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Knox County, Missouri ....  Wills ..... and Abstracts of wills, book A, 1849-1872 

Noah Deacon
His wife = Elizabeth McGlothlin
Married 1834 Spencer county Kentucky.....Moved to Knox county Mo. 1856
The family names. From 1850 Ky census....Was spelled DAYTON on the census.
Will of Noah Deacon
  Transcribed by Donald Long:  
long_don at sbcglobal dot net    Parts of his will are bit had to understand. I transcribed it the best I could.
Noah and William are in the Bowen cemetery. Noah's signature on the document is his actual signature. I scanned it from the will and pasted in the document. After a lot of research we have come to the conclusion that Noah could not read/write. He did however know how to sign his name.
Walter and Murrel are in the LaPlata cem.
Noah, his wife and 3 of their children are buried in the Bowen cemetery in SW Knox county.
The Bowen family are my ancestors also.

Compiled and published by 
Miss Nadine Hodges 
Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff
March 1974

Transcribed by Beth in New Plymouth, Idaho
July 2001
Be sure and thank her!


In 1841, the area now comprising Knox and Scotland Counties was separated from Lewis county and became Scotland County. Knox County was formed in 1845 from the southern half of Scotland Co. The earliest book of will records now available at the court house was begun in 1849. The pages in this old ledger were hand lettered, and we find many irregularities in the numbers. For instance, the clerk omitted 100 pages, skipping from page 174 (in May 1866) to page 275 (in July 1866).

In the following abstracts, we have included all names of persons, their relationships, and names of places and dates.

ACKLEY, ELIZABETH, will dated 5 Sept 1871. Non-cupative will made in presence and hearing of Catherine Wilson, Elizabeth Reece and Isabella Johnson, who were present at the dwelling house of the decd, made a few hours before her death. She had been living there more than 6 yrs. To Leman S. Ackley, the use of the farm on which she and he now live, his lifetime. Verified by witnesses 27 Sept 1871. (342-343)

BALDWIN, CLARISSA D., will dated 19 June 1866.
Son Monroe Henry B. Baldwin, all real and personal property, land, money, library of books and one gold watch. If he should die before age 21, property should be equally divided between her two sisters, Sarah E. Bates and Mary E. Millard. If they should die, then to two brothers Ransom Henry Millard & Solomon Nelson Millard. Exr., father Solomon N. Millard. Son is to remain in family of her father, hoping "my dear husband will never have cause to remove him from thence during there lifetime feeling assured that he will be well taken care of and well provided for by my father and brothers & sisters. Wit: Russell Smith & Samuel M. Wirt. Codicil dated 23 July 1866. A buggy and horse now owned, but not owned at time of will, is to be given to her father. Wit: Samuel M. Wirt & Russell Smith. Filed 14 Nov 1866. (284-286)

BEACH, EMILY E., will dated 2 Mar 1867 at Millport, Knox Co., Mo. To step-son (or nephew) Jarvis V. Beach, all estate. Mentions sister Sallie G. McReynolds; brothers, Malcolm M. Henry, Hugh F. Henry, Monroe A. Henry, William M. Henry & John A. Henry. Wit: Hiram Beach & William Clancy. Filed 3 Aug 1868. (295-296)

BENNINGTON, JANE C., will dated 12 Dec 1862.
Exr., son, Jacob S. Bennington. Daughters Margaret C. Bennington & Nancy J. Bennington as long as they live or remain single. Wit: Hiram Beach & Thompson F. Howard. Filed 3 Mar 1863. (152-153)

BONE, JOHN, Sr. of Benton Twp., Knox Co., Mo. will dated 8 Oct 1849. Wife, Elizabeth Bone, farm on which they now reside, with its improvements, several negros, live stock, etc. Grandson, William B. Rule of Knox Co., to have the above after death of the wife. Also, to him half interest in lots in town of Memphis in Scotland Co., and to granddau. Elizabeth Bone the other half of lots. To great-granddau. Mary Ann Rule of Knox Co., a negro girl after wife's death. Other real estate to granddau. Elizabeth Bone and to great-grandson John B. Rule. Exrs, grandson, William B. Rule & friend, Warner Pratt. Wit: Charles G. Shoot & John L. Dunn. Warner Pratt testified he signed name of John Bone, Sr. at his request. Will proved 15 Nov 1849. (5-13)

BROWN, JOHN, will dated 30 Apr 1864 (of Greensburg Twp., Knox Co) Wife, Mary Brown. Son Stephen Brown; when son Alexander is 21. Sons Nicholas Baker Brown and to heirs of Samuel Brown. Dau. Mary Skinner; dau. Nancy Strate; son David Brown (all cooper & carpenter tools, plus land); son Isaac Brown; dau. Sarah Jane Brown. Mentions "my last set of children". Exr., John Fox. Wit: John A. Kennedy & Thos. M. Powell. Filed 24 July 1868. (297-299)

CALL, DENNIS, will dated 7 Sept 1854.
$100 to the Roman Catholic Church of Edina. $300 to brother James. $50 to friend Rev. Dennis Byrne. $100 to be divided between 3 sisters, Annabella, Nancy & Margaret. Exr., friend, John Winterbottom. Wit: Edward Byrne, John McKiniry & Eliza McCann. Proved 3 Oct 1854. John McKiniry, Edward Byrne & Eliza McCann reside in St. Louis, make deposition there. (51-54)

