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Do you live in Jackson County?
Do you have access to resources of genealogical interest?
If so, and you'd like to volunteer to do lookups, e-mail me,
with "Jackson County lookups" as the subject line.

Volunteers are needed for:
Census Records
Cemetery Records
County History
Vital Statistics (Birth, Death, Marriage, Land Records, etc.)
Miscellaneous Records

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Guidelines for Requesting a Lookup


I have a set of papers thatg were submitted from the KC Central High School Biology class to the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair all submission were hand written and signed by the student submitting. Most have 8 to 20 pages. 2 to 4 pages of each students are illustrations drawn by the student, they have signed each page illustrated. Since there are only a few names associated with Central High, I will list them. They are:
W. Houser Sloan, 17
Zola Sweet, 16
Francis Abernathy, 15
Lucy M. Reynolds, 15
Mae Francis Cheek, 16

I am asking $25.00 for the papers of each child. There is also a copy of the teachers instructions she also signed her name, Mary J. Steel. Please e-mail me if you are interested: tvpar@mail.tigernet.gen.mo.us (Thomas Parker). Thanks.



Obits 1991-current from the KC Star on-line.



The Political Graveyard 
This lists cemeteries in Jackson County. Has links to other counties.



I wanted to let you folks know that I have several things that I have on hand that I will do lookups in and look in my infomation to see if there is anything anyone might need. First, I have a book called "German Settlement in Missouri, New Land, Old Ways". I will attempt to list just the people that are listed in the index. I also have a book called "Orphan Trains to Missouri". I will also just list the names in the book from the index and If you find anything that might pertain to who you are looking for, please feel free to e-mail me, Terry, and I will help you as best I can.



Andreae, Johann Valentin
Angelrodt, Ernst Carl von
Anheuser, Eberhard
Anzeiger des Westens
Bartholdt, Richard
Bayer, George F.
Benecke, Louis
Biermann, A. H.
Biermann, Herman
Blandowski, Constantin
Bock, Johann Wilhelm
Boernstein, Heinrich
Boone, Daniel
Bruns, Dr. Bernard
Bruns, Heinrich
Bruns, Henriette (Jette)
Buegel, John
Busch, Adolphus
Buse, John

Dierking, Heinrich
Duden, Gottfried
Dulle, Gerhardt
Eitzen, Charles
Epenschied, Louis
Eversman, Ludwig

Finch, Beatrice
Flint, Timothy
Follenius, Paul
Frost, Daniel
Fuhr, John

Gerlach, Russel
Goebel, Gert
Guenther, Louise
Gustorf, Frederick Julius

Hahb, Victor
Helias, Father Ferdinand
Hesse, Nicholas
Husmann, George
Husmann, Martin

Jackson, Claiborne Fox
Jaeger, Hermann
Kargau, E. D.
Keil, Luise
Keil, Wilhelm
Keil, William
Kemper, Christopher
Kemper, Edward
King, Washington
Kleinsorge, Anna
Krekel, Arnold

Langhauser, Caroline
Lemp, Adam
Lemp, William Jr.
Lohman, Charles
Luther, Martin
Lyon, Nathaniel

McIntosh, Francis
Mallinckrodt, Emil
Mannwaring, Charles
Maus, Charles
Meier, Adolphus
Meyer, Karl Friedrich
Muehl, Frederick
Muench, Berthold
Muench, Friedrich
Muench, Georg
Muench, Hugo
Muench, Luise

Newspapers, German-language
Niswonger, George Christopher

Olson, Audrey
Osnabruck, Germany
Osterhaus, Peter

Pelster, William
Pershing, Frederick
Pershing, John J.
Phillips, Polly
Poole, John F.

Robyn, Eduard

Schewe, Friedrich
Schiller, Friedrich
Schurz, Carl
Schwarzer, Franz
Sherman, William Tecumseh
Shirky, Catharine
Shirky, James M.
Shirky, Samuel Bowman
Sigel, Franz
Smith, Frederick
Steines, Friedrich
Stephan, Julie
Stephan, Martin
Stifel, Otto

Volker, William
Voskamp, Bertha
Voskamp, Oscar

Wallenkamp, Henry
Walther, C. F W.
Weber, Wilhelm



Adler, Sue
Alger, Horatio

Barry, S.
Baxter, Helen
Belden, Henry
Bennett, Sandra
Boehm, George
Boehm, Katherine
Bond, Dorothy
Bond, Lulu
Bond, Susan
Brace, J. P.
Brace, Robert
Bracken, Sam

