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NewCivil War Incidents in Howard County
Reprinted with permission by the author, Mr. William D. Lay, Mr. Bob Dyer, and the Boone's Lick Heritage.

Howard County During The War of 1861
Source: History of Howard and Cooper Counties, 1883, pp. 273-274.

Compared to many other counties in Missouri, Howard county suffered but little during the war. The border counties suffered the most, especially those lying on the southwestern boundary, including Jackson, Cass and Bates. These counties coming specifically within the jurisdiction of General Ewing’s order No. 11, they were almost wholly given up to pillage, and, in many localities, to the torch - notably was this the case in Bates county, where but a few houses were left standing at the close of the war. No large battles were fought in Howard, nor were her citizens subjected to any very great privations at the hands of the soldiery from either army, nor were they generally greatly molested by the robbers and cutthroats who took the advantage of the country’s condition of war, to indulge their thieving and murderous propensities.

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