CALLAWAY, HENRY, will dated 25 Nov 1856.
To wife and at her death to heirs as follows: John Callaway, Mary Ann Callaway, James Henry Callaway, Theodore Callaway, Abraham Callaway, William Samuel Callaway, Satira Callaway, Almira Callaway & Elizabeth Arbell Callaway. Exr., Emir F. Butler. Wit: W.W. Chapman & John T. Chapman. Proved 30 Dec 1856. (104-106)

CHEATHAM, JOHN W., will dated 11 Apr 1860.
To son James Callaway $50.00 providing he calls for same within 12 months after my decease. Dau., Mary Elizabeth Cheatham, same provision. To wife Elizabeth Cheatham, remainder of estate. Exr, William B. Reynolds, Senr. Wit: James M. Brent, residing near Rising Sun, and Alfred Story residing near Willmothville in Adair Co., Mo. Filed 9 Nov 1860. (137-138)

CLEMENTS, JAMES T., will dated 23 June 1869.
Wife, Ruth Clement, all personal property & lands (498 a.) and to my children of my wife, Ruth Clement, I bequeath my love and gratitude and recommend them to the care of their dearly beloved mother. Wife, sole exrx. Wit: J.V. Withers & J.M. McKim. Filed 16 Nov 1869. (326-329)

CLOTE, HENRY, will dated 24 Oct 1868.
Wife Sophia Clote, house in which he now lives and furniture, also 1/3 interest in certain land. At her death, her part to go to his children: Ferdinand Clote, Frederick Clote, Henry Clote, Elizabeth Clote, George Clote, Mary Ann Clote & Sophia Clote. To eldest son, Ferdinand, one-seventh remainder of real estate and to each of the following one-seventh part: Henry, Frederick, Elizabeth, George Clote. One seventh to Sophia Clote, who is now in Roman Catholic Convent at Louisville, Ky., provided she abandon said convent and return to live with her mother or marry on or before George Clote shall become of age. One-seventh to dau. Mary Ann Clote upon express condition that whereas she now intends to go to Louisville and enter the Convent, if she will abandon that idea and not go to any convent, and will live with her mother or marry. Wife to be guardian of children. Wit: William C. Hollister & Nobert Rose. Recorded 13 Jan 1869. (306-309)

COONEY, MARY, will dated 29 Oct 1855. 
Children: Alfred, Elizabeth A., Edmund F., Mary L., Julia J. and Theodore A. Cooney, one-sixth each of estate. Exrs., friends, James A. Reid & Daniel Black. They are also to be appointed admrs. de bonis non of estate of decd husband, Patrick Cooney. Wit: John Winterbottom & B.D. Maloney. Proved 6 Nov 1855 (73-75)

COONY, EDMUND F., will dated 8 July 1866.
One-fifth to each to brothers and sisters: Elizabeth A. Pell, Alfred Coony, Mary L. Coony, Julia J. Coony & Theodore A. Coony. Exrs, brother Alfred Coony & bro-in-law, Joseph H. Pell. Wit: Cornelius O'Brien, D.S. Phelam & E.V. Wilson. Recorded 18 July 1866. (275-277)

CRAWLEY, ALFORD F., will dated 13 Aug 1850.
Wife, Euphemy Crawley, all estate and at her death to children (not named). Wit: John Reid & Alfred F.C. Anderson. Recorded 6 Nov 1854. (48-50)

DALEY, MICHAEL, will dated 9 July 1859.
To wife, Joana Daly, real estate in Adair Co., Mo. After her death estate to be divided 1/7 each to children, John Daley, Mary Hurly (wife of Michael Hurley), Denis Daly, Catharine Daly, Margaret Daly, Hanora Daly & Joana Daly. To Edmund Withrow to secure him from payment of a debt I owe Martin Campbell, $70.00, for which Edmund Withrow is security. Exrx, wife Joana. Wit: James Withrow & James Withrow. Recorded 3 Jan 1860. (123-125)

DALY, PATRICK, will dated 26 Aug 1867, Edina, Mo.
Wife, Rosa Daly, entire estate for lifetime and at her death to his children: Eliza McCann (?), Alice Mulgren, Thresa Daly, Susan Robinson, and to the children of Hugh & Ann McGinn, formerly Ann Daly, making five equal portions. To son James Daly $150.00. To Mary Rourke, wife of Hugh F. Rourke, $200.00. Exrs., Hugh F. Rourke, Bernard D. Maloney & John Early, Jr. Wit: Hugh F. Rourke & James A. Reid. Filed 8 Nov 1869. (322-326)

DONAHUE, JEREMIAH, will dated 7 May 1866.
Wife, Hanorah Donahue, land & personal property. Mentions land previously sold to George Beswick & Henry Rose from their original plot. To brother Cornelous Donahue and sisters Abigal Rodgers & Ellen Corbit, one dollar each. Exr., John Moynihan. Wit: Jeremiah Buckley & Daniel W. Clark. Filed 21 May 1866. (172-174)

