Johnson County

Missouri Funeral Homes

These are only the Funeral Homes that are still in business today.

Name of Funeral Home
Street address
City and State
210 W. McPherson St.
Knob Noster, Mo
Sweeney-Phillips & Holdren
617 N. Maguire St.
Warrensburg, Mo.
Williams Funeral Chapel
Highway 58
Holden, Mo.
Williams Funeral Chapel
1400 S. State Route 13
Warrensburg, Mo.
Wood-Ben Cast & Son 
407 S. Pine St.
Holden, Mo.
Consalus Funeral Homes
200 S. Pennsylvania St.
Chilhowee, Mo.
Holdren & Sweeney-Phillips
105 S. Main St.
Leeton, Mo.

COOK & WARD FUNERAL HOME RECORDS - 1554 funeral home records from the former Cook, Cook-Ward and Ward Funeral home of Chilhowee, Leeton and Urich from 1929 to 1991.  Most burials took place in the Johnson County cemeteries of Carpenter, Centerview, Chilhowee, Holden, Liberty, New Liberty, Memorial Gardens, Mineral Creek, Pisgah, Providence, Shiloh and Sunset Hill, plus several northern Henry County cemeteries.  A wealth of information for those researching in southern Johnson and northern Henry County.

Funeral Home Records of Holden, Missouri
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Section #1
Records of the Crawfordsville Coffin Company, operating a funeral home in Holden from 20 July 1883 to 10 May 1904 when they sold this business to the Goodman family.
Records For 1883
Records for Jan.- June 1884
Records for July - Dec. 1884
Records for 1885
Records for 1886
Records for 1887
Records for 1888
Records for 1889
Records for 1890
Records for 1891
Records for 1892
Records for 1893
Records for 1894
Records for 1895
Records for 1896
Records for 1897
Records for 1898
Records for 1899
Records for 1900
Records for 1901
Records for 1902
Records for 1903
Records for 1904
Section #2
The Goodman Funeral Home of Holden, Mo. From 12 May 1904 to the 29th of Dec. 1928.
Records for 1905
Records for 1906
Records for 1907
Records for 1908
Records for 1909
Records for 1910
Records for 1911
Records for 1912
Records for 1913
Records for 1914
Records for 1915
Records for 1916
Records for 1917
Records for 1918
Records for 1919
Records for 1920
Records for 1921
Records for 1922
Records for 1923
Records for 1924
Records for 1925
Records for 1926
Records for 1927
Records for 1928

These records are neither complete nor extremely accurate, due to the fact that they were personal business records. We have in cross checking with cemetery records found some errors in the location given in these records as the place of burial. This may be due to the fact that many burials were attended to by the family involved, and the person filling out these records was either misinformed or guessed at the location. We have found that all other information listed in these records is accurate. Of course there is the common error as in all records of this sort, in the misspelling of the names. All the names transcribed here in are listed as they were in the original record.

The compilers are Richard E. Preator Jr. and Ethel M. Preator (Gudde)
Transcribed for the WWW by Marie Antal(c)1999


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