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SPECIAL NOTICE: The state of Missouri is in the process of putting all birth an death records on line
from 1910 (when they began) to 1954. This will be a really great asset for genealogists.
There are links to images through 1920 (will eventually all be there)
and they will send you photocopies of the others for only $1.00 each!

If you are interested in helping, check out the site below and read item number 4.
The state is scanning the death records, but they need help with typing up the index to those records
so they can set up an online searchable index. Copies of pages of the index will be sent to volunteers to type up.

Knox County Births & Stillbirths Records Search - abstract of the births & stillbirth records recorded before 1909
that are available on microfilm at the Missouri State Archives

Knox County Death Records Search - abstract of the death records recorded before 1909 that are available on microfilm
at the Missouri State Archives

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County Formation Maps 1804-Present Day

Missouri Census Maps 1810 - 1930


Knox County, Missouri, before 1860

Knox County, Missouri, in 1860 

County Neighbors:

Adair     Clark     Lewis     Macon     Scotland     Shelby


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