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Jackson County, MO Index to Biographies

Page 994, Baker, A. J. Saratoga, NY, Oct. 1, 1836
Page 738, Baker, B. J., London, England, July 28, 1846
Page 759, Baker, C. C., Lee, Mass., March 25, 1853
Page 738, Baker, Peter, Baltimore, Maryland, April 6, 1818


Jackson County, MO., Marriage Records, 1827-1860

Baker, Joseph to Eleanor Portis, Dec. 11, 1831
Baker, Henry F. to Elizabeth Hambright, Sept 4, 1834
Baker, Henry to Elizabeth Gussoler, Dec. 17, 1848
Baker, Isaac G. to Isabella Ann Dawes, Feb. 19, 1851
Baker, Phillip to Levisa Kemalier, July 29, 1855
Baker, Wm. to Mary Jane Betts, Jan. 15, 1857
Drake, Wm. C. to Docia P. Baker, April 17, 1854
Fann, James N., to Eliza J. Baker, July 1, 1860


The Rippeto Family in Western Missouri

This is a document of the Rippeto Family in Western Missouri. If you think you have a link to this family I will gladly see if there are any names that may help you. Please contact Terry Parcel at < > and I will look up the info for you.

I have looked through this document and came up with these last names listed: Dabney LIPSCOMB; John BARTLESON; James CHILES; John WELLS; Thomas A. RIPPETOE; Ann McW. NIELSON; Hugh D. RIPPETO; John H. EVRIN; Sarah FORD; Oliver H. Perry RIPPETO; Daniel SMITH; Jacob T. PALMER; William WILLIAMS; Eveline THOMAS; Elijah THOMAS; Clarissa A. DUGAN; Goldie Maude NEWTON daughter of Samuel Densmore NEWTON.


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