Johnson County

Missouri Census

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Printable Abstracts for census records

Census Images
brought to you by Ed and Sandy Mackley
1830 Lafayette County Images
Johnson County was established in 1834 from southern half of Lafayette County.
1840 Johnson County Census Images
1850 Johnson County Census Images
1840 Johnson County Heads of Household Index
 1860 Johnson County Census
with Index
1860 Madison Township
1850 Census - Surname Baker
 1850/1860 Census - Surname Foster
1870 Johnson County Census
1870 Chilhowee pg1
1870 Chilhowee pg2
1870 Chilhowee pg3
1870 Chilhowee pg4
1870 Columbus pg1
1870 Columbus pg2
1870 Columbus pg3
1870 Columbus pg4
1870 Grover pg1a
1870 Grover pg1
1870 Grover pg2
1870 Grover pg3
1870 Grover pg4
1870 Postoak pg1
1870 Postoak pg2
1870 Postoak pg3
1870 Postoak pg4
1870 Postoak pg5
1870 Postoak pg6
1870 Postoak pg7
1870 Postoak pg8
1870 Postoak pg 9
1870 Jackson pg1
1870 Jackson pg2
1870 Jackson pg3
1870 Jackson pg4
1870 Hazel Hill
1870 Hazel Hill pg2
1870 Kingsville
1870 Warrensburg, pt1
1870 Warrensburg, pt2 (index only)
1870 Warrensburg, pt3 (index only)
1870 Warrensburg, pt4 (index only)
1870 Holden Madison, pt1 (index only)
1870 Holden Madison, pt2 (index only)
1870 Holden Madison, pt3 (index only)
1870 Madison, pt4 (index only)
1870 Madison, pt5 (index only)
1870 Rose Hill, pt1 (index only)
1870 Rose Hill, pt2 (index only)
1870 Washington, pt1 (index only)
Eleventh Census of the United States 1890
Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans and
Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
1890 Centerview
1920 Centerview Township, Head of Household


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