Cather, Willa
Clay, John
Clifford, Clark
Craig, Irma
Craig, Lida Steinberg
Craig, Walter
Cranor, Frank
Cranor, Rose
Crawford, Ora
Davidson, Dorothy Weir
Dewey, Thomas
Dickman, Fred
Dickman, Sadie
Donner, Magdalene
Doyle, Dora
Doyle, Jimmie
Doyle, Rachel
Dunnaway, Willie Paul

Eads, James

Fawcett, Henry
Frank, Billy
Fry, Charles R.

Gnagi, Adeline Rackers
Goddard, Frederick B.
Guyette, Willie

Hack, W. D.
Haig, Harold
Harley, Emily
Harley, Mary
Harley, S. E.
Harley, Sydney Harvey
Hatcher family
Henley, Tom
Henry, Sarah
Hess, Mina
Hill, Annie Laurie
Hogan, Father John
Holman family

Jahne, Gary
Jahne, Gus
Jahne, Jhn
Jost, Henry Lee

Laffout, Bernard
Lawyer, Alclo
Lawyer, Gladys
Lawyer, Harvey Andrew
Lawyer, James Atwell
Lawyer, Noah
Lawyer, Perry Paul
Lawyer, Stoddard Arthur

Macy, John
Mann, Elizabeth Senger
McDowell, Jennie
Menke, Dorothea Swan
Mith, E. P.
Moore, Betty
Mowrey, Sylvia

Neal, Mrs. R. G.
Newman, Edward
Newman, Peter

Opitz, E. H.

Petersen, Robert
Phillips, Mary Hamilton Bracken

Rabideau, Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim
Rackers, John
Rackers, Mary
Rifenburgh, Howard
Rifenburgh, Nelson Ray
Riis, Jacob A.
Roach, Kenneth
Roberts, Matilda
Roberts, William
Ronge, Shirley
Rowden, Ralph

Saenger, Rachel Marie Donnivan
Schmidt, Father Joseph
Schniders, Carl
Schnieders, Irma Craig
Schulz, Carl
Schulz, Susan Bond
Scott, Deborah
Scott, Kathleen
Scott, M. A.
Selle, Herman
Selle, Walter
Skidmore, Ella
Skidmore, Louis Vallieres
Skidmore, Rosalie
Smith, Dolph
Smith, Rev. H. F.
Sommers, Henry
Sutterer, Helena
Swan, Hattie
Swan, Rev. J. W.

Rice, B. W.
Titus, Ceclia
Tracy, C.C.
Trott, E.
Turek, Mary

Urton, Sadie

Weir, Dorothy
Weir, Eddie
Weir, Phyllis
Weir, Scottie
Wilkins, George
Williams, C. H.
Williams, J. E.
Wingate, William H.



I wanted to let folks know and the ones who haven't looked around my web site that I have my research almost all indexed. I can do lookups for anything I have listed on my Counties Information Pages.

Online Research

If you find a census record, marriage record, or anything else that is either listed or indexed that you want me to do a lookup for, I will be more than happy to do so. Please allow a couple of days for me to get them done. If you have sent a request and have not yet received a response, feel free to e-mail me a reminder .



My family was some of the first settlers in Jackson county, coming here about 1834. My gggggrandfather owned a large farm in eastern Jackson county. I have a few books on Jackson county, and I also have indexed Lobb Cemetery and have some basic histories on families buried there. Alot of the early pioneers that lived in Eastern Jackson county were buried there. There are some confederates buried there, and also a couple of men that were Quantrill's gang. I'll gladly share anything you might need, or do lookups for individuals that are buried in Lobb. Most of these early pioneers were from KY. Since I live here in Jackson county, I will help when I can. I live in the Fort Osage Township, and there are alot of old cemeteries out here. Lisa Rainwater, NRAINH20@aol.com.



