St. Mary Cemetery


St Mary Cemetery is located in section 4 of Clay Township in the northeastern portion of Harrison County. From Blythedale, go north on route T to route UU and turn right (east). Go east on route UU to route O and turn left (north). Go north on O just over a mile to East Bayport Road (gravel) and turn right (east). Go east approximately 1/4 mile. The cemetery is on the left (north) side of the road. It is easily accessable and well maintained. This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on Aug 30, 2004.

CONROY John  Jan 21, 1882 Age 20 yearsNo Birth Date
CONROY Johney  May 7, 1887 Age 38 YearsNo Birth Date
CONROY Patrick  Mar 1, 1885 Age 24 YearsNo Birth Date
CONROY Thomas  Jan 31, 1878 Age 23y, 11m, 20dNo Birth Date
Stone down and sinking
DAILY Michael  March 09, 1902 Age 85 YearsNo Birth Date
FLANAGAN John Albert 1851 1900  Husband of Ann Hamilton
HAGAN Alice R.  February 04, 1905 Age 20y, 5m, 16d
Dau of J. R. & A. M. Hagan
No Birth Date
HAGAN James Sep 29, 1819 Mar 23, 1897  Same stone with Mary Hagan
HAGAN Mary R.  Jun 27, 1894 Age 68y, 10m, 12d
Wife of James Hagan
No Birth Date
Same stone with James Hagan
HAMILTON Benjamin J. Jul 1, 1828 August 29, 1902  Same stone with Mary Hamilton
HAMILTON James K.  1880 Birth Date unreadable
Stone down, broken, and worn
HAMILTON Mary E. Oct 28, 1833 February 29, 1908 Wife of Benjamin HamiltonSame stone with Benjamin Hamilton
HAMILTON Stella M. August 01, 1900 September 07, 1900 Dau of W. T. & M. B. Hamilton 
HIGDON Albert 1884 1897  No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
HIGDON Catherine 1848 1881  Maiden Name Shircliffe
Wife of Pius Higdon
Born in Indiana
HIGDON Lawrence Dale April 20, 1914 September 21, 1917 Son of O. I. & S. A. Higdon 
HIGDON Mary E. 1851 1936  Maiden Name Hill
2nd wife of Pius Higdon
HIGDON Mary Elizabeth May 24, 1841 Dec 9, 1897  Wife of Thomas P. Higdon
Maiden Name Wayne
Born in Kentucky
HIGDON Pius 1845 1895  Full Name Pius Ignatius Christopher Higdon
Son of John & Lovinia (Carrico) Higdon
Born in Kentucky
HIGDON Thomas Polan Mar 25, 1842 June 09, 1928  Son of John and Lavinia (Carrico) Higdon
Born in Hardin Co., KY
Married Mary Elizabeth Wayne on Nov 18, 1867 in Kentucky
HIGDON W. D. Joseph 1889 1906  No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
LaFOLLETTE Catherine 1921 1921 Dau of T. L. & C. A. LaFollette 
MASSEY Evelyn December 09, 1912 August 24, 1913 Dau of Mr & Mrs S. T. Massey 
McCAUL E. F. Mar 18, 1872 February 09, 1935  
McCAUL Mary Jun 1, 1851 June 26, 1935  
McCAUL Peter  Feb 13, 1889 Age 51y, 10m, 8dNo Birth Date
MILLS Mary E. Jan 2, 1891 Apr 15, 1894 Dau of J. T. & C. R. Mills 
MIRGON Bridget  Jan 19, 1881 Age 48y, ???
Wife of J. B. Mirgon
No Birth Date
Stone down, worn and broken
MIRGON John  Aug 21, 1883 Age 63y, 10m, 2dNo Birth Date
Stone down and broken
NELSON James M.  Mar 2, 1883 Age 11m, 1d
Son of J. M. & E. M. Nelson
No Birth Date
NELSON John M.  Oct 6, 1881 Age 32y, 5m, 17d
Husband of E. M. Nelson
No Birth Date
NELSON Theora M.  May 12, 1892 Age 12y, 5m, 29d
Son of J. M. & E. M. Nelson
No Birth Date
O'BRYAN Grace M. 1888 1909 Dau of F. E. & W. O'Bryan 
PATTERSON Anna C. 1869 1903  Maiden Name Higdon
PEASLEY Mary R. 1857 April 01, 1905  Maiden Name Mirgon
QUIRK Theodore T.  Mar 10, 1891 Age 14y, 6m, 7d
Son of P. & M. Quirk
No Birth Date
ROBIDOU Barbara Aug 21, 1821 August 05, 1901 Wife of Isah Robidou Same stone with Isah Robidou
ROBIDOU Edward  Oct 19, 1875 Age 17y, 5m, 23d
Son of Isah & B. Rabidou
No Birth Date
Stone down and worn
ROBIDOU Francis T.  Oct 2, 1875 Age 18y, 11m, 14d
Son Isah & B. Rabidou
No Birth Date
Stone down, broken and worn
ROBIDOU Isah Jul 3, 1819 Oct 11, 1890  Same stone with Barbara Robidou
SCHIEFELBUSCH Leonora K. 1895 March 24, 1905 Dau of H. M. & A. E. Schiefelbusch 
SCHIEFELBUSCH Mathias Mar 6, 1821 November 28, 1906  
SCHIEFELBUSCH Maurice C. Oct 6, 1883 Aug 11, 1884 Son of Henry M. & Ann E. Schiefelbusch 
SCHIEFELBUSCH Otilia R. May 28, 1877 June 10, 1907 Dau of H. M. & A. E. Schiefelbusch 
STANLEY Clara Aug 11, 1869 May 09, 1920  
STEVENS Margaret 1856 1933  
WEABLE Susan C.   Mar 4, 1898 Age 40y, 2m, 12d
Wife of J. W. Weable
No Birth Date
WERNINGER Frederick A. May 25, 1818 Jan 9, 1890  
WILLIS Agnes L.   No Dates
No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
WILLIS Raymond V.   No Dates
No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
May be R. V. Willis (1895-1921), son of Virgil & Celia Willis

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