DOUGHTY (DAUGHTY), JOSEPH M., will dated 4 Jan 1856. 
To wife, Elizabeth, one-third of all property. To nephew William M. Daughty, provided he stay with wife until he is 21 and does his duty, 1/12 part of estate. To daughters, Nancy F. Daughty, Elizabeth M. McMillin, Mary Ann Rebecca McMillin, Margaret Dicy Daughty, Sarah Frances Daughty and Melinda J. R. Daughty, to each one-sixth part of estate not hertofore disposed of. Exrx., wife, Elizabeth Daughty. Wit: Hiram Beach & John Mauck. Recorded 5 Feb 1856. (86-90)

DOWNING, ABSALOM R., will dated 5 Apr 1865.
"...advanced in life". Wife, Susan Ann Downing, all to her and her children. Wishes no administration. In case of wife incapacitated, appoints John H. Fresh, Trustee. Wit: A.R. Downing, Jr. & O.R. Downing. Recorded 7 Feb 1872. (347-349)

DROMEY, MICHAEL, will dated 10 June 1866.
Brothers & sister: Ellen Long, John Dromey, James Dromey & Patrick Dromey one dollar each. To mother Catharine Dromey & brother Mathias Dromey land in Knox Co. and all personal estate. Exr., Daniel McGinty. Wit: Thomas Smyth & Peter Kelly. Recorded 31 Aug 1866. (278-279)

DUDGEON, JAMES HARVEY, will dated 22 Mar 1855.
Children: James N., William T., Richard M. and Micah S. Dudgeon, Sophia Ross and Elizabeth Hickman. Grandson Daniel Marshall Dudgeon now of Kentucky. Wife, Polly Dudgeon. "If I should die during my present contemplated trip to Kentucky or before I can fulfill conditions of purchase of a trace of land I bought in Knox Co., Mo. lately, executor shall complete it and make deed to wife her lifetime and then to children. Mentions negroes. Exr., John J. Foster of Shelby Co., Mo. Wit: James W. Gunby & William Quigley. Codicil, in case exr. should die, wife to have privilege of naming another. Recorded 16 Apr 1867. (287-290)

EARLY, PETER, Sr., will dated 21 Sept 1863.
Brother, William Early. Sister Catharine Early, now Catharine Coll. To the resident priest of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Edina, Mo., $50.00. $1162.39 which is due from Roddy Ryan is to be applied by executors to the finishing off of my new brick house that is near the Catholic Church in Edina. He purchased some Roddy Ryan land at Sheriff's sale, 320 acres on 8 June 1863. Remainder of estate to most Reverend Peter Richard Kinrick, Catholic Arch Bishop of St. Louis, Mo., a total of 775 acres of land in Knox Co and many lots in the town of Edina, to be used for the benefit of the Church of St. Joseph of the Town of Edina. Exr., James A. Reid, Barnard D. Malony & Alfred Cooney. Wit: John Winterbottom & James Cody. Recorded 27 Oct 1869. (312-317)

ELLIS, WALTER, will dated 1 Mar 1860
Wife, Elizabeth Ellis, everything her lifetime. Younger children to be supported and educated. Mentions slaves. Interest for oldest daughter Martha Bowen to remain in hands of executors until her husband Benjamin Bowen is free of debt. At wife's death estate is to be divided among all children. Exrs., wife, Elizabeth Ellis, and John Fox, Senr. (Other children not named.) Wit: Alfred P. White, Albert G. Robertson & Stephen Vancamp. Recorded 26 Apr 1860. (130-134)

EVERMAN, WILLIAM, will dated 6 Mar 1871.
To five grandchildren: Zarilda, Sarah E., Rhoda M., Hiram W. and William T. Cox. Exrs, William H. Cook or Tyrone P. Cook. Wit: Wm. H. Cook & Sarah Cook. Recorded 27 Sept 1872. (359-360)

FISHER, ANDREW, will dated 15 Sept 1857.
To Andrew and William Fisher, children of my deceased son, William Fisher who died in 1850, farm in Knox Co. and other property. Son, George Fisher, of Knox Co., and Stephen Fresh of Knox Co., to be trustees of estate and care for above two grandsons during their minority. "The said Mr. Fresh having an increasing family of his own to provide for he cannot be expected to do anything for my grandchildren when of age, I am anxious therefore to secure as much as possible for them...and he is to be compensated for their maintainance. Children of decd son, Andrew Fisher; children of decd son, Daniel; " sons Andrew and Daniel received from me in Canady prior to 1835 all their patrimony." To son George Fisher; to daughter Ellen Husband; and to daughter Jane Herrington. Wit: Stephen D. Fresh, A.R. Downing & George Fisher. Codicil wit. by Robert A. Nickell & Davidson Nickell. No change in legatees. Codicil was dated 15 Feb 1863. Will recorded 7 July 1863. (141-6)

FORQUERON, JOHN G., will dated 28 May 1863.
Wife, Mary Forqueron, her lifetime. Names daughter Quintilla Fowler, wife of Elbert T. Fowler; daughter Clemenza P. Bowen, wife of Reuben Bowen. Exr., son-in-law, Elbert T. Fowler. Wit: Abraham Rinehart & Stephen C. Rinhart. Recorded 1 May 1865. (164-165)