Someone recently bought at auction one of those "miscellaneous" boxes of who-knows-what. In the box are lots of photos and papers of an ANNE LOUISE WERNINGER who married a BLAND (we think his name was Ralph). Included is a book titled "My Graduation" which is full of memorabilia for "Louise" and it says "Louise Werninger, Senior, 1929". She was a student at Bethany High School.
The Blands apparently moved to Kansas City because there are war ration booklets for "Anna, Ralph, Larry B. Bland" and the address says 8217 Locust, Kansas City, MO.
They must have moved to Kansas later because a penciled note on the back of a photo says, "Ralph Bland at Salinda 'Sun' 1946-1949."
Also included is the original Civil war discharge paper for a Jackson VAIL, dated 12 June 1865 and a pension certificate for him dated 2 July 1913. He must have been some relative (ancestor) of the Werningers or the Blands.
We would be happy to find a descendant of these families who would want this material. To see the materials or get ahold of the gentlemen that has these please see https://sites.rootsweb.com/~iapottaw/ or e-mail Bob Anderson at banders@nfinity.com.



I have names of names and ancestors who married into the WARDRIP/WARDROP/WALDROP family with birth dates from the late 1700's to late 1800's. They were born, lived, or died in any of the following states: AL, AR, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MO, MS, NC, NE, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX. My info on them ranges everywhere from just a little to alot. What I have has not been documented by me and many contain errors. If you can correct an error, pleae help me update this file. Please e-mail me directly if you have questions.

NJQY52a@prodigy.com (Nel Hatcher)



I just aquired some Ellisberry books on Clay county and would be glad to do lookups for awhile. I have: Marriage Records of Clay county, MO, 1850-1900, vol 1, 2 and 3; Cemetery records of Clay county, MO., vol 1 and 2. Please e-mail me at RNHaynes@aol.com for more information.



I have the book "Lone Jack Cemtery" which I am willing to do lookups in. It lists all of the burials in the cemetery as well as over 800 obituaries. Please e-mail me at stjoemo@ibm.net (Nancy Hendrickson) for any info you might need. Thanks.



Found an old photo, wanted to share inscription with group. My mom went to KU. Picture is of 6 girlfriends in an oldsmobile convertible. It reads "Betty Frye, Dorothy Hoge, Jean Sellers, Helen Aldridge, Marge McCurdy, and Mary Morrison, 1941-KU". Please e-mail me at JVILLE88@aol.com.



I have the books "Recent Readings of Jackson County (Missouri) Cemeteries with Jackson County Death Records 1883-1895. It was published by the Jackson County Genealogical Society, copyright 1992. It includes the cemeteries of: Alley, Bierbaum/Kidd, Blue Ridge, Bone Hill/Ebenezer, Bridges/Harris, Camp Ground, Chiddix/Johnson, Clements, Corn (Martin), Courtney/Mann, Cowherd, Douglass, Duncan, Flanery, Ganzer, Gore, Gosney, Greenwood, Hedrick, Hicklin, House, Hutt Farm, Jones, Lewis, Lobb, Long, Missouri Town (office), Moore, New Santa Fe, Noland, Noland/Ervin, Oldham/Thompson, Palestine, Perdue, Pitcher, Pleas Gardens/Rheems, Rice (Ben), Robinson/Moore, Rogers/Webb, Six-Mile, Slaughter, Stovall, Strode, Tucker, Yankee.

"Tombstone Inscriptions of Lafayette county, Missouri, Vol. 3" - It includes Machpelah cemetery and cemetery death records 1885-1920.

Please e-mail me at CheyGrama@aol.com (Linda Donnici) for any info you might need. Thanks.



I have the book "Independence and 20th Century Pioneers". It was published by Pearl Wilcox, copyright 1979. From the years 1900 to 1928. If you find you need or want some information regarding this book, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Also, I have the book called "Missouri Genalogical Research" by George K. Schweitzer. It includes lots of Missouri background, types of records (such as bible records, birth records, city directoris, etc., etc), Records locations, Reserach procedures and an all county listing.

Please e-mail me at parcel@hotmail.com (Terry) for any info you might need. Thanks.



I have the book "Records of Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, MO (1987)". Will be glad to do lookups.

Please e-mail me at ddrypka@worldnet.att.net (Dee Dee Rypka) for any info you might need. Thanks.



I have a cemetery book of the Lone Jack cemetery and would be happy to do lookups if anyone is interested. My gfather was born there and there are many relations still living in that area, Lee's Summit, etc. Cemetery books has over 801 obits. Checked on an 1895 atlas and, at the time, Lone Jack had a population of 111, no wonder they kept marrying int the same family; not too many around to pick from. Please e-mail me at: pavia@futureone.com. Thanks.



I would be happy to try and help with lookups. My conditions are: I will not read books, I will not go digging any father than what is on the census. I have access to the Mid-Continent Library located at 24 Highway and Spring in Independence and the LDS Family Center. Please e-mail me if I can help you. adamssec@qni.com (Ruth Atteberry Adams)



I have a book entitled "Political History of Jackson County, Missouri". It has biographical sketches of about 200 individuals and pictures of many of them. I would be glad to do free lookups in this book. Anyone interested can e-mail me at kt117@webtv.net (Karen).



I have the book History of Jackson County Missouri, by W. Z. Hickman, published 1920, reprinted 1990 thast I can do lookups in. It has over 500 pages of biographical sketches of early settlers in Jackson county. Please e-mail me at dlearyous@hotmail.com (Stephanie).



I would be happy to do lookups in the 1932 Independence, Missouri city directory, published by R. L. Polk. I also have access to the Greater Kansas City Missouri 1943 telephone directory of anyone wishes a look-up in that book. Please limit the requests to one surname per e-mail. Include first and last name. Send requests to: cupido@cchat.com (Lynda)



I am available to do some lookups in both Jackson and Lafayette counties, Missouri. I am equipped with camera, film, computer, scanner and many CD's of indexes and other resourses.

I have been doing genealogy research for over 22 years and I have lived in this area for 40 years, so I know the land pretty well. I love to go talk to the elderly of the townships and go out finding items to photograph, i.e. grave stones, etc. I have put together 4 books on my own family histories.

E-mail me with your requests and I'll let you know what I can do and/or can find and if there is any costs involved. E-mail me at Dorthakay@aol.com or send requests with SASE and a phone number to:

Dortha Kay Brown, The Ancestral Mouse Genealogical Researcher, 38912 E. Bone Hill Road, Sibley, MO 64088.



I have a great passion for genealogy and am available for research requests in Jackson County, Missouri and surrounding counties. I have approximately 12 years of family research experience. I have completed a family history course through BYU and am continuing my genealogical education with a goal of obtaining certification. I live in Jackson County and have close access to libraries, a family history center, and other sources. Please e-mail your research request to me at legacylady@gbronline.com (V. Barr) or mail your request to Legacy Creations, 1504 S. Spring, Independence, MO 64055. I will respond to your request upon receipt and let you know what I can do and the cost involved.


QUININE AND QUARANTINE - I have this book, these are some of the surnames. E-mail me for info, parcel@hotmail.com

Ackerman, Lauren
Adam, John Quincy
Albrecht, William A.
Anders, Leslie
Arnold, Marshall
Arnold, Tom
Arrow Rock, Missouri
Austin, C. S.
Austin, Rev. Robert A.
Austin, Thomas

Banting, Frederick
Barnes, Robert
Beaumont, Deborah
Beaumont, William
Benton, Jesse
Best, Charles
Bidstrap, Christian
Bird, Abraham
Blaines, Bob
Blake, Leonard
Boggs, Leonard
Boggs, Joseph
Boggs, Lilburn (governor)
Bonaparte, Napoleon
Boone (family)
Boone, Daniel
Boone, Daniel Morgan
Boone, Nathan
Brewer, Lane
Bricker, Eugene
Broaddus, Andrew
Brooks, Stewart
Brown, John
Brukholder, Paul R.
Bruns, Bernard
Brunett, Robyn

Carver, George Washington
Chouteau, Francois
Clark, William
Clay county, Missouri
Clemens, Samuel
Cole, Warren H.
Conde, Andre Auguste
Conn, H. W.
Cooper, Benjamin
Cori, Carl F. and Gerty T.

Davis, Harvey C. Dimond, E. Grey
Dix, Dorthea Lynde
Doriss, Stephen
Dorsett, Walter B.
Downing, Connie
Doyle, Craig
Drake, John A.
Drews, Robert C.
Drummond, Shirley
Dugan, Mary
Duggar, Benjamin M.

Eberhard, Theodore
Eberle, John
Ekberg, Carl
Erlanger, Joseph
Exceslior Springs, Missouri
Fannais, Jacques
Farrar, Bernard
Faurot, Don
Faurot, Mary Faurot, Rose
Ferris, Moses
Fischel, Ellis
Flanagan, Linda
Fleming, Alexander
Follenius, Paul
Ford, Brad
Foster, Thomas S.
Francis, C. W.

Gasser, Herbert
Geisberg, Caspar
Gentry, Charles W.
Gibkins, Bernard
Gibson, Gertrude M.
Gilbert, Joan
Goldstein, Max
Goodwin, E. J.
Graham, Evarts
Graham, James
Gray, Elmer
Gregory, E. H.
Gruendler, Mike
Gunn, John C.

Hahneman, Samuel
Hall, Thomas
Hanlon, C. Rollins
Haynes, Cary
Haynes, Francis
Hearnes, Warren
Helling, Thomas
Hert, John
Horsman, Reginald
Huston, John

Imes, Elvin C.
Independence, Missouri

Jackson County, Missouri
Jackson, Claiborn Fox (governor)
James, Elizabeth
Jefferson, Thomas
Jenkins, Howard
Jenner, Edward
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Lyndon
Joliet, Louis

Kaiser, George
Kansas City, Missouri
Kay, James
King, Austin A.
Knabe, Harold

Laclede, Pierre
Lathrop, John H.
Lewis, Meriwether
Lister, Joseph
Long, Crawford
Lubbering, Ken
Lyon, Gen. Nathaniel

Madison, James
Marcules, Joyce
Marmaduke, Meredith
Marois, Andre
Marquette, Father Jacques
Matlock, Sharon
McClurg, Joseph W.
McCormick, James R.
McDowell, Joseph
Meyer, Ed
Morgan, Col. George
Morton, William
Muench, Fredrich
Murray, Joseph
Mushkin, Carole

Nelson, Captain
Newton, Bill
Noyes, Clara D.

Oro, John

Penn, George
Pope, Charles A.
Pritchett, Henry S.

Quinlan, Karen

Ramsey, Robert L.
Reid, Gus
Reynal, Antoine
Reynolds, Thomas (governor)
Richards, Linda
Ridge, Isaac
Ridge, I. W.
Robb, Isabel
Robidoux, Joseph
Robinson, Sidney
Rose, Kindred
Ross, Gilbert

Sabin, Albert B.
Sappington, John
Saugrain, Antoince F.
Schauffler, E. W.
Shannon, George
Simerly, Elaine
Sims, Nicolas
Slack, Gen. William
Smith, Hawkins
Stark, Lloyd (governor)
Steines, Frederick
Stephenson, Hugh E.
Still, Andrew
Stone, Samuel
Storrs, Augustus
Sugarbaker, Everett D.
Summers, Joseph

Taylor, Richard
Thomas, F. W. C.
Trader, Michael
Trexier, Victor
Troost, Benoist
Truman, Harry S.
Twain, Mark
Twyman, Leo

Van Ravenswaay, Charles
Von Dawen, Adam and Franz

Wallace, Ginny
Warr, Emma
Westfield, William
Willman, Vallee
Wilson, James
Withering, William

There are alot more topics within these names. You just have to e-mail me.



I would be happy to do lookups in Northeast High School yearbooks 1957-1958. Send requests to:Skip4pat@aol.com (Patti)



I am looking for the buriel record of Gabriel Alford/Allford/Olford. His second wife is Sarah Arnett whom he married in 1867 in Saline County, Missouri. In 1870 he and Sally are in Vernon county, Missouri. In 1880 they are in Jackson county, Missouri and is supposed to be buried in Blue Springs, Missouri. I would really appreciate any help that anyone can give me. I also do lookups for Panola county, Texas and Smith County, Texas marriages. I also volunteer in our genealogical library here in Carthage, Texas. Thanks. My e-mail is: GravesYd@aol.com.



I have a library of Civil War and Gen. books on Jackson county. List of men who rode with Quantrill, Shelby, Price Organizations during the war and where these military records can be found and where these men are buried. Also the men who were with the James and Youngers. Descended from Hunt, Adam Faulkenberry, Corn, Cline, Huffman, Arnold, Boone, Spencer, Wattenbarger, Gates, Stanley, Bise, Powell and have the family trees. More than happy to share. E-mail Janene at ccline2588@aol.com



I have in my collection of newspapers a 4 page newspaper, "The Hornets Buzz," of the NKC High School, North Kansas City, Missouri dated Friday, March 27, 1942. I will post items from it to www.newspaperabstracts.com from time to time. Lookups are available. E-mail Harry at heyevon@comcast.net


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