Archibald St. Michael's Twp. Stray
Johnston, Adam St. Michael's Twp. Stray
Jones, George   Estate
Kimbrel, John Castor Twp. Stray
McArthur, John St. Michael's Twp. J.P.
McCabe, John St. Michael's Twp. Stray
Matthews, John Fr. St. Michael's Twp. Stray
Miller, Jacob W.   Notice
           Mary Ann   Notice
Moseley, Thomas Jr. St. Michael's Twp. Clerk
Nifong, Jacob St. Michael's Twp. J.P.
Pettit, I. L. St. Michael's Twp. Stray
Ringer, Mathias P.   Stray
Robinson, Jeremiah   Notice
Sharp, Anthony Liberty Twp. Stray
Shell, Benjamin   Estate
Sims, Bardet   Notice
Smith, John Liberty Twp. Stray
           Lawrence   Estate
Solibildes, Joseph   Notice
Spiva, Elisha Castor Twp. Stray
Stephenson, Elizabeth   Notice
Stout, Ephraim Liberty Twp. Notice
Sutton, John Liberty Twp. Notice
Tomure, Nicholas   Stray
Tucker, Henry Castor Twp. Stray
Underwood, Henry   Estate
                     William   Stray
Vaughn, John T. St. Michael's Twp. Stray
Williams, Elizabeth   Notice
                William   Notice
Witener, Henry   Estate

Madison County was formed from Ste. Genevieve and Cape Girardeau in December, 1818.  Part of Madison was taken to form Iron County in February, 1857.