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The Lost Colony Research Group is composed of staff members, interested parties and possible descendants who have joined together for research and study. 

We all are volunteers who have a desire to know what happened to the Lost Colonists, and others who were left on the shores of the New World. We receive no funding or compensation for our work although we do accept contributions towards the DNA testing program.

Our goal is to provide a body of credible research, in one location, available to all researchers. Like with all popular topics, research does exist that has been intentionally slanted towards a specific agenda, generally to encourage the unwary to spend money to join an organization. Neither that research nor those individuals will be included on this site. 

We require the highest standards 

of research, integrity and documentation. 






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There are three presentations at YOUTUBE you might enjoy seeing what is presented. Although, nothing of the REAL colonists is known for sure, we continue to hunt.






The DNA Projects:


The goal of this DNA project is to compile a data base of individuals whose names are closely related to the Lost Colony project AND those whose genealogy and family history makes them a good candidate to actually be connected to the colonists or the Native tribes in the geographic area of interest.  Clearly, if the colonists survived, they assimilated into one or more tribes.


Many people are interested in joining the project to compare their DNA to that of the colonists.  Plain and simple, we don’t have the DNA of the colonists yet, or if we do, we don’t yet have the documentation to prove it.


We have established three different projects, each with its own special focus, to help us in our quest to find the colonists. 


What Are the Projects?


We have three Lost Colony projects, as follows:


1.  The Y-line DNA project, for males who have a colonist surname or a surname of interest and whose families come from either Eastern North Carolina or England or have Native heritage.  www.familytreedna.com/public/lostcolonyydna.


2.  The mitochondrial DNA project, for males or females whose maternal line carries the Lost Colony surnames or surnames of interest and who are from Eastern North Carolina or have Native heritage.


3.  The Family Finder project who is for anyone who believes they are descended from the Lost Colonists.  This project was created specifically for those who have taken the Family Finder test.


Anyone in the Y DNA project or the mitochondrial DNA project should also join the Family Finder project if they take the Family Finder test.


Because we are trying to build a data base of “likely candidates”, at this time we must restrict the DNA portion of the project to those who meet the criteria as set forth below.  


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Donations for DNA Testing can be made directly to Family Tree DNA's Lost Colony General Fund by contacting Family Tree DNA. 


Use this link http://www.familytreedna.com/public/LostColonyYDNA  
And then on the left hand bar, scroll down to "contribute to general fund" and click on that link. It will then be held by 

Family Tree DNA until used for funding a Lost Colony DNA test or tests. 



Admin Lost Colony DNA Project

contact link

Administrators are volunteers and receive no compensation or incentives 

from Family Tree DNA, or any other DNA company or any genealogy company 

such as Ancestry.com or others


OUR Group has a private mailing list TLCGP members (Yahoogroups.com) by invitation only,. Write us about joining.. 


You do not have to DNA test to be part of the group, but if you have a surname of interest, it would help document your lineage. To join the research group contact one of the staff via 

email links at staff bios.





The Projects Blog  

http://the-lost-colony.blogspot.com/  Please come visit.



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Help Support the Project:


Please visit our Lost Colony Store. 




We have wonderful items designed by professional graphic artists (who happen to be our volunteers as well) for sale to raise money to fund our ongoing research and DNA projects. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, book bags, children's items, mouse pads, mugs and many other items. Buy some for your self and please think of us for your gift-giving needs. 


We thank you for your support of our project!




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Contact Information: 

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General Information/Project Membership: robertajestes@att.net 


The Lost Colony Research Group is in NO WAY affiliated with The Lost Colony Center for Science and Research.  The Lost Colony Y-DNA and MT-DNA projects at Family Tree DNA are NOT IN ANY WAY  affiliated with The Lost Colony Center for Science and Research, regardless of what their links imply.


"Please notify us of any claims to the contrary."


There is no fee to join our group and no donation of monies or objects are needed to participate in "The Lost Colony Research Group".


As with any DNA project, individuals pay for their own DNA testing, but the
group itself
  - is strictly volunteer and free to join, upon approval of membership.


Neither Rootsweb.com, myself, nor the Lost Colony Research Group together or individually are  responsible for the personal content submitted by any individual to this website.

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