FOX, DAVID, will dated 22 Dec 1863.
To wife her lifetime and at her death to be divided equally between all living heirs. (names not stated). Wit: Thomas M. Powel and David Brown. Recorded 15 Jan 1864. (150-152)

FOX, JOHN, Senr., will dated 13 July 1858.
To son William Fox land in Knox Co., on condition that he take care of him and his wife, Nancy, their lifetimes and that he pay $100 to John Fox, Jr., for use and benefit of testator's dau. Mary, wife of William J. Smallwood. To wife, Nancy, certain land which at her death is to be divided among all children equally, except William, to wit, Sally, wife of Adam Coppress; Lewis Fox; Fany Fox; John Fox, Jr.; Elizabeth wife of Solomon Coble; Mary, wife of William Smallwood; Nancy, widow and relict of Reuben E. Smith, decd; Lucinda wife of William C. Kiggins; and Margaret Fox. Exr., John Fox, Jr. Wit: John M. Robertson & Jacob E. Daniel. Recorded 3 Jan 1859. (126-130)

FRESH, JAMES, will dated 6 Apr 1854.
To son John H. Fresh, 320 acres of land with improvements, etc., including mill property. To Stephen D. Fresh (son), 280 acres together with all improvements. To daughter Matilda Allen, wife of George Washington Allen, now residing in California, 160 acres of land in Lewis Co., Mo. To the children of son, Robert G. Fresh, now decd, viz, James David Fresh, Margaret Jane Fresh, and Nebraska Fresh, 80 acres of land in Lewis Co. and 80 acres in Knox Co. To daughter Susan Downing, wife of Absolem R. Downing, 240 acres land in Knox Co. Exrx., sons, Stephen D. & John H. Fresh. Wit: James C. Agnew & A.H. Baldwin. Recorded 15 Apr 1854. (32-38)

GISBORN, MATHEW, will dated 15 Feb 1848.
To daughters, Nancy and Letitia, wife of Jeffrey Hildreth, personal property. Sons, John T. Gisborn and Mathew T. Gisborn, personal property. To wife Mary, all property to dispose of as she may choose. Exrx., wife Mary. Wit: Joseph Claypool & Jesse John. Date filed not given. (14-15)

GLOVER, JOHN, will dated 1 Oct 1855.
Wife, Fanny Glover. Advanced at different times to daughter Jane H. Kyle of Kentucky; daughter Eliza H. Moore (& land she now lives on in Knox Co.); son Samuel T. Glover; son William P. Glover (including land he lives on); son John M. Glover; son Albert D. Glover, and daughter Sarah Ann L. Glover. Exrs., Samuel T. Glvoer, William P. Glover, John M. Glover & Albert D. Glover, or any two of them. Neat head & foot stones to be placed over graves of sons Joseph W. Glover & James L. Glover, and William B. Moore. I gave my daughter, Jane H. Kyle, of Kentucky who visited me during the past summer the sum of $80.00 in money and about $10.00 in gifts, which was given her as a remuneration for expenses in coming and going. It is and always has been my desire to make my children perfectly equal. Wit: James C. Agnew & Benj. F. Snyder. Codicil 17 Jan 1857, states suit against Washington Manning for a negro slave to be prosecuted and any damage received to be as a special legacy to dau, Sarah Ann L. Glover. Wit: Richard Garnett & John L. Taylor. Recorded 6 Apr 1857. (106-112)

GRAYDON, ANDREW, will written in Borough of Harrisburgh, Dauphin Co., Pa., 24 Sept 1850. To sisters Rachael McKinney & Eleanor Whitehill, share and share alike, lots in Harrisburg on which are two two story brick houses and one frame house, and at their deaths to their survivors, and to the children of my brother Alexander Graydon. Leaves shares in bank stocks to sisters. To cousin, Eliza English $150.00. To Molly Parkey who has lived in the family for a number of years $25.00. To mother, Eleanor M. Graydon, widow of my father, to brothers, William Graydon & Henry Murray Graydon and to sister Theodosia Hinkley. Exr., brother, Henry Murray Graydon. Wit: Alex. Sloan & G.W. Boyd. Filed in Knox Co., Mo. on 29 Oct 1855, and requested proof to be ascertained in Pennsylvania, which was done. (76-85)

HAMILTON, TOWNSEND, will dated 15 Nov 1856.
Wife, Anna Maria Hamilton one-half and balance to child or children, if any. Exr., Elisha W. Lear. Wit: Isaiah Lear & George Elgin. Will signed for testator at his request by James C. Agnew. Rec. 1 Dec 1856. (102-104)

HARLAN, JOSEPH, will dated 4 Nov 1867.
Wife, Eliza Harlan, the homestead. Children: John Harlan, Sarah Canady, George C. Harlan, Willis B Harlan, Ira G. Harlan, Sabina B. Doan my youngest dau; heirs of son William L. Harlan; and heirs of dau. Jane Reid, decd. Exrx., wife Eliza Harlan. Wit: Jos. T. Clement & Henry S. Sanford. Recorded 8 Aug 1868. (301-303)

