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Newark Baptist Church Cemetery and
Minor-Rouner Cemetery

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I stopped by the Newark Baptist Church Cemetery and wrote down the info on about 21 stones.  Most of the stones are in bad shape, and I'm sure there are many others that are covered over with dirt.  Someone probably has the records of who all is buried there but I decided to write down what I could find while I was there.  Corbo?; Corbin; Clifton; Nelson; Hayden; Long; Moore; Washington; Perkins; Hiram Hickman; White; Richardson; Downing; Trosper; and Kniss.   Lois: sweetoak at marktwain dot net

I stopped by a burial site on Rte. E about 2 miles east of the Minor-Rouner site and wrote down the names on those gravestones.  There were around 8 of them. 

Dollie Lear (daughter of J.S? & F.A. Lear)
Sept. 21, 1861
April 15, 1862

Fannie A. (daughter of W.H. & M.E. Elston)
wife of J. Lear
May 15, 1837
June 2, 1863

Robert P. (son of W.H. & M.E. Elston)
Born May 29, 1846?
Died ? (stone broken)

Thomas R. (son of JS & FA Lear )
Born July 5, 1869
Died August 6, 1869 ?

Broken stone reading: Died Sept 29, 1864

Another stone reading: Infant daughter J & FA Lear

Another: Infant son of W.H. & M.E. Elston

Another: R.P. Elston
Co. G
39th MO Inf.

Hope this helps. 
sweetoak at marktwain dot net

I just revisited the Rouner-Minor Cemetery page.  There are actually 6 marked graves there.  The Rouner monument is to Argyle, Lucinda (Morris) Rouner and daughter Catherine Rouner who was unmarried and died young.
A.A. Rouner
b. June 9, 1810
d. Aug 16 1882

Lucinda (Morris) Rouner  of a Pioneer Morris family
b. Aug 6, 1809
d. May 22, 1853  shortly after Rouners of Henry County KY moved from Marion County, MO

Caroline Rouner
b. Dec 12, 1850  in Kentucky
d. June 11, 1867

    The Rouner Parents should be included, as they were the progenitors of the Rouner Family in Knox County and ancestors of Rouner, Berry, McKenzie, and Minor descendants.  Someone looking for Rouner genealogy would be misdirected by this omission.

Thank you,
Larry SharonEast at aol dot com

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