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About the Collage at the left:

The photos used in assembling the collage to the left were supplied by Gene & Esther Carroll

Esther is the host of the Washington County in the Civil War

The photos used in this collage are the property of Esther Carrol, and the collage format is the property of Marge Campbell.


Should you need help or have any comments about this page, or it’s contents, please e-mail me and I will answer within a day or so.  Thanks!  [email protected]

We are in the process of updating this web site (finally) and it may be awhile before we are finished (actually, with the content we have, we will never be “finished”, but we should have most of the kinks out.  Also, we are volunteers, we don’t get paid.  We love genealogy & do this of our own free will, giving what time and information we can find, so please be patient.

I would love to know of any documents, photos, etc. that you have and are willing to share about Iron county Missouri... I live in Texas, and have limited access to information.




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