HATFIELD, BENJAMIN T., of Scotland Co. when written in 22 May 1855. Wife, Mary Hatfield, and children (not named). Exrs., wife Mary, and son, Robert P. Hatfield. Wit: William J. Coalbank, James Rawlings, James C. Smith, Benjamin F. Estburn and James H. Campbell. Recorded 4 June 1855. (59-62)

HENRY, HUGH, will dated 6 May 1852.
Wife, Nancy Henry, the farm with the privilege of Emily Elvira & Nancy Elizabeth Henry having their support on this place and at death of mother to go to them. Also slaves to wife. Names the following children: John E. Henry, Emily Elvira Henry, Nancy Elizabeth Henry, William Henry, Monroe Henry, Sally McReynolds, Malcum M. Henry, Hugh F. Henry and Elenor Beach, $100 each. Exrs., Harvy H. Beach & John E. Henry. Wit: John E. Henry, Wm. Henry & Asberry M. Keach. Recorded 10 May 1854. (39-43)

HERRINGTON, JAMES, will dated 20 Feb 1865.
To wife her lifetime all land, and at her death to dau. Harriet Fugate her lifetime and after her death to her children. $1.00 each to following children, to wit, Thomas Herrinton, Polly Kinney, Isaac Herrington, Mary A. Beard, Jane Michael & Sally Marshall. Exr., Benj. H. Fugate. Wit: Cornelius M. Cox, Samuel E. Huling & Cornelius Fugate. Recorded 6 May 1872. (355-357)

HICKS, JAMES, will dated 7 Sept 1854, Scotland Co., Mo. Wife Polly Hicks, and following children: Willis Hicks, James David Hicks, Anthony New Hicks, Hanah Newland and Bethel Hicks. Also names grandson James Davis Hicks, son of my son Absalom Hicks and granddaughter, Sarah Fountain. Mentions several slaves. Exrs., Willis & James D. Hicks. Wit: James H. Keach, George Stephenson & Thomas A. Hull. Will recorded in Scotland Co., by two witnesses 18 Apr 1856. Recorded in Knox Co. 30 June 1856. (95-98)

HOLMES, THOMAS, will dated 6 Feb 1864.
To wife, Jane Holmes, her lifetime and at her death to my children: Samuel G. Holmes, Andrew V. Holmes, William Holmes, Mary Ann Day, Thomas J. Homes, Elizabeth J. Dearing. Whatever may be coming to Thomas J. Holmes is to be divided between his sons, John T. Holmes & James Holmes. Exr., James McPike. Wit: Jabez Barnes & Wm. Allen. Recorded 3 May 1869. (310-311)

HONSCKER, JACOB, will dated 13 May 1854.
Wife, Margaret, all property and after her death to be divided between two sons, Quincy & Joseph. Joseph under age. Five daus., Mehaley, Jane Serrilda, Emelin & Louisa. Exrx., wife and son, Quincy. Wit: John Ross & A.W. McWilliams. Rec 5 Sept 1854. (44-7)

HOWELL, LYDIA, will dated 12 Sept 1851.
Stepsons, Chatfield Howell & Elias Howell, $1.00 each. Step-daughters, Mary Hamilton & Ruth Pyke, personal property. $50.00 each to Madaline Miriam Hamilton, Martha Ann Hamilton & Charles H. Hamilton, children of Mason & Mary Hamilton. Exr., Mason Hamilton. Wit: Townsend Hamilton & Lewis C. Sturgess. Recorded 3 Nov 1851. (19-22)

HUNT, JOHN, will dated 20 July 1863.
Wife, Sarah Hunt, all personal property and land on which now reside, the land being that conveyed to him by Michael Hickman by deed of 20 June 1859, her lifetime. Children: Henry Hunt, Thomas Hunt and Margaret Pulse, the wife of James Pulse. Also names John H. Dole, Sarah C. Dole, Mary S. Dole, Jacob D. Dole, Marcus Dole and Martha J. Dole, the children of my daughter, Mary Dole, decd. Exr., Henry Hunt. Wit: Taylor Smith & R. Hamilton. Recorded 5 June 1865. (160-163)

INGLES, NATHANIEL, will dated 28 July 1864.
Wife, Eliza Jane Ingles, land in Knox Co., and also land in Story Co., Iowa. To son, James Ingles, 120 acres testator owns in Madison Co., Iowa. One-half interest each to John A. Ingles (son) and daughter Sarah P. H. Cochran, 240 acres of land in Union Co., Iowa. To daughter Martha E. Ingles, 120 acres in Story Co., Iowa. Wit: Wm. C. Hillis & Samuel M. Wirt. Recorded 5 Sept 1864. (153-155)

JAROIS, ELLEN, will dated 19 Sept 1871.
To Cornelius O'Brien of Edina $30.00 to be apportioned by him in accordance with my verbal directions, with no accounting to be made; and residue of estate which is of personal property to my children and their heirs, to wit: daughter Ellen McGonigle's son Charles McGonigle $50.00; to dau. Ellen McGonigle's son Daniel McGonigle, $50.00; to son John Jarois $100.00. 1/3 each of all remainder of estate to sons Edward Jarois, Patrick Jarois and daughter, Mary Rourke. Exrs., James A. Reid & James Cody. Wit: Cornelius O'Brien, John Fitzgerald & William Clancy. Recorded 4 Dec 1871. (344-347)

