1908 Clinton Missouri High School Annual


Clinton High School Annual
Clinton, Missouri

24 scanned pages of "The High School Student"
published by the students of The Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

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Page Index and Keywords

Page 01 - Cover

Page 02 - Advertisement: Citizens Bank of Clinton

Page 03 - Advertisements: Hill's Business College, Sedalia, MO; F. P. Kitchen Furniture and Carpets

Page 04 - Advertisement: Clinton National Bank

Page 05 - Senior Yell and photo

Page 06 - Poem To The Seniors by Leroy Scott, class of 1909

Page 07 - Story of Savonarola, by Lelia Trolinger

Page 08 - Story of Savonarola (continued)

Page 09 - Story of Savonarola (continued); Calendar of Closing Exercises of the Public Schools; Dr. J. H. George, Dr. William A. Webb

Page 10 - Staff of the school paper; Henry H. Kinyon, Louise Arnold, Tom Menees, Zadell Simes, Ida Goss, Leroy Scott, Helen Whitaker, Blakemore Godwin, Charles Grimes; Editoral

Page 11 - The Year in Athletics - The Gymnasium, William F. Crome; Tennis, Basketball, Baseball Benefit, Baseball Team, The Athletic Association, Everett Cornick

Page 12 - The Year in Athletics Conclusion; Manual Training Next Year; Salutatory Address by Cecil Coon

Page 13 - Photo Baseball Team

Page 14 - Zadelle Simes, Sara Ermine Bolton, Mabel Shepherd, Lillian Arvin

Page 15 - Maude Hastain, Willie Gunn, Ida Goss, Hazel Simes

Page 16 - Mayme Bewley, Laura Pearson, Everett Cornick, Charles Grimes

Page 17 - Louise Arnold, Charlien Steel, Harry Covington, Cecil Coon

Page 18 - Nell Evans, Alpha White, Henry Kinyon, Charles Bixman

Page 19 - Felice Pyers, Lelia Trolinger, Ethel Tiffy

Page 20 - Advertisements: Williams Clothing; McCluskey and Sexton

Page 21 - Advertisements: C. W. Campbell Racket Goods; James T. McKee's Book Store; Mathews & Land Furniture; E. T. Colt Clinton Business College; New Method Laundry; N. H. Kibbey Harness; G. H. VanDyke Wall Paper; Violette and Son Shoes

Page 22 - Advertisements: Robert D. Haire, M.D.; Dr. S. A. Milton, Dentist; Parks and Son Lawyers; E. E. Dix Real Estate; Jack Settle's Barber Shop; Marks Cards; C. C. Williams Drug Co.; Henry Baum Hardware; Dr. Woltzen, Dentist; W. H. Gibbins, M.D.; John Geraghty Plumbing

Page 23 - Advertisements: Goss Clothing; J. E. Wright Grocery; W. H. Leonard Grocery; Sherman's Marble and Granite Works; Vaughan and Simes Shoes; Arthur Lee The Missouri Question Book; Marseilles and Marseilles Osteopaths; Stephens Brothers Grocery

Page 24 - Advertisement: The Peoples National Bank, J. T. Arvin, J. C. Wyatt, R. H. Piper, J. J. Chastain