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This page is for listing your graduation or family information so that others may be able to get in touch with you. If you would like to be listed here, please e-mail me, LaRae Halsey-Brooks, with your Name, the Year, the name of the School and/or Family, the City and e-mail information where people can get in touch with you and I will add you on this page.


"Given the modern realities of life, it has become
increasingly difficult to maintain family bonds.
Today's families tend to be widely scattered
across the country and even the world.
Too often, the physical distance
spills over into emotional distance.

"Instead of waiting for major events,
like weddings and funerals, to get together,
more and more families are opting to strengthen
and reaffirm their bonds at family reunions.

"Reunions provide a chance for members to achieve
a deeper appreciation for the family as a vital entity.
They also give children the opportunity to
develop a sense of continuity and belonging
as they begin to realize they have ties
that extend beyond their little family unit."

--from an article by Joy Hong

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KETCHUM/KETCHAM Family Reunion 2000

Buckner, Missouri residents Jim and Connie Hinkle, both life members of the Jackson County Genealogical Society, went to Columbiana County, Ohio, in August of 2000 in search of the KETCHAM family. They were armed with a briefcase filed with information, some gathered by them and some supplied by cousins they had "met" on the Internet. Jim and Connie spent several days researching the Ketcham family from that county, and found several cousins still residing within the county and surrounding area. Other cousins were identified who lived in other states. After doing research, they attended the Ketchum Reunion hosted by Edwin and Dorothy (Ketchum) Copeland on Sunday the 20th of August, 2000.

Each cousin was asked to stand up and introduce themselves and any immediate family members in attendance. Jim introduced himself and his wife, Connie, to the more than 75 persons who were in attendance. Jim told them that he and Connie had been doing family research for over 35 years, and were life members of the Jackson County Genealogy Society and had come to Columbiana County to do more family research.

Jim also stated that he had done a lot of research on their common ancestor, Abraham Ketcham and wife, Hannah (McManus) Ketcham, Jim's 5th great-grandparents. Abraham, born in Sussex County, New Jersey, had enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary War when still a young man. Abraham and his wife were buried in the West Beaver Presbyterian Church Cemetery there in Columbiana County, but only small remnants of the gravestones could be found for either Abraham or Hannah.

Jim had visited the office of Veteran Affairs in the county two days before, and had presented material he had gathered to document Abraham's war record. Jim presented documentation provided by cousin Kathy (Ketchum) Dyches, along with other information showing New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio land purchases, and census records provided by Jim and other cousins. 

The Veterans Affairs officer copied all the necessary information and made a packet for Abraham. The officer then presented Jim with a bronze marker - flag holder for the grave of Abraham, which had been located prior to the reunion. In addition, a granite headstone was ordered from the US Government. It will be placed on the gravesite. Family members donated to a fund designated for a headstone for Hannah to match that of Abraham.

One of Jim's newfound cousins, Janet (Copeland) Cooper, announced that she was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution through another family line. Janet volunteered to contact the Ohio State Chapter of the DAR to set a date for a formal dedication of the headstone and recognition of Abraham's service to his country in the Revolutionary War. The dedication was to take place as soon as the stones were placed at the gravesites.

Thanks to Jim & Connie Hinkle, for sharing this with us. Questions? Contact them at 203 E. Park Ave., Buckner, MO 64016, 816-249-3966, e-mail

BROWNING Family Reunion

Relatives of Harrison Browning and Matilda (Perdue) Browning will be gathering at the Harris Park Shelter on June 8, 1997, starting at 11:00 a.m. The park is located at the intersection of Hwy. 291 South and 50 Hwy in Lee's Summit, MO. We will be cooking out for dinner. We would love to have as many as can come. Please RSVP. Corky Shields, 6711 Milcreek, Shawnee, KS 66217. (913) 268-7947. We need to know how many to expect so we can make sure that we have enough food. We look forward to seeing you and your family. Thank you. Charlotte Smith. 

FLETCHER Family Reunion

There will be a FLETCHER reunion in Monett, MO at the Monett Park Casino on June 21, 1997 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The reunion is for descendants of "Dutch" Fletcher and other cousins.  Everyone who is any relation is invited and plan to spend the day. If you would like more information, e-mail me, Peggy Pyle. Looking forward to seeing you there. 


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