JONES, GEORGE G., will dated 14 Mar 1859.
Wife, Quintilla Jones, to be admrx. One dollar each to sister Martha Ann Harris and brother, James E. Jones. Wit: Milton Hendrick & Turner G. Priest. Will written by Milton Hendrick at testator's request. Recorded 7 Apr 1859. (113-114 & 121-122)

LACY, WILLIAM, will dated 26 Sept 1865.
My real estate & personal property to my three children, namely, Elizabeth, Margaret & Michael Lacy - real estate in the vicinity of Edina. Exrs., Daniel McGinty, James Kelley & Michael Henesy. Wit: James Kelly, Daniel McGinty (name also spelled McGenty & McGeenty) & George Fink. Recorded 30 Oct 1865. (167-169)

LEAR, JAMES, will dated 29 Aug 1850.
All real estate except house and lot where family reside, to be sold on 12 months credit. Property to be distributed to family according to laws of Mo. House where family reside not being entirely paid for, full payment is to be made to Clement Todd & title made to family. Exrs., brother Z. Lear and nephew, E.W. Lear. Wit: W.P. Glover & A.H. Baldwin. Rec 9 Apr 1852. (29-32)

MANNING, SAMUEL, will written 2 June 1855.
Three daughters, Delilah, Mary Jane and Rachel Maria, to each one-third of farm. Have already given to daughter Martha and to dau. Emiline Kaylor. To Washington $1.00. Exr., Stephen D. Fresh. Wit: James C. Agnew & Clement Todd. Will signed for the testator at his request by Edwin G. Pratt. Recorded 16 June 1855. (64-67)

MARVEL, EUNICE J., will dated 16 Oct 1869.
Husband, Henry G. Marvel, all real estate & personal property. Exr., husband. Wit: James C. Claypool & Thomas T. Taylor. Rec 6 May 1872. (353-354)

MILLER, PAUL, will dated 29 Aug 1871.
Son, William T. Miller now living in California $10.00...have heretofore advanced him $600.00. To wife Sarah Miller, whole estate for her sole use and benefit and the support of the minor children that may be living with me at time of my death and until youngest son, Robert A. Miller is 21. To my 6 children: Mary A. Oldfather, Sarah J. Rawlings, Lydia S. Funk, Deborah Miller, Lucy P. Miller & Robert A. Miller. Exrx., Sarah Miller. Wit: Henry Musser & Benj. Bowen. Recorded 23 Sept 1871. (338-341)

MILLER, WILLIAM, will dated 1 Nov 1861.
To wife (not named) estate her lifetime and then to be equally divided among all heirs, son Abraham, and daughters, Delphia, Phebe & Rachel, $1000.00 each. These above four children now will be made equal with four other heirs: Larkin, Jordan, America and Adam, to whom have been given $1000 each in land or money heretofore. Exr., son Larkin. Jordan & Abraham are to assist Larkin. Wit: Lambden E. Erwin, R.H.C. Wirt & Elijah Bell. Rec 29 Dec 1864. (156-159)

MOORE, SAMUEL B., will dated 6 Dec 1860.
Wife, Susan Moore, everything for lifetime. Children: Samuel Moore, Helen McDennis, Adaline Moore, Phoeby Ann Moore, Henry, George and Olive Moore. Exrs., son-in-law Charles McDennis and wife Susan Moore. Wit: Leonard S. Fowler, W.H. Burns & Thomas A. Hull, all of Knox Co. Recorded 22 Dec 1860. (139-141)

MOORE, WILLIAM B., will dated 20 May 1849.
Wife and children. Names not given. Wit: Sam T. Glover & John Bosley. Recorded 14 Oct 1852. Proved 30 Aug 1852. (25-28)

MURPHEY, JACOB, will dated 25 Dec 1856.
All to wife, Elizabeth Murphy. Exr., son Samuel Murphy. Wit: John Conway & Cyrus Shultz. Recorded 6 Apr 1857. (119-120)

MUSGROVE, WILLIAM, will dated 30 May 1859.
Two married daughters, Lucy Ann and Sarah Malinda, personal property. Dau. Elizabeth is to have her support off of the farm while she remains single. Wife, Permelia Musgrove, estate during her life or widowhood, and then to be divided among all children equally. (others not named). Wit: James Chadwell, Benjamin Davis, Gillison Pinkston & Thomas Bartlow. Recorded 29 June 1859. (116-118)

NOBLITT, SARAH, will dated 17 Sept 1866.
$5.00 to each of her following children: Elizabeth Davis, Francis Noblitt, heirs of Mary Bledsoe, Lazarus Noblitt, Margaret Bozarth, heirs of Thomas Noblitt, Patsy Pinson, Rebecca Mason, William J. Noblitt. To dau. Sarah M. Noblitt who has taken care of me in my old age when I could not do for myself, all personal property and money, and a portion arrising from the sale of land warrant given by the U.S. from land sold in Vermillion Co., Ind, which allowed the surviving widow one-third in fee simple of all real estate that has borne children by her husband. Wit: Parks Boon & Elijah Ward. Recorded 1 Oct 1866. (282-283)

