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Churches in Livingston County

This Livingston County Genealogy website is part of the MOGenWeb and USGenWeb sites. The primary purpose of these sites is to provide resources for those who are interested in people who lived in Livingston County, Missouri.  This site contains historical and genealogical resources and data.

Note to Contributors to this Site!

If you have information or pictures for any of the churches in Livingston County, please e-mail me: Sharlene Miller with your information and if it is appropriate, I will be happy to add it to the website.

Chillicothe Free Methodist Church - organized in 1892

Early surnames: Abbott, Andrews, Broadbick, France, Gilkison, Hanmer, Hicks, Hoffman, Hughes, Hull, Humphrey, Junnes, Kahlstorf, Layson, Reeves, Rinehart, Sharp, Shepherd, Simmons, St. Clair, Walters, Willard, Wood
Chillicothe Grace Episcopal Church - organized in 1859
Chillicothe Highview Baptist Church - organized in 1966

Early surnames:  Hammond, Shively, Turner, Wells
Leopolis Church - organized in 1869

Early surnames:  Feeney, Fitzpatrick, Franklin, Hall, Hogan, Kinsella, Lawler, Martin, McKenzie, Pendergast, Regan, Shea, Tierny
Chula Missionary Baptist Church - organized spring 1895 

Surnames of early members:  Baker, Balman, Haolding, Green, Exceen, Moore, Owen, Johnson, Davis, Russell, Steen, Mulford and Harris.
Chula Presbyterian Church - organized January 1892. 

Surnames of early members:  Gorman, Parks, Pryor, Ragan, Thalman, Tharp.
Dawn Baptist Church - organized in 1865.

Early surnames:  Beal, Bunch, Griffiths, Hershberger, Hughes, Jellum, Jones, Lewis, Lowery, Null, Perry, Peters, Pitney, Rehorn, Rowland, Thomas,
Dawn Federated Church - organized in 1925 with combined membership of Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

Early surnames:  Gutensohn, Fisher,
Liberty United Methodist Church - organized in about 1838 - 1843

Early surnames:  Bean, Bowen, Coe, Evans, George, Hartzler, Hoyt, Jones, Linthecum, Livingston, McKerlie, Moser, Mosher, Reeser, Russell, Seiberling, Shuler, Stone, Swain, Watson, Whiteside, Wood
Lilly Grove Church - organized about 1856 - 1858; located in northwest corner of Livingston County

Early surnames:  Allen, Bates, Berden, Bessett, Black, Boyle, Brown, Caddell, Caladine, Campbell, Carter, Cole, Cox, Creath, Dickerson, Duncan, Dunn, Edwards, Farrar, Faulk, Flint, Gann, Gay, Gillilan, Godman, Gordon, Griffin, Hand, Harriman, Harvey, Hawkins, Hedrick, Hicklin, Hobbs, Hochs, Hosman, Hutchison, Ketcherside, Laffey, Lamp, Lauderdale, Lilly, Lipke, Lockhart, Long, Lovell, Marlow, Matchett, Mays, Messick, Miller, Moore, Ott, Palarmo, Pardonner, Parker, Peery, Persell, Peterson, Phelps, Prewitt, Richardson, Robbins, Rose, Schiel, Shuler, Sneeden, Stottlemyre, Swaithes, Thader, Thompson, Tout, Tye, Walker, Whaley, White, Wigfield, Wilnot, Wilson, Wood, Young
Ludlow Christian Church - organized December 15, 1887

Early surnames:  Anderson, Copple, Critchfield
Ludlow Community Church - organized in 1972 from the union of the Ludlow Christian Church and the Ludlow Methodist Church

Early surnames:  Barnett, Busley, Gall, Goll, Hatchitt, Hughes, James, Robinson, Warner, Wolcott
Ludlow Methodist Church (1853 to 1972) - organized in 1853

Early surnames:  Culling, Dayoff, Mafee, McVeety, Rudolph, Toner, Witten,
Utica Community Baptist Church - organized in 1975.

Early surnames: Baldwin, Clark, Cramer, Cooper, Dawkins, Dice, Doosing, Eller, Everett, Goucher, Hopkins, Howerton, McDonnal, Ireland, Jones, Kohl, Kromeich, Lawrence, Long, McCain, McIntosh, Perkins, Ratliff, Searcy, Seidt, Stone
Wheeling First Baptist Church - organized in 1875.

Early surnames:  Arthaud, Buckner, Kimmis, Norwood, Pinnell, Walkup