NORTHCUTT, HOSEA, will dated 4 Oct 1865.
"..being old"... Eldest son, Thomas Northcutt; James D. Colliver son of my oldest dau. Pamela Colliver; my other children: Paulina Brothers, Caroline Creason, Lewis C. Northcutt, Louisa Carter or her children, Abose D. Northcutt & Benj. F. Northcutt. To Nancy E. Northcutt (relationship not stated). Exrs., Benj. F. Northcutt & Lewis C. Northcutt. Wit: David Bunnell & Margaret C. Bennington. Recorded 9 May 1866. (291-292)

PORTER, WILLIAM L., will dated 10 Sept 1868.
Wife, Annie M. Porter, and our only child Robert Watson Porter. Exr., Joshua W. Baker. Wit: Albert F. Chadwick & Stephen A. Bryant. Recorded 13 Oct 1868. (303-305)

REDMON, MICHAEL, will dated 15 Mar 1850.
I owe the following: James Pratt $6.50; Doctor Conley $6.00; Geo. W. Wiley $3.00; Waggoner & Bethel 3 or 4 dollars: Dr. Boman $1.60; Peter J. Sowers $1.10; to Beach, a clock pedler, $12.00; and $5.00 toward building a schoolhouse. Exrx., wife Catherine Redmon. Wit: Michael Hickman & Frederick Puts. Michael Hickman signed for Michael Redmon. Witness given as Frederic Pults later. Recorded 1 Apr 1850. (15-17)

REID, MALINDA, will dated 9 June 1868.
Names the following: husband Henry C. Reid, father (name not given), sister Ellen, and sister Martha Ann. Exr., husband Henry C. Reid. Wit: J.J. Atterberry & Henry T. Bledsoe. Recorded 5 Aug 1868. (299-301)

RINEY, BENJAMIN G., will dated 22 Mar 1852.
Wife Elizabeth Riney and son, Joseph Riney, home farm until son Joseph is of age. Son Benjamin T. Riney when he comes of age. Exrs., Michael Hickman & C.H. Baldwin. Wit: Benj. Wiseman & Jesse Ewing. Recorded 3 Sept 1852. (22-25)

ROBERTSON, JOSIAH, will written 3 May 1861.
Wife, Eliza M., one third of all estate, including bank stocks & slaves. 1/5 of balance to dau. Caroline M. Black, wife of Daniel Black. 1/5 for grandchildren: John Hall, Thomas J. Hall & Eliza M. Hall, children of dau. Jane G. Hall, late wife of Robert Hall when youngest of them is 21. Remaining 3/5 to his children Albert G. Robertson, John M. Robertson and Isabella S. Moreland, wife of Washington Moreland, in equal parts. Mentions grandsons David T. & Albert G. Moreland. Exrs., sons, Albert G. Robertson & John M. Robertson. Wit: Simeon Connelly, N.B. Coulson, and Lafayette Minter. Recorded 7 Sept 1863. (146-151)

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, will dated 28 Apr 1866.
Wife, Nancy A., the farm her lifetime and then to his two sons William Nelson Robertson & James Marshall Robertson. Oldest son, George Robertson, daughter Siletia Ann, and son John Robertson have received. Exrx., wife Nancy. Wit: Jabez Barnes & W.G. Tittle. Recorded 1 Oct 1866. (281-282)

ROBINSON, DAVID V., will dated 8 Aug 1855.
To wife Mary E. Robinson his beaureau bookcase and work stand. To son James A. Robinson all his books. Farm to be leased and proceeds to go for the maintainance of wife and child and the education of the latter. Mentions house and lot in town of Edina. Exr., father-in-law, James A. Reid. Wit: Peter Earley, Sr. and John Winterbottom. Recorded 4 Sept 1855. (68-72)

ROSS, ANDREW, will written in Hospital of 3rd Cav. Mo. Vol., 14 June 1864. "Andrew J. Ross of Knox Co., and at this time a soldier, in view of my present illness". To wife, Fanny Ross. Exr., his father, John Ross. Wit: F.M. Wilcox, Capt. Co. F 3rd Mo. Cav; W.C. Blair, Sergt. of same, and B.W. Ross of same Co. Recorded 8 July 1865. (169-171)

SANFORD, HENRY S., will dated 13 Feb 1872.
Wife, Martha W. Sanford, entire estate and at her death to his only son, Richard B. Sanford, with following exceptions: to five daughters, Sarah E. Keck, Emily T. Grigson, Ann M. Yancy, Margaret G. Downing & Lucy B. Sanford, $20.00 each. Wit: William R. Berry & William S. Hodges. Recorded 5 Mar 1872. (351-352)

SCHWIND, HENRY, will dated 15 Nov 1869.
Wife, Catharine Schwind, all property her lifetime, and to children: Valentine Schwind, Peter Schwind, Magdaline Schwind, and Louisa Pleiser, formerly Louisa Schwind. Wit: Russell R. Smith & Wm. C. Hillis. Recorded 7 Dec 1870. (329-335)

SHARP, JAMES, will dated 23 June 1871.
Hold two notes against Capt. Thomas M. Hale, one mile and a half from Paducah, Ky., each for $400.00. Bequests to Rebecca Sharp, wife of my bro. Stephen Sharp $100.00; Patience Sharp wife of my son stephen Sharp $70.00; to son James Sharp $70.00; to brother Stephen Sharp's 2 daus. Rosey & Rebecca $40.00 each; to Mrs. Margaret Flurnoy $40.00. Balance to bro. Stephen Sharp after expenses paid. Exr., Collen M. Campbell. Wit: James Sharp, Jr. & Sarah M. Sharp. Recorded 4 Sept 1871. (336-337)

SHARP, MARGARET, will dated 23 Apr. 1855.
Children: John Sharp, Stephen Sharp, Elizabeth Grant wife of Samuel R. Grant, Sarah Fowler wife of Cyrus Fowler, Clarinda Hannah wife of William Hannah, Custer Sharp, Abraham Sharp, William Sharp, and dau. Deborah A. Sharp. Exrs., sons John Sharp & Stephen Sharp. Wit: Madison H. Forsythe & John Middleton. Recorded 7 May 1855. (55-58)

SLAUGHTER, ROBERT V., will dated 5 Apr 1853.
Wife, Mary Jane, everything her lifetime or widowhood; then to "my heirs of her body". My children William K., Susannah H. and Augustine by my former wife, have been fully provided for in a deed of trust made by me to Thomas & William Kindrick for that purpose. Exrx., Mary Jane Slaughter. In case of her death or remarriage, then G.G. Hawkins. Wit: W. Ritzma Strachan & John A. Hawkins. Filed 1 June 1868. Wm. Ritzma Strachan was decd by that time; his signature was verified by James M. Balthroop. (293-295)

STANDIFORD, ISRAEL, of Bosier Parish, La., will dated 8 Nov 1857. To sister Nancy Stovall of Knox Co; brother Aquilla Standiford of Knox Co; sister Hannah Fryorear of Scotland Co; and sister Martha Standiford of Knox Co., Mo. Exr., John Henry of Fairmount, Clark Co., Mo. Wit: P. Conduitte & Joseph McReynolds. Recorded 28 May 1860. (134-136)

STANDIFORD, REBECCA, will dated 25 June 1853.
To sister Nancy Stovall, brother Aquilla Standiford, and sister Hannah Fryzear, one dollar each. To brother Israel Standiford & nephew John H. Standiford $50.00 each. To sister Martha Standiford, all residue of property, to wit, my undivided half of 40 acres in Knox Co. known by us as the Collins forty, and my undivided half of slaves and interest in land we now live on and personal property, her life. At her death, slaves are to be given their freedom. Exrs., Samuel Cox of Clark Co., Mo. & Joshua Hobbs of Lewis Co., Mo. Wit: Josiah McReynolds & Matthias Pugh. Codicil mentioning more slaves (children) for sister Martha dated 17 Mar 1856. Wit: Joseph McReynolds & P. Conduite. Recorded 5 May 1856. (90-95)

STRICKLER, JOSEPH, will dated 17 Aug 1871.
To wife (not named here) one-third of estate. To son George Strickler $100.00; to grandchildren Ira M. Strickler & Martha Belle Strickler, as much as the children of son, George, shall get. Balance of estate to be equally divided between my children: Harriett E., William H., and Harrison Strickler, and one share to be divided amongst the children of my oldest son, George Strickler. Exrs., sons George & William H. Strickler. Wit: Albert G. Dod & Archie A. Dod. Recorded 6 May 1872. The original paper was lost in transmission to Jefferson City to obtain proof of Albert G. Dod one of the witnesses and a copy used. (357-358)

THOMPSON, CHARLES, will written 4 Sept 1856.
Wife Margaret Thompson. Grandson James Wilson Thompson when 21. Son Charles Thompson. Heirs of John K. Thompson and heirs of James M. Thompson, two dollars each. Balance of estate after support of self and wife, to go to Baldwin Jordan & his wife. Exrs., wife, Margaret, and Baldwin Jordan. Wit: William T. Barr & Daniel Surbler. Recorded 5 Sept 1856. (99-101)

VANNATTAN, DANIEL, will dated 1 Sept 1868.
Wife, Deborah Vannattan. To son Nelson, land in Scotland Co., Mo. conveyed to him by Allen Myers and Jesse Waymack. To son Daniel, land in Knox Co. and in Scotland Co. To son, Joseph Vannattan, now residing in Illinois, $250.00. To daughter Elizabeth Vannattan $250.00. To son-in-law Benjamin Ferguson $1.00. Sons Nelson & Daniel are to care for their mother, Deborah, and "do all in their power to make her comfortable and happy during her natural life". Exrs., Nelson & Daniel Vannattan. Wit: George W. Coffin & Egbert O'Mallory. Recorded 1 Nov 1869. (318-322)

WALSH, RICHARD, will dated 7 Apr 1851.
Wife, Mary Walsh. When daughter Margaret Walsh shall marry she is to have one third of estate. after death of wife, farm on which they live, to son Michael Walsh. Exrx., wife Mary Walsh. Wit: Michael Hickman & Solomon Pence. Recorded 14 May 1851. (17-19)

